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Yuvi lost his way in forest. Suddenly, he spots a girl and thought to take her help. He called her in local language. She stopped in her way but didn’t turn. Her eyes replicate irritation. Suddenly, she showed her snaky eyes.

Girl’s pov: who the hell now? What this human is doing here? That too at this time? No Ananya, you have to be calm. You are out of our limit. We promised to Shiv ji that we won’t harm either any innocents or evil outside our limit. So, behave normal like a human. I hate humans, but today i have to act like them. Also, i don’t know anything about humans. Shiv ji, help me and be with me.

Ruchi Savarn as Ananya

Her eyes become normal. Yuvi came infront of her. He is about to ask her something but nothing came out of his mouth except air. He lost in her beauty. She asked him what he want through her eyes. Again he struggle for words.

Yuvi: vo…vo… ummm… i… fore… wa… vil

Ananya’s pov: what he is blaberring? Oh god. I don’t know how people will speak also. At first itself Vish di told me not to wander around in human area. But i didn’t listen to her. Also, till date i never saw single human here. Ok chill.

Anany sternly: what do you want?

Yuvi’s pov: Yuvi what happened to you? Behave normally. Come on speak.

Yuvi: I am Yuvi.

He forward his hand for shake. She look at him hesitatingly also confused.

Ananya’s pov: why he forward his hand now? What i have to do? I look at him blankly. He take back his hand.

Yuvi: i am sorry, that i don’t know that girls in this village won’t even give handshake. By the way, what’s your name?

Yuvi’s pov: Yuvi what are you doing? Is this time to know about each other.

Ananya: I am Ananya. What do you want? Why you called me? I have to go. Tell me soon.

Yuvi’s pov: she is a cracker yar, how many questions in one go.

Yuvi: Actually, i lost my way. I don’t know how i get into forest. Then only i spot you. What are you doing here? Aren’t you afraid?

Ananya: about what?

Yuvi: Hey, you know what? This forest is filled with Icchadari naags.

Ananya become restless: what? No… nothing like that.

Yuvi: Chill yar, whether it is there or not, i am telling about humans only. Naags won’t kill any innocents. But what if you are harrased by any human in this forest? Why are you alone? Come let’s go.

Ananya’s pov: listening to him smile crept over my lips. He is so sweet. Not every humans are bad. He cares for me.

Ananya: you are also human only na, how i will beleive and come with you?

Yuvi smiles: am i looking like bad guy?

Ananya: to be honest, no.

Yuvi smiled.

Yuvi: then let’s go na.

Ananya: Actually, i have to go this way. Our village is that side.

Yuvi: oh you are not belong to this village. That’s why your dress is different.

Ananya: what? Am i looking weird?

Yuvi chukles: ofcourse. Don’t you see any other village girls?

Ananya glares at him: no

Yuvi takes his mobile and surf something. Ananya look at the mobile differently.

Ananya’s pov: what he is doing with this box? Wait this box emits light. Pictures are moving. Oh god, i don’t know what this is. How i will manage now? I tried yo act normal.

Yuvi: see. This is the costume of village girls. Normal Lehenga type dresses. I don’t know it’s name .

Ananya’s pov: oh these types of dresses only these human girls wear. Ok ok.

Ananya: actually, our village people will wear only these kind of dresses. She gestures her dress.

Yuvi: Now tell me what are you doing here? If you don’t have any problem in sharing it with me.

Ananya: Nothing secret, here i create my favorite place for my di. I miss her a lot. I will come here daily evening. Hope to take my di with me one day. I love her a lot.

Yuvi: where is your di?

Ananya sadly: she is not with me now. She is lost when she was 4. We can’t able to find her.

Yuvi: i am sorry.

Ananya: no need to be sorry, our Guruji told she will come to us very soon. So i am in the duty of maintaining my fav place.

Yuvi: shall i see your fav place?

Voice: Ananya where are you?

Ananya: oh no, Vish di. Sorry, i have to go now.

She ran from there.

Yuvi: hey, wait

Again she came back.

Ananya: see, go straight in this way, it will lead to the village.

Again she ran away. Yuvi looks at her till she disappear and he starts walk in the way she directed.

Vish: where were you Ananya? I told you lot of time, don’t go that side. Already i lost my friend. I don’t want to loss her sister also.

Ananya: sorry di.

While in home terrace, Mahir open his eyes and tried to get up. Suddenly he noticed Bela’s head on his shoulder and he sit in the same position. He sees Bela face which is shining in moon light. He smiles.

Mahir’s pov: I love you Bela. I never said this to you that i fall for you at the age of 4. So weird na. But i don’t know at that age what kind of feeling it was. Since i met you at the age of 4. I am not sure at which age we met. But from that time i can’t able to leave you for a second. I felt like we have connection for so long, so many years, so many lives. I love you so much Bela.

Bela open her eyes slowly and realised that she lies her head on Mahir’s shoulder. So she sit straight.

Bela: I am sorry Mahir, i slept as it is. Your shoulder might be paining. I am sorry.

Mahir: Bela relax. It’s not at all paining. You are as weight as feather. By the way, you are looking angelic in this moon light.

By saying that he move close to her lips. He gaze her lips. Bela felt shiver inside her body. Her heart beats fast. This is the first time Mahir looks at her like this. Mahir cupped her face and caressed her lips with his right thumb. Bela closed her eyes. He touched her lips with his lips. It’s so soft kiss. He captured her lower lip and kissed her softly. Bela feels heavenly. Suddenly, they both here someone shouting Yuvi’s name.

Adi: Yuvi where are you?

Both break their kiss and went down hurriedly.

Mahir: what happened Adi? Where is Yuvi?

Adi: don’t know Mahir. He is no where here.

Others also came there.

Bela: Mahir we will go and search outside. He might be outside.

Everyone decide to search in way to village. When they are about to leave house, Yuvi came inside.

Adi shouts: where you went idiot?

Yuvi’s pov: oh no, i forget everyone. I just think about Ananya all the way. I can’t tell them about her because for that i have to tell that i lost my way in forest. Then all will be tensed. Already everyone are tensed.

Bela: Yuvi, we are asking you only.

Yuvi: yeah, i was just near tower. I mean i went near tower because i didn’t get tower properly. So

Mahir: atleast you should inform us

Anu: idiot, we are afraid.

Yuvi: leave it na, i came.

Suhani: come inside, we will prepare dinner.

Yuvi’s pov: Thank god, i managed.

Bela and Suhani prepare dinner for them. After they had food, Bela went to clean the kitchen. Others sit in living room and Chit Chat. Mahir excuses himself for having water. He went behind Bela and hold her waist from back and pull her into hug. Bela realised it as Mahir.

Mahir: Then how is our first kiss?

Bela blushed.

Bela: ok

Mahir: what just ok?

Bela: then what else you expect?

Mahir: i thought… then it’s just ok.

Bela: yeah.

Mahir turned her to face him. Bela controls her blush hardly. She can’t able to see his eyes out of shy. Suddenly, Mahir locked her lips with his. Bela pulled him more into her. There is no gap at all. Both kissed eachother passionately as if there is no tomorrow.


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