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Next day, Morning. Bela, Anu and Suhani serve breakfast to boys.

Mahir: Adi, it seems like raining today.

Yuvi: yeah, Adi. It will be wonder, if it rains when there is clear cloud.

Everyone laughed.

Anu: oh really. Adi, idiot you are also laughing with them. Whether this the first time, am i cooking and serving. Whether you forgot? On that day, you cli

Adi hurriedly close her mouth: Anu, don’t blabber.

Bela: what happened Anu? Adi, let her tell your secret love story.

Adi: then You guys tell yours first.

Mahir looks at Bela. Both look into each others eyes and lost. Suhani nudged Bela, while Pratham nudged Mahir.

Boltu: You guys are making mine and Yuvi’s stomach burning.

Yuvi spit the piece of roti because of sudden hiccups. Suhani gave him water and pat his head.

Suhani: some body is thinking about you.

Yuvi’s pov: Who will think about me at this time? Ananya? It may be mom or dad. Why she should be? Why not she? It will be nice.

Pratham: what is happening here? First Mahir and Bela lost in each other. Now, Yuvi. But in whose thought he lost?

Yuvi: no one. Maa… it’s just ma. No one else.

Adi: cool buddy.

Everyone had breakfast and pack their bags with water bottle and some amount of snacks.

Boltu: i felt like going for picnic.

Adi: Pass time with icchadari naags.

Pratham: don’t taunt us constantly.

Mahir: chill yar, let’s go. Where we will find path to go into forest?

Yuvi: guess, it is near to that tower.

Bela: how do you know?

Yuvi stammers: just like that

Adi: means?

Yuvi: yesterday, while coming from tower, i spot it. So i guessed it.

Suhani: but we can’t go in that way na. Villagers will be there.

Yuvi: no, it’s not near to village.

Bela: let’s go.

They started walking in village path. Yuvi directs them into forest.

Yuvi’s pov: will she be here? Nope, she told she will come in evening only.

They walk in that direction. Bela holds Mahir hands and breaths heavily.

Bela: i can’t walk. Rest for some time. This path is so difficult to walk.

Mahir: yeah, Bela. But where we will take rest.

He searched around. Bela’s eyes fall on one awesome place in forest. It may not be awesome, but compared to forest, it is beautiful.

Bela: see there.

Everyone see in the direction where she is looking.

Suhani and Anu: wow.

They started walking near to that place.
It’s a beautiful place with little huge pond. On one side of pond is large oak tree in which beautiful two swings are roped from it’s branch. Under the tree and around the pond is beautiful lawn. That pond has beautiful pink colour lotus here and there.

Bela: it’s amazing.

Mahir: also wonder. See this forest has only thorn plants and trees. But it’s really looks like heaven. Someone maintaining this, i think so.

Anu: of course, Mahir. Otherwise, this place too looks mess.

Adi: means Villagers are coming here. Then, why they forbid us.

Yuvi’s pov: this the place Ananya told about. Think so. She won’t mind if we take rest here.

Boltu and Pratham already spread a sheet there under tree and lied down.

Pratham: guys, i felt like i am in snowy place. It’s so cool yar.

Boltu: cool buddy.

Both looks at each other and chuckles. Others also joined them. Bela touch that Swing.

While, somewhere in cave.

Ananya run to Vish and hold her hand twirls with smiling face.

Vish: what happened Ananya?

Ananya: di, i felt some kind of feelings inside me. I am very happy today.

She left Vish and hold Vikrant’s hand who came near and twirls.

Ananya: jeju, marry Vish di soon. Multiply my happiness. I wish to jump from earth to heaven.

Vikrant smiles: meri choti maha nagrani, what is the reason?

Ananya: I felt like, Shravani di comes to us.
Suddenly his face fall, but he fakes smile. Ananya happily runs to everyone. Vish comes to him and touch his shoulder.

Vikrant: she is grown but yet she behaves like child. Why she is not understanding that Shravani won’t remember us.

Vish: but Vikrant, Guru jee told na. Shravani will come to us soon.

Vikrant: only hope.

Vish hugged him.

While in forest, Everyone take some rest and continued their journey. Mahir picks Bela in his hands. While others went in front.

Bela: Mahir drop me, they will tease us.

Mahir: so what, i am taking my princess, no one dare to tease me. If they means also, i won’t care.

Bela: but i do care. Drop me down.

Mahir: then kiss me.

Bela: what? No.

Mahir: then i can’t.

Bela: Mahir is this the time to blackmail. Leave me.

Mahir drops her down. You will regret for this.

Bela: let me see.

Mahir hold her hand and their fingers intertwined. Bela looks at their hand.

Mahir: what? Whether i don’t have right to hold your hand also?

Bela: now, why are you serious?

Mahir: nothing.

He remains silent all the way. Bela feels sad. But what to do? She don’t want to romance with him in front of their friends. But he never understand this.

Yuvi: hey guys, see here.

There is a temple and haveli in little distance.

Bela: wow, Mahir we found it.

She hugs Mahir in happiness. Mahir smiles at her smiling face. They walked towards temple.

Bela: First we will go to temple.

Everyone agrees and enter into temple. Bela and Mahir together step into temple. Both felt like a peace when we will get in home. Tears flow from their eyes. Both wipe it before anyone notice this.

While somewhere in dark cave,

Man: naagraj, they entered into forest temple.

Naagraj: then, my thinking is right. Because only naags and the humans who accompany naag can only enter there.

Man: how we are going to find Maha Naagrani, Nagraj?

Naagraj laughed madly: poison

Man: poison?

Naagraj: yeah, poison won’t affect naag, so poison their food. Whoever alive atlast will be Maha naag rani.

Man: ok, Naagraj.

He bowed him and become snake and went out.

Naagraj: finally, i will become Maha naagraj by marrying her and Will find Naagmani.

How is this chapter?

Hope i didn’t bored you.

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  1. poison noooooo! Hope nothing will happen with anyone . It is so so so good update selsha. And yuvi ‘s hiccups and anu about to blabber adi closing mouth and behir eyelock was nice add something for pratham suhaani and boltu kuhu phone conversation

  2. vish and vikrant waiting for their friend shravani was nice and for ananya’s happiness there was no bound and tears from behir eyes it was so emotional selsha keep it up. And i’m bit emotional too my college started last monday and i don’t know whether

  3. i could read nxt upd8 by nxt week but since i’l try to read it in waatpad but don’t expect any comment as i don’t know . and the twist in order in names i.e. Bella – shravani to shravani – bella is gud even i like that name bella.who is villain naagraj?

    1. Selsha

      Thanks Anu? sure i will add scenes for Boltu and Kuhu and Pratham – Suhani. You will know soon who is that evil Nagraj. Yeah, i kept her Name as Bela bcz, Bela will be used throughout except some places. No issues dear, read whenever possible, it will be there forever. Once again thanks dear.

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