Reporters 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya informs Khalid about her getting call from Madhav. Khalid says it is the benefit of workin in #1 channel and says he will arrange her interview after speaking to Kabeer.

Ananya informs Richa and Ronnie about interviewing Madhav and tells she is very lucky to get this big interview. Ronnie sees her news about producer Kishen and says she got interview due to this. Richa asks what is the problem. Ananya says Khalid will send Kabeer with her and he will talke all the credit, so she has decided that she will go alone.

Khalid calls staff meeting and informs that Ananya got a call from Madhav nath to interview him. Kabeer says Madhav is a criminal and is wanted by state police. Khalid says he wants Ananya to go with someone. She says she does not need anyone. He asks what if she changes her mind and become a traitor. Malvika says she does not trust her after yesterday’s party incident. Ananya says she was thinking all this while that reporters work hard to gather news, but now they are being seen with doubt. Kabeer says Madhav is a crimianal and she will go with 2 seniors. Ananya says she knows he wants to go with her to garner praise. He says she will go with Manav as she told she is in team Manav and asks Manav to meet hi for 2 min before leaving.

Ananya sits alone sadly and reminisces Khalid and Malvika’s insult and Kabeer telling she is in team Manav. Ronnie comes and asks what problem she has. She asks why did Kabeer point out that she is in team manav. He says she told him last night and takes her along to cheer her up.

Manav goes to Kabeer’s cabin and kabeer says ananya is a junior reporter and very immature, so he can trust only him. Manav asks why did he leave such a big news. Kabeer says he and Khalid think he took Kishen’s interview, so he has to cover the rest of story and wishes him all the best.

Malvika comes to Manav’s cabin, wishes him best of luck and says she will miss him. He asks why did she say that. She says it is a very dangerous mission. Manav gets afraid. He sees Rohan and Trisha speaking and asks what are they talking about. Rohan says he gathered reports about traitors and they have killed many reporters. Trisha says he is very great to take such a big risk. Rohan says he would not have taken such a big risk.

Khalid comes to Kabeer’s cabin and says he spoke to their boss KL and he does not want any risk to their channel. Kabeer says he will sign on stamp paper that this story is his and KKN is not involved. Khalid says why is he telling that. Kabeer says he should take Ananya’s sign on such a paper.

Khalid calls Ananya and asks her to sign papers. Ananya says if he does not believe her, she will resign. Khalid asks what if he gets calls from home ministry why they took interview without their permission. Kabeer says he will sign it. Ananya asks why will he sign.

Kabeer gives end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya asks Khalid why is he giving this interview so much importance. Madhav calls her and asks to reach a place in 1 hour and she informs Khalid and Kabeer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Really nice….kabeer will go with Ananya for interview. this show and even can’t miss a single episode….love u Ananya and kabeer…you both are really really good…

  2. Funny moment when everyone was scaring Manav and Now Manav will go to Kabir and say he doesn’t want to go or he will act like he is unwell then Kabir has to go with Ananya then it will be awesome to watch them together.I think some interesting twist is gonna come here like the goons beating Kabir and Ananya getting hurt then Kabir going to take care of Ananya then some romantic looks with each other and recalling the moments how Kabir took care and all that.THIS IS MY IMAGINATION OF UPCOMING EPISODE BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN.Waiting for their Romance and their feelings to grow.Love u Kabir and Ananya.Role of Ananya and Kabir suits well to Rajiv and Krithika.loved it..

  3. offo ananya’s ego!I m still confused will she allow kabir to cme wit her or nt!

  4. I Love this show….its kabir plan to offer manav the interview & than frighten him with all the news clips n interviews so he can tell kabir to go do the interview instead of him if had watchede the end of the last night episode in there kabir says “you have to loose somethings to win something”so he is gone go with ananya…ananya & kabir awsome team cant wait to see there love blossom..

  5. good updates but can do without minor details. and it will be lovely if you can include the after-episode gyaan given by Kabeer.

  6. Today’s update pleasssssssseee

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