Reporters 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya reaches Neha’s bungalow with her khabri. Khabri says this bungalow is Neha’s uncle’s and she cannot enter during night time, else she will be caught. Ananya says they can get caught even during day. He says she is right. She asks who came here during day. He says Dr. Kapoor, Neha’s father, who has house in defence colony and a clinic there. He also works in a nearby hospital and is an administrative head there. She asks who else came. He says nobody else. She calls Kabeer, but his number is not reachable.

Malvika and Khalid get tensed seeing Kabeer missing. Khalid switches on rival channel and sees social worker telling she will do dharna outside KKN channel and demand apology from Kabeer. He switches on KKN channel and sees Manav reporting mythological news. He asks Malvika to read 9 p.m. news.

Ananya enters hospital with a fake dead and walks towards morgue. Mishraji sees her and says today many new people are joining, earlier Dr. Pandey and now she. He takes her to morgue and asks wardboy where is the regular one. He says he was drunk, so he is guarding here. Ananya asks to open door. Wardboy asks to show paper. Ananya starts acting and panicking. Mishraji goes to brig papers. Wardboy opens door and asks if she knows waht to do. Kabeer comes out and says he knows what to do, to remove hidden deadbodies. Fake dead body also wakes up and greets Wardboy. Wardboy gets afraid and drinks alcohol. Kabeer walks out with Ananya and her khabri.

Manav gets ready to read Kabeer’s news. Kabeer says he knew he can always depend on him, but he has come now and will read the news. He thanks, goes to Ronnie, gives chip and asks him to transfer pics from it. Ronnie asks where is Ananya. Kabeer leaves without answering.

Ananya reaches Neha’s bungalow as a pizza delivery girl and rings bell. Servant says madam did not inform her. Ananya asks her to confirm. Servant leaves. Ananya enters house and goes straight to Neha and says she knows the truth. She knows why is she hiding here, she has patient Harvinder Rajpal’s details and his body is in morgue. She even has Dr. Sinha’s statement but wants her to tell the truth. She asks her not to ruin her future as police has all the details and will start investigation. She cannot save her papa more as god will never help culprits. Neha gets tensed.

Kabeer starts his news and says 2 days, there was a sensational news about a medical student alleging s*xual harrassment case against doctor and everyone gave their opinion, but his reports worked hard and got the truth out. Viewers will know in 5 minutes how truth was twiste.d He says he has Neha who alleged Dr. Sihna. He asks Neha why did she allege Dr. Sihna. She says Dr. Sinha is innocent and she falsely alleged him to save her papa. Kabeer says Neha to save her papa false alleged Dr. Sinha, they will know the reason behind it by reviewing the situation via a drama. He shows Harvinder singh rajpal going to Dr. Sinha for his stomach pain with his mom. Dr. Kapoor says he has to get operated. Dr. Sinha had to operate him. At the same time, a rich businessman requested Dr. kapoor to save his son with kidney transplant in exchange of huge money. Kapoor checked Harvinder singh and richman’s son’s reports and found their reports matching, so he sent Sinha to a medical conference and himself transplanted Harvinder’s kidney to businessman’s son. When Dr. Sinha knew about it, he confronts Kapoor how can he transplant Harvinder’s kidney and kill him, where is his autopsy report. He asks him to accept his mistake. Neha comes there and hears their converation. Kapoor asks Sinha to keep his mouth shut, else will force him to resign. Dr. Sinha gets adamant and decides to find out the truth of this case. Neha asks her dad if this is tru, dad asks her to stay away form this matter.

Sinha gets Harvinder singh’s file. Neha goes to his cabin and asks what will he do now. Sinha says he cannot risk doctor’s and medical profession’s reputation, so he will have to report against her dad. Neha tears her clothes, alleges Sinha and runs with report. Kabeer tells rest of the story everyone knows via news channels and news papers. He asks Neha to speak now. Neha apologizes. Kabeer ends news.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Whole staff clap for Ananya. Kabeer congratulates her. Neha feels on top of the world.

Update Credit to: MA

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