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I reached office to share the good news with everyone. I saw Richa flipping pages of the file and I reached to her and said,’Richa! I have a very good news, if you get to know it, I bet you will be happy as a clown’. She was much eager to know about it,’What is it?’. I whispered in her ears and soon a broad smile castes over her face. She informed Baby and Baby was too enthralled enough to dance. Everyone at kkn began watching us. And guess what… Saunya grew jealous of us, and seeing Baby dance brought cramps in her stomach. She immediately picked her bag, stuffed her things and went towards Manav’s cabin. She said to him,’ I am leaving without you’. Manav stormed towards her and grabbed her hand and said,’ What happened?’ She replied,’ If you wish to come with me, then please do it right now!’. Manav grabbed his stuff, put it in his bag and left along with Saunya. I, Richa and Baby followed them cautiously, without them letting know it. Saunya sat in front along with Manav and soon sped off. Richa stopped a rickshaw and soon we followed them. The black sedan parked in front of an old garage.

Saunya got off from the car and Manav got off too and took her hands in his and stood in front of the entrance. Manav said to her,’ I love you so much dear. Thank you so much for what you have done’. Saunya replied,’ Oh c’mon Manav! Oh sorry.. Karan’. My eyebrows arched and I looked at Richa and Baby with a smile. Exactly what I knew. Richa smiled back too. After few minutes, a person with a camera came and Saunya happily said,’ Thank God you came! C’mon hurry up! This pic should be in the front page of the newspaper next morning’. I quickly removed my cell and recorded the whole scene. The cameraman removed his camera and took a snap of Manav kissing Saunya. And the mext unbelievable thing that happened was: Malvika was there too!! She was hiding on the other side and after seeing it, she left angrily. She might not have heard their conversation. As soon as the cameraman was done with clicking photos, Saunya said,’ As planned, this picture should be in the front page of the newspaper with the headlines: “Kkn’s editor-in-chief Manav Gupta caught being seductive with the input editor Saunya” Hahahaha..that would be news’. Manav removed his mask to unveil an unfamiliar face of a young boy of 20s who smiled like a devil. Inside, a man’s voice came,’ Hmph.. Leave me! Help!! Somebody help me!!’

Manav sir’s voice!! REAL Manav’s voice!! I, Richa and Baby came out of her hiding places to face the lovebirds. Saunya was much shocked and said,’You all!’ Then later this shock changed into a wicked laugh,’ Thank god u all came here by yourself. I was planning the whole day on how to bring u all here. You made my job easier’. Soon three bodyguards pointed their guns towards our heads. I smiled and replied,’Indeed I made your job easier. But you will definitely thank me for a lifetime if you get to know why I am here’. Saunya’s smile lowered and I resumed,’ Karan, aren’t you the one who was involved in trafficking and that business earned you crores. But unfortunately, I found it out. Manav sir presented this news and later you were arrested for the same’. Beads of perspiration covered up the young man’s face. I continued,’ You are uneducated, and knowing this , you got into this business from a young age. Disowned by mother and father, you decided to end their lives. Attracted by your money, Saunya oh.. Sorry Maushami fell in love with you. You narrated the entire tale and Maushami decided to ruin me and Manav,isn’t it so?’. Maushami replied angrily,’ Yes so what, huh? You will see me. Who is gonna save you? You will end up in trash, mind you’. I laughed this time. Much loudly and hardly, Richa and Baby joined in too. Maushami and Karan were in big trouble. I said,’ Oh Maushami! I guess you watch Hindi movies a lot. But unfortunately for you, you won’t be able to see any of them. Nowadays, technology is growing so fast that you may find it hard to reconcile to it. Well you must be aware of the GPS system?’ Maushami trembled and so did Karan.

Khuranna and his men shot the three bodyguards with their rifles , that made their guns fall from their hands, and pointed it towards the two lovebirds. Baby said,’ I don’t know if you have seen a movie or serial where a woman and man, both have their honeymoon in jail!!’. I and Richa laughed wildly and Khuranna got them arrested. Khuranna thanked us for our support and soon left. Richa said,’ Well happy ending! But Ananya, how did Khuranna get to know that it was Karan who was involved in all this and how did you get to know that it was Karan and not Manav sir?’ Soon a man came out, with his arms and legs tied. It was Manav sir. He came out rolling on the ground and said,’ First things first girls. Untie me’.

We soon untied Manav sir and I started explaining them,’ When Khuranna began his investigation, he saw a a large footprint on the floor of emergency staircase. He compared them in his list of clues but could not get it anywhere. When Manav sir, I mean, not the real one, was flirting with Saunya, um Maushami , he had those large boots of whose footprint matched the one found that day. So when Karan left, I immediately traced his footprints and sent it to Khuranna. Khuranna gave his confirmation that those were the same boots used by Karan during the murder day. Karan is a bit thinner than Manav and the way he used to talk, aroused my suspicion. When I came out of Malvika’s cabin, I saw from above that Karan was putting something on his face and I recognised it to be a mask’.

Richa and Baby clapped. Manav was too tired and repeated,’ Get me home.. Please..’ Baby replied,’ Then who was the girl whom he killed that day?’. I replied,’ Maybe one of the girls involved in trafficking. First let’s get Manav home’ . And so we left, not having any idea, that one of the best surprise of my life was waiting eagerly for me to return home..

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    1. Yeah, but I wanted Kabir’s surprise in the next episode so I finished this mystery in one episode

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