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Khalid brings cake for celebration and asks staff to pay attention. Kabeer also joins. Trisha shouts that they are #1 now. Everyone clap. Malvika congratulates Kabeer. Khalid says she should even congratulate Manav as his human interest story of Mahi got our channel to #1 position. Kabeer gets irked. Khalid says though he made their channel noticed, credit goes to Manav and calls him. Manav comes and tells credit goes to Ananya as she brought that news and takes her to cut cake. Khalid says Ananya is favorite of his Karan and Arjun/Kabeer and Manav. Kabeer says Khalid that heis right, their success goes to all reporters and calls Trisha, Richa and Ronnie to cut cake instead. Ananya feels dejected. Kabeer cuts cake with others and tells they have to continue their channel as #1 with their sensational news. Ananya congratulates him, but he ignores her.

Manav speaks to his khabri and tells only human interest news is not enough for channel’s success. Malvika comes to his cabin and asks him to stop making Kabeer his rival. He taunts she is giving her pallu to Kabeer more, then says she does not wear sari at all and asks how will she wipe Kabeer’s tears now. Malvika gets irked.

Trisha asks Ananya if she is having a rift with Kabeer. Ananya says she does not want to talk about it. Peon informs her that Kabeer called her. She enters his cabin and asks why did he call her. He says he wants her to cover Bhavna’s exhibition. She says she is busy with another lead and he can ask Richa instead as she is his favorite. He says it is human interest news and she is expert in it. He asks him to give her story to her partner and says she is just a small thing in KKN. Ananya comes out and informs Sunny over phone that they have to cover Bhavna Shroff’s story. Khalid calls Manav and tells he knows he wants to become co-editor, but until Kabeer is editor-in-chief, he will not get any position and even right for his content. Manav angrily leaves. Khalid laughing thinking how britishers ruled over India with divide and rule.

Ananya reaches Bhavna’s home and waits for her restlessly. Sunny asks her to calm down. Ananya says why did Kabeer send her instead of coming himself. Bhavna comes. Servant asks her where to keep baggage. She asks to keep it in Ananya’s car and says it is her gift for Kabeer. She asks Ananya to cover painting first before her bite. Ananya finishes covering paintings and asks Bhavna to express her feeling about her painting. She starts, but she gets a call and rushes out. Ananya feels sad, comes out nad gets into car. Snny sees a driver inside and asks who is he. He says he is coming with them to give paintings to Kabeer.

Ananya gives footage to Kabeer who says she brought incomplete and asks why did not she take Bhavna’s interview. She says Bhavna did not give interview and he can do whatever he wants. He asks her to let Rohan cover it in his 7:30 news and asks if she knows why Bhavna is tensed. She nods yes. He says he will send Richa to find out. Ananya leaves angrily. Richa enters cabin. Kabeer calls Bhavna, but she does not pick his call. Richa says that is strange. Inspector Khurana calls him and informs that Apurva is missing officially.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Bhavna yells at Anaya that she made story against her as she did not give her interview. Kabeer says he run the story and has a lead from his khabri.

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