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Ananya goes to medical college to question victim Neha’s friends. She questions one of them and says she is covering a story, so she needs info about Neha. Friend says she is Neha’s friend since 1st year and is now intern with her. She continues that Neha is a go getter, but not good in studies, though she studies hard. She did not think Neha would be harrassed even after being Dr. Kapoor’s daughter who is hospital’s head. Ananya is shocked to hear that and asks why did not any news channel said that. Friend says even she is suprised and nobody even questioned Dr. Kapoor. She leaves saying she has a case study. Ananya thinks important issue is being hidden. Friend comes back after case study and asks why is she still here. Ananya says she needs more info about Neha and Dr. Kapoor and leaves with her to hospital. Friend says she cannot say more about Dr. Kapoor as he does not interact with students. She says Dr. Sinha was a great teacher, but very strict, so they don’t talk to him much. Ananya asks about Dr. Kapoor and Sinha’s cabins. Friend shows Kapoor’s cabin and says Sinha did not come since 2 days. Ananya says she will find out rest from other docs. She thinks why did Kapoor did not give any statement at all, though he also works in this hospital. She calls Kabeeer, but he does not pick her call.

Kabeer enters as a fake doctor. He befriends with peon Mishraji and asks him to give hospital details while having tea. Mishra shows all rooms and shows a room in which Dr. Sinha harrassed Neha. He sees Kapoor and asks who is he. Mishra says he is head of hospital Dr. Kapoor. Kabeer continues talking and takes him Dr. Sinha’s room. Ananya asks nurse if she can tell anything about Dr. Sinha. She says no and leaves. Kabeer comes and says Dr. Sinha is being restricated. He sends Mishra to open Sinha’s cabin. Ananya identifies him. Hospital’s assistant admin head comes and asks who is he. Kabeer says he is Dr. Pandey, head of Nephrology department, and asks him why is his cabin llocked. Admin says he did not get any info. Kabeer insists and makes him open cabin. He takes Ananya along and asks her to search Harvinder Singh Rajpal’s info. Ananya tells about Dr. Kapoor being Neha’s father. He says they have less time then and asks her to find Rajpal’s file soon. Admin thinks he should ask Dr. Kapoor’s secretary, calls him and secretary informs that Dr. Pandey is fake. He rushes towards Sinha’s cabin.

Ananya gets Rajpal’s blood report and asks Kabeer why can’t they meet him now. Kabeer says he is dead. Admin rushes with security and asks Ananya where is doctor. She says she is also waiting for him as he asked her to sit and vanished. Kabeer walks free and calls Dr. Sinha who informs that he has a girl from his first marriage and worries for her that people may harrass her. Kabeer asks him not to worry and cuts call.

Kabeer goes to morgue and wakes up sleeping wardboy. He asks wardboy if he is drunk. Wardboy says he cannot sit outside morgue without drinking. Kabeer enters morgue and finds Rajpal’s dead body. He takes Rajpal’s pics. Another wardboy comes, sees drunk wardboy and locks morgue door.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Malvika and Khalid are worried for Kabeer. Khalid says what will we do now. Ananya calls Ronnie and asks if Kabeer is back. He says he is missing since afternoon. Ananya gets worried for Kabeer.

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