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Reporters 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer enters Khalid’s cabin. Khalid asks where Apurva Shroff must be. Kabeer says he must be on vacation and says in politicis, usually people do it to prove it point. He says let us see how this story moves. Khalid says he is so confident and walks out. Kabeer calls his khabri Laxman and asks him if he got any lead. Laxman says he is enjoying as Bhavna is telling Apurva is not missing and party president is saying he is missing.

Ananya asks Richa who is handling Apurva’s case. She says inspector Arun Khurana. Disha says she is leaving for him. Kabeer on the other side is on a chat with Khurana. Ananya calls Khurana and asks if he works on a case, will he work on guidlines. He asks which case she is talking about it. She says Apurva Shroff’s case. Khurana says he cannot tell everything over phone, so she has to come to police station. She says she will and asks if he thinks Apurva is dead. He asks if she got a lead. She says it is just a thought, thanks him for help and cuts call. Kabeer asks Khurana whose phone it was. He says Ananya’s.

In the morning, Ananya reaches KKN office speaking over phone to her Kabri Tinu and asks to get lead of Bhavna. Manav stops her and asks if she has any lead. Ananya says not yet. Kabeer comes out of cabin and calls her. Manav hugs her to make him jealous. Kabeer walks into cabin. Ananya enters his cabin. He asks which story she is working on with her partner. She says she did not understand. He says if her partner taught or it is her new style to use some one else’s sources. She says she called Khurana to understand and not get lead and apologizes. He says he did not call her for her sorry and says he will not accept her story. He says she should get integrity in her work, else nobody will believe her stories. She sadly walks out and sits in cafteria swinger.

Ronnie follows Ananya and asks what happend. She says she is tired of this office people’s politics and ego. He says he told already that everyone are egostic and selfish here. She says she will prove that Bhavna is behind Apurva’s missing and will work alone. He says she is again taking risk. Sunny comes and shows her Bhavna’s pics. She sees a man with her and tells Ronnie she saw him somwhere.

Kabeer gets Bhavna’s call who asks her to meet her. He calls Khalid and informs that he is going to meet Bhavna. Richa tells her that she took Apurva’s party president interview. He asks her to ask Rohan to air it in his time slot. Ananya asks to her to show party president’s footage.

Kabeer reaches Bhavna’s house and sees party president there. President says he has to relay official statement to party members about Apurva missing, but Bhavna is saying he is on a vacation and will come back. She says she is right. President says he will give statement that Apurva is missing not just like that. Kabeer says he wants to play politics now. Ananya checks party president’s video and sees same man in every footage. Kabeer on tells president that he knows him well and asks him to interrupt if he is wrong. He tells he changed 3 parties and was a big goon some years ago, she to get a political mileage he has kidnapped Apurva. He asks what does he mean. Kabeer says Apurva is missing and police is searching him, so Bhavna will give her statement. Footage man comes and tells Bhavna that Kishore called from New York and wants to come here. She takes phone and tells Kishore his uncle will come back soon, he should not worry. She then introduces man as Apurva’s friend Guru to Kabeer.

Ananya calls Rohan and asks him who is this man. He says he is Gurunath, Apurva and Bhavna’s close aide and is party’s main financier. Sunny says he is close to Bhavna more. Ananya tells Ronnie that Bhavna and Guru are having affair and shows Sunny’s saved pics to him. He does not believe. She asks Sunny to get more pics.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya gives her story to Richa and asks her to present it. Richa does in front of Kabeer and Khalid nervously, but Khalid interrupts her. Ananya handles situation. Kabeer senses it is Ananya’s story.

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  1. really fed up wit kabir manav behavior!

    1. Yep it’s high time the story moves on and these two stop using Ananya for their ego problems..but better Ananya should be the one stopping them, she has been portrayed as an intelligent and smart reporter, its high time to show her intelligence…

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