Reporters 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya and Sunny reach Bhavna’s house to take interview, but no one opens door. Kabeer comes and asks what is she doing here. She says Manav sent her here to cover story. He rings door bell and door opens immediately. They enter in. Sunny starts camera to record everything. They hear Bhavna and her husband speaking. Bhavna comes and meets them. Kabeer sees her painting and praises it. She says it is not complete yet. He says he is her fan. She says she is also his fan as he is career hungry and reached the peak so early. He says he is like her incomplete painting and says once he can afford her painting, he will think himself successfully. She says her paintings are not for affording and says she will send one tomorrow. He says he will accept it on one request. She says of course they can have coffe. He says he wanted the same and wants to know about her and her husband. She says she thought she is interested in her and he broke her heart. He says he breaks only news and says he wants to meet a person because of whom Apurva is so successful and goes near her. Ananya interrupts and asks Bhavna to give her a bite. Ananya asks if she is the one who covered her last painting exhibition. She says yes. Kabeer says Ananay is his channel’s one of junior reporters and asks her to leave now. Ananya sadly leaves with Sunny.

Kabeer starts his news interview with Bhavna and praises her as a successful painter and woman behind her husband Apurva’s success. Ananya starts her story, how she eloped and married her husband. She continues her husband is busy in political career now, etc. Kabeer asks if Apurva is getting threating calls. She says yes and says Apurva thinks he does not need even security. Khalid watches news and asks Malvia how did she agree for interview. Malvika says Kabeer used his charm and made her agree for interview.

Kabeer ends news interview and asks Bhavna if she was comfortable. She says yes and comes out of news room. Trisha and Richa take selfies with her. Bhavna continues staring at Kabeer and flirts with him and invites him for coffee before leaving. Ananya gets jealous seeing her. Manav comes and provokes her against Kabeer. He asks if he can take her for dinner. Trisha interrupts and says she is going for dinner with him. Ananya says some other time may be if he does not mind. Manav leaves with embarrassed face.

Kabeer goes to Malvika’s cabin and sees her fuming in jealousy and not paying attention to him. He goes near her and says her perfume is nice and invites her for dinner. She smiles. He gets Bhavna’sc all who thanks him for getting out of studio safely and starts praising him. He says she can come to his studio for interview daily and says he likes spending time with her, but is worried Apurva may feel bad. She says he will never and asks him to have dinner soon with her. He says he is waiting. She says she will send him her paintings tomorrow.

Sunny shows Ronnie footage and says he could not get anything serious but took Bhavna and Kabeer’s video, Bhavna is very hot. Ananya comes and asks Ronnie what is he doing. He says he is watching bhavna’s footage. She gets jealous and leaves.

Khalid brings cake and asks staff to pay attention. Kabeer comes out of cabin. Khalid sayshe brought cake again. Trisha shouts they are #1 now. Malvika hugs Kabeer and congratulates him. Khalid says Malvika she should congratulate even Manav as they are #1 because of his human interest story of Mahi.

Kabeer gives his end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Kabeer informs Ananya that Bhavna ashs given exclusive rights to cover her painting exhibition and asks her to cover it. She says he can ask Richa as she is his favorite now.

Update Credit to: MA

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