Reporters season 2 episode 22

Midnight,annanya is waiting for kabeer as his flight got late.she is worried a bit.kabeer shows up at the door,annanya hugs him happily,and before kabeer steps inside the house annanya takes his bag starts searching through it,which is full of toys and baby pacifiers.annanya asks nothing for me,all for the baby?kabeer puts hand in his pocket,gets something out but closes his fist .he asks annanya to open the fist for gift,annanya tries hard but kabeer says it is not easy to get something ot of his hands.annanya says if it is a challenge to her,kabeer hurriedly says a kind of.annanya goes close to him,while holding his fist,she adores his face and poses to kiss him.when kabeer opens his fist to hold her,she runs away with the gift box,kabeer laughs at himself that she is her only weakness.annanya opens the gift box and finds a little statute with a man and woman standing close holding a baby right in middle.annanya smiles.kabeer says he was very hungry,but her hunger got satiety seeing her smile.

next day kabeer drops annanya to malvika,s house,annanya while doing makeover to her,pushes the headpin hard,malvika gives a muffle cry.annanya says sorry,malvika replies no need to say sorry as i know you are lost in thoughts,indeed you are going to be a wonderful mother.annanya says thanks but how do you know about it?malvika says you don,t know how glad kabeer is about it,he has distributed sweets all over the city when he landed from flight,that was the first thing he did.malvika says i have never seen him that much happy.annanya blushes.malvika says i am very happy with manav but dad doesn,t seem liking him very much.annanya asks her to not to worry as everything goes fine where love has it,s roots deep down.

at night malvika drops annanya at her home and goes to pickup manav as he could not pick her up from her home because he is afraid of kl.annanya finds all the lights of house switched off,she stumbles on the toys kabeer bought and the rubber sound makes her afraid.she calls out for kabeer,she sees a light in the backyard,she goes there and finds a decorated table with orchestra playing in the background,and then the light in backyard goes off and annanya hears someone getting someone close to her,she is half terrrified half surprised,and a candle is lit before her,annanya turns and finds kabeer there,annanya tells him that he frightened her,kabeer says although he planned a romantic candle light dinner but he never knew it could turn horrror.but since the dinner is with miss kashup so there must be something special to remember.kabeer picks her up and gets her to table.kabeer keeps looking at her while she is eating,annanya asks what he is looking at ,have i got fat.kabeer says he is looking at what good he has done in his past so he got her as the biggest reward of his world.annanya smiles.

at kkn next morning kabeer asks annanya about any lead,annanya tells him about an old age home story,kabeer asks her to coverup that story.richa says now he can,t even dare to say a no to annanya,annanya gets shy and leaves the board room to cover up her story.

annanya enters the raj old age home and manager confronts her,annanya tells him that she has come to cover a story on Mr.rajveer shukla and mr.s shukla,who are staying there due to your benovalency,the man says he can,t let media in his old age disturbs privacy of people staying there.,annanya applies a little butter with scotch to make manager let her in,she tells him it,ll make world know that they have a new benefactor and what good is he doing,the manager agrees and takes her to room no. 45.annanya knocks at the door thinking that the facilities here are really good,everything is so clean there.manager is really a nice man.

An old woman about 80 opens the door and asks why she is here,annanya says i am here to discuss your problems,woman says no we don,t want to share,a vibrant old voice comes from behind and he asks lady to let the kid in,he tells annanya that he is sorry that his wife got rude after what life did with her,but she is not bad at heart.annanya says it is nothing.he asks the man who is about 85 that why they are here,when their children want them to come back to home and even tried taking them back but they denied and preferred to stay in old age home.the woman starts shouting that they aren,t her children,they are monsters,they wanted to take them back home as they wanted the house property which is on her name,and she,ll never give it to them till death because it is the last memory of her father in law.the man asks her to calm down.

annanya asks mr.rajveer shukla is that right.the man nods in a yes and tears roll down his old worn out cheeks,he says when they were not even able to walk we gave them our finger to hold,we made them learn walk properly,we didn,t have much to eat but we fed them well,we gave them everything they needed.we raised them up whenever they felt low,we helped them in every step of life but we failed in their upbringing as we gave them everything at once,we didn,t make them learn the value of things and relations.we failed,the man and woman start crying vigorously and annanya consoles them,the man continues that the manager raj took us here freed us from all the taunts and tortures,we are very much thankful to him,he is like our son,i always ask padmani to give up on property but she never listens.

