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Kabeer reads news. Once he finishes, Ananya from relay room smiles at him and shows notes. Malvika says he cannot hear and gives microphone. Ananya says Kabeer she needs his help. He asks what. She says I love you. He get embarrassed and Malvika and Ronnie surprised. Ananya says her brother asked translation in French. Kabeer replies I love you in French. Ananya acts as informing her brother Armaan. Malvika asks what rubbish is this. She asks what??. Kabeer asks Malvika to come to his cabin for 2 min.

Ananya goes back to her desk. Richa says she did not do right and asks her to tell what is going on in her mind. Ronnie jokes that she did right and silently walks off.

Kabeer asks Malvika why is she behind Ananya and asked her if she is having an affair with Kabeer. Malvika says she complained him already. Kabeer says she is a senior here and should stop embarrassing herself and says any question she should ask him directly. Khalid enters worriedly and tells new company whom KL is collaborating with will control them. Kabeer says he is looking worried as if he will lose his job. Khalid says everyone will lose excdept Kabeer and soon they all will know.

Sunny sees a beautiful girl waiting in reception and introduces himself to her. She says she is waiting to meet Kabeer, but he is making her wait and holds his hand. Sunny gets emotional and says he will let her meet Kabeer. He goes to Ronnie and pleads to help him. Ronnie says he should ask Ananya. They both go to Ananya’s desk and Sunny pleads and even calls Richa as didi(earlier was flirting with her). Ananya says why will he let Kabeer meet another girl. Sunny asks what she mean. She gets nervous.

Peon informs girl that Kabeer wants to meet her. She happily walks through and sees Manav. She says she is his big fan and asks him to wait until she comes back. Manav gets impressed.

Ananya goes to Kabeer’s cabin and says a girl wants to meet him. Just then, girl enters and he asks if she is baby. She says yes she is baby malhotra and starts buttering Kabeer that she is his biggest fan. She misunderstands Ananya asks Malvika and says she is even her fan. Ananya asks what is her name. She says she is baby malhotra and since she drops things around, her parents did not change her name at all. Kabeer says she is Trisha’s replacement and asks Ananya to introduce her to everyone. Ananya takes her out and introduces her to everyone. Sunny asks if Kabeer met her well as he ordered him. Baby says yes.

After shift gets over, Ananya SMS kabeer that she will wait for him outside and leaves acting as talking to her khabri tinu. Ronnie jokes that she must be having an affair with Tinu. Kabeer also silently walks from office. Malvika watches their moves and follows them.

Kabeer takes Ananya in his car and tells she should behave professionally in office, else there will be complications. She says he always blames her and not Malvika. He says Malvika is right about contract and says she is KL’s daughter and KL is collaborating with international company, soon someone else will be our boss. She says bye and says he did not tell her I love you even after she repeatedly said. He says I do love you. She leaves acting as angry. Malvika watches everything and fumes that Kabeer ditched her for junior reporter, she will not spare junior reporter now.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. Nice episode,waiting fr tmrw

  2. This malvika sooooooo irritating

  3. I love kabeer’s simle after fighting with ananya

  4. Hate u malvika,kabab Mai hadi

  5. Yr plssssss ye malvika ko koi kisi island pe choooooodddddddd aooo.irritated with her

  6. Why are they not showing romantic scenes between kaya…?….I know that kabir is very much matured and controlled but thoda romance toh banta hai na boss… since malvika has come to know….god knows what she is up to……and then there is gonna be shreya’s entry….and then again misunderstandings…..then when will we gt to c the romantic track of kabir and ananya..?….am feeling very dissapointed guys…..there must be a scene in kabir’s house where there will be anurag,kabir and ananya and kaya can enjoy hidden romance….anyways lets c what happens…

    1. Yah crystal…..i agree with u..there should be some romantic scenes between kaya…….they r in love ❤ with each other and some romance is casual……plz..director sir..plz show some romance between kaya…plz.plz.plz

  7. Ananya is immature while kabeer a real hero ??but Atleast for few days director let them enjoy this feeling don’t bring this merger scene and along with kabeer’s ex wife!!!! Poor guys Cannot enjoy their love moments also ?? Rajeev Khandelwal is too good 12 years back during kahin to hoga and today also

  8. ananya is soooo cute I like very much…. plz repeat telycast dikhao….

  9. but i think after shreya’s entry,kaya’s love will get stronger and more intense…..ananya will support kabir during his toughest times and when he needs it most….plzz directors dont show any misunderstandings after shreya’s entry…..dont make it a typical like other serials……its a matured love story after all…..

  10. yah crystal ur right there should be some romance in kaya’s story aur vise bhi aab trisha ki shadi ka kuch episodes dhika dhethi aur usme kaya ka romance kithna acha hotha na…….aur yar muje bhi dar lag raha hai ki aab ye malvika kya karegi……ananya plz yar kuch din ke liye kabeer ke bath maan le na

  11. Hate malvika har baat me problem samajhti kyu nahi vo and manav are best together and she should forget kabir

  12. Yup crystal i agree with u ….
    We want to see love seances between kaya!!!
    N plz telecast all episodes on Saturday !!!

  13. Hey muskan lila shruti
    Where r u girls??

    1. Hi ishani m here sorry was busy…how r u

    2. I m fine dear
      Take care

  14. Hey
    muskan lila shruti
    Where r u girls??

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