Reporters continued!!

Hi guys I am Aadya n am a true fan of Reporters n i am missing it a lot so I thought to write a ff. Hope u guys like it!!!
The episode starts with Ananya showing Kabir a new lead.he says its good.Richa calls everyone and Ananya comes and hugs daljeet singh thinking him to be Ronnie and says I won’t talk to you as you were lying to all of us that you were dead and starts crying.Kabir comes there and introduces them to Daljeet singh.everyone is shocked to see him.they go to the conference room and manav tells them their work.he tells Ananya to work on the storyline.its about a rich person having illegal factories where he is making children work as child labourers.

A firecrackers factory is shown where kids are making firecrackers and a boy gets hurt while filing a bomb.the person present there scolds him and beats him with a cane.

Kaya,Richa,Sunny,Baby,etc are sitting in the cafeteria and drinking coffee and talking about the rich buisnessman.richa says that i thought he is a nice man ananya agrees with him.kabir says that everything which looks nice must be nice.everybody agrees with him.ananya says now we should go home,kabir agress and they live.richa asks sunny to drop her home but daljeet says that i will drop you home and they to leave.Kaya reach ananya’s home and asks him to come inside but he refuses. Ananya forcefully takes him inside and they are suprised to see kabir’s family members and tarini anurag and they wish them congratulations.they all do dinner kabir holds ananya’s hand below the table and she gets hurt and her hand starts bleeding.kabir puts a band-aid on it and says sorry.he makes her eat with his hand.

Precap-kabir and ananya reach the firecrackers factory.

  1. Pls continue with this fan fiction. I loved it!!

    1. Thank you

  2. Truly speaking I am a very big fan of reporters! After it ended I felt very incomplete but due to your fanfiction I felt very happy. Please continue for my sake atleast and please update daily. LOVED IT! AWSOME! ???????

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