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No no, she couldn’t be.. But.. Did she really wink at me? Or was it my imagination? Finally Malvika broke into my thoughts and said, ‘Back to Earth Ananya! Would you mind introducing her to our crew? Thanks a lot’. And she left. Khalid whispered in my ears, ‘Dear, did Kabir tease you or said that you are arrogant?’. I smiled and he left too. Saunya came next to and said, ‘Hi! Nice to meet you’. She held her hand ahead. I took it and shook her hand, much reluctantly. Saunya had a mini-skirt and a sleek top. She looked like a heroine herself, a bad one. I introduced her, ‘Guys, this is Saunya. She is our new input editor’. Manav sir came out and shook hands with her passionately and said, ‘Hi Saunya, I am Manav Gupta. Your editor-in-chief’. She smiled flirtingly and replied, ‘Oh! I am so glad I am finally meeting my new, handsome editor-in-chief’. Oh-oo. Malvika saw this from above and was fumed. Kabir came too and held his hand forward, ‘I am Kabir Sharma. The business manager of kkn’. She took his hand between her two hands and replied, ‘Ohh! I am finally getting this opportunity to meet one of the greatest inspiration in news world’. Now I was fuming. I coughed violently to grab everyone’s attention towards me. I said, ‘If the introduction round is over, then can we get back to work?’. Kabir understood my reactions and immediately left her hands and went to his cabin. Khalid murmured, ‘Now kkn will have routine fights’.

I decided to be cross with Kabir for whatever happened that day. Richa came next to me and said, ‘I saw what she did. I think no sooner our kkn will become the battlefield of misconceptions’. I agreed. Even Malvika ignored Manav all day. While leaving, Manav said, ‘Malvika, let’s go home together’. She looked at him angrily and replied, ‘I have my own car. And by the way, our ancestors had taught us to help the ones in need. So..’. Malvika called out Saunya, ‘Saunya! How are you going home?’. She sensed the opportunity and replied, ‘I’ll go by rickshaw’. Malvika replied, ‘No need of that.”Your” editor-in-chief will drop you home’. After saying that, Malvika left. Manav did not stop her and Saunya got up majestically and said, ‘Thank you so much sir’. And they both left. Richa looked at me, as if trying to say, ‘This is bad news’. I got up and left too, but not with Kabir. I told the peon to inform Kabir that I had left.

At home, I was drinking wine while watching TV. Kabir came in and saw me watching TV, angrily changing channels. He sat next to me and said, ‘What’s up? Why didn’t you wait for me?’. I didn’t reply, but kept on changing channels fervently. Kabir switched off the tv and I groaned, ‘Kabir! Stop it! Let me watch the tv. At least I have that for my company. U men are all alike. A little mini skirt melts down your hearts’. Kabir furiously replied, ‘That’s not the case Ananya. I stretched out my hand to her, I never expected her to react in that manner’. I got up and looked at him, and replied, face-to-face, ‘Look Kabir. I don’t want to discuss about it. I had dinner, I have left some for you and now I am off to sleep’. Without waiting for his reply, I walked towards the bedroom and dropped on the bed. ‘This damn life..’, I repeated and slept graciously, not having any idea that next day would be the best day of my life

  1. Um.. Sorry this story does not have much mystery as everyone suggested to add some more drama in it. Do tell me if I have exceeded the drama part

    1. Haha it’s very nice!!!!

  2. The story is good no doubt. …………aap sirf dono ko ek saath combine karo. ……. I mean both drama and mystery

    1. Oh.. Kkk thanks for the tip

  3. Waiting what’s gonna happen tmr;)

    1. I am glad to know.. ;))

  4. Ur story is superbb yaar….!
    Plsssss plss continue ur ff.bcoz I am the biggest fan of ur ff and also urs reetika….

  5. Plz update fast.Now,I am waiting for next update…..I am impatient now
    Really Reetika u r very talented…super se upaar yrr

    1. Well well.. Thank you so much. I am really honored to hear that. Immensely thankful to you for your support

  6. This plot is interesting n the suspense…can’t wait to know wats gonna happen next..!!

    1. Thanks a lot..

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