Annanya promises the old lady that the house is hers and will always be her.annanya will see who snatches it from mrs.padmani shukla.annanya leaves the old age home with her story but feels upset because she has a upbringing to do in future.

In manav,s humanity talk show,manav reads up the whole story and questions public for vote to support the case and asks is this the right way to treat the mother who went through unbearable pain to give birth to you,or it is a right payback to the father who has perspired blood out of his veins to make your dreams true.

Annanya starts crying and leaves the green room.she enters kabeer,s cabin and tells him she is worried,kabeer wipes her tears and asks why?annanya says if we failed in upbringing then what will be our children future.kabeer asks her to look up,she looks at kabeer, kabeer says more up annanya says there is ceiling,kabeer laughs and says above the roof is what.annanya says heavens,kabeer asks her to put all her trust on lord in heavens,he has never let truth fail,why would He will fail us as parents.annanya gets relieved to some extent.she says but.kabeer puts finger on her lips he says no more worries,and he says he can,t hold her like that as she is in his office,professional you know,annanya smiles.

At cafeteria,annanya tries to eat biscuits but she feels nausea.richa asks annanya what happened,annanya replies she is not liking food,baby says she knows what will she likes,and offers her tiffin with fresh pickle,annanya hesitantly takes first bite but then she starts eating like a kid oiling her face,baby and richa asks annanya to eat slow,kabeer enters just then and smiles seeing annanya eating like that.he wipes her face with a tissue,baby whispers to richa let us leave from here,kabeer makes annanya eat with her own hands,he says he,ll make her a lot of pickle taruni taught him how to make mangoe pickle,annanya gets sad hearing taruni,s name,she says she is missing annurag,kabeer says okay we,ll see him tomorrow.

PRECAP:annurag,s operation is done for bilateral paralysis clot which made him handicapped and wasn,t in scan cause it was behind the joint and now it has changed it,s position to some point above and this may make annurag able to walk properly after a surgery.

  1. Great job Della. It seems that your MBBS knowledge is benefitting even your ffs. HAPPY WRITING!

    1. thankyou Priyanka.<3

  2. Ananya if you are this fiction. Tell me ananya where do you live?

    1. Singapore

  3. Nice…but i dont understand the kid oiling face part..

    1. annanya when woman eat pickles,they like it being sour dipped in oil,i,ll sure send you my photos when I,ll be eating pickle.

  4. No words for u ..dellima… totally

    1. aaw thankyou tina <3

  5. The bilateral paralysis part completely brings out ur knowledge of a doctor. Ur are way too good now. Likewise of I wish to become a doctor I’ll come up wid more complex terms. This is just the beginning ?? don’t take me seriously Della. Ur story is awesome. I was just kidding.

    1. haha thankyou girl,you want to be a doctor?

    2. sorry for using a medical term,bilateral means of both sides,anything on the side of the big toe of foot is medial and on the side of little finger is called lateral.

    3. Yeah it’s okay. And I do want to become a doctor. Pls guide me

  6. della r u a medical student or u have completed ur MBBS

    1. a student on clinical side but have completed my basic side nisha

  7. Hi ananya, I have been to Singapore in my summer vacations. But the temperature there is not too hot in fact the temperature in mumbai is almost the same. The only thing is that people in singapore are obsessed to live in AC that when they come out they feel too hot while in mumbai people just have their fans on. Otherwise Singapore is a very beautiful place. Simply loved universal studios there.

    1. Universal studious is indeed the most amazing place .well,you are 50 % right that singaporeans are obsessed with aircorn but only when they cannot tolerate the heat.otherwise,we dont use the aircorn.i understand what u r trying to say about the temperature change,but many people dont feel like that.

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