Reporters continued!! (Episode-2)

The episode starts with Kabir making Ananya have food.everyone smile seeing them. Arman coughs and says that he wants to make an important announcement. He tells he is joining college from tomorrow. Every body congratulate him.Kabir leaves with his family.The next day kabir comes to pick Ananya they kiss each other in the car.Ananya just then gets a call from tinnu who tells her that he has found the address of the factory and they can come and meet the children. Ananya says that they will come today and rescue those children. They go to office and kabir calls his friend inspector khurana and tells him to come there and arrest the people who are making those children work. Ananya fixes a hidden camera in her clip.they leave for the factory.

They meet Khurana and they all go inside the factory.Ananya says that there is no one and asks the children to come out as soon as possible. They were leaving when the men came there and pointed a gun at Ananya.

In the office Sunny is as usual flirting with baby.Richa slips and daljeet holds her.Tujhe dekha tu ye….plays.Manav comes there and asks about kaya.

There at the factory khurana goes and puts a gun at the person who was holding a gun at Ananya he asks him to leave his gun and the person leaves the gun.they arrest them.a man was hiding and watching all they all leave he shots at Ananya.

Precap-Ananya is rushed to the hospital.

  1. See koi pade na pade i don’t care bt don’t stop writing reporters ff….i jst love this serial

  2. Sorry *Sanyu

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