Reporters (ek nayi shuruvad) episode 1

Hi I’m aishwarya and this is my first attempt to write an ff.say openly if you don’t like starting afresh(kabir and Ananya are not married yet).(Nor dating)

Character shades:
Kabir Sharma:editor in chief of news channel KKN.arrogant but at the same time an honest and strong person.
Ananya Kashyap:a daring junior reporter,who risks her life for leads and his a big fan of kabir because he wrote an article about her dead Father,mr sudhir Kashyap.

Ananya meets kabir on his first day of work at KKN and Ananya mummers..
Kabir:sir for you Ms Kashyap.
Ananya:yes sir.
He walks past her.ananya hits her head.richa,her Best Friend comes there.
Richa:kya Hua?
Ananya:I couldn’t say thanks again to kabir sir..main bhi na..ugh
Ananya is very annoyed at the fact that she couldn’t say thanks to kabir for the past 8 years for supporting her father and when she gets the chance,she misses it.khalid,the owner of
KKN calls Ananya.
Khalid:Ananya dear,look,you have been an amazing reporter and have also been a part of the contribution of KKN I have decided with other board of directors that we should give you the position of senior reporter.would you like to accept your offer ms Kashyap?
Ananya:yes sir.thank you so much.
Ananya smiles and gets out of the cabin.
Rony:kya Hua?chera itna que chamakrahahai?
Ananya explains her offer to change post.her friends congratulate her.
As Ananya and her friends are having coffee in the cafeteria,kabir calls her into his cabin for a kabir is explaining the lead she stares into his eyes.kabir looks up.
Kabir:Ms Kashyap?ms Kashyap!

Ananya comes to her senses.
Ananya:yes sir.sorry sir.
Ananya reaches home to see her Mom crying.
Ananya:Ma Kya Hua?
Mom:Teri papa ko miss karrehehthi.
Ananya:phirse?Ma aap ateet ke barame kab Tak yaad karonge?
Ananya and her Mom share some Daughter-Mother moments and just then Ananya ‘s Brother armaan joins the hug.

Precap:Ananya realises that she just dreamt whatever happened before her marrige.she wakes up with a shocked look.kabir gets concerned seeing her shocked look

  1. Nice one….

  2. OK do continue but pls give long updates.

  3. Much much better than reetika!!go on aishwarya

  4. I think you should write only…reetika’ ff is so boring

  5. Well done!!!i really loved it!!!

    1. Sorry my name is meghna Not megha

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    3. Sorry Kritika but I am not writing any more ffs. Btw Amrita, Megha are no different ppl, they r the same. I doubt it is Ananya, that freaking idiot. Can’t write her own ffs and gets jealous over other ppl’s ff

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      Btw Reetika ur ff r too damn good

    5. I am sorry Kritika.. I’ll publish my final episode day after tomorrow. Trishita, thanks for standing by me. U too Kritika,.. But I guess i am not ready for more fighting with this goddamn Ananya or anyone else..

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    2. U r right Aparrna. But I am fed up with Ananya.. She’s a physic moronic ass who needs to work on using her brain. I will think over for a while, before I conclude that I give up writing.

    3. I have decided to not write any more ffs, henceforth. So, guys, u’ll have to wait for my last episode.. Sorry if I have hurt u all. I promise to return back, whenever my instinct says..

  9. Maine alr kaha tha di I’m a big fan of urs.i just wanted to explore my writing skills.mudje really nehe pathatha or pathahai whether this Ananya is commenting or not.thanks for expressing your feelings about me.

  10. Pls reetika continue ur ff….I am the biggest of urs ff
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  11. Aparrna, chhaya, aishwarya nd kritika cud u all convince reetika di

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