Reporters 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manav starts reading his news. He speaks about Mahi’s story where her mom tells about her childhood story and then her modeling assignments, etc. She continues that she felt Mahi is doing something wrong, but she could speak to her much as she was working in Himachal Pradesh. She then found Mahi taking drugs and struggling for life. She used to think she will realize her mistake and will call her there, she got a call 3 days and she came here. She thanks Ananya and KKN for reuniting her with her child. She says everyone makes mistake and even she must have done a mistake. Manav continues his story and says Mahi was found by Ananya on Delhi streets and thought it is her duty to reunite mother and daughter. He ends his news with a good note. Rohan praises that Manav reads news well and he has to learn from him. Trisha asks if Manav is really getting emotional. Rohan says he has a magic. Richa says he is shedding crocodile tears. Kabeer hears whole conversation and walks out angrily. Ananya thinks let us see we wil get good rating with sensation news or this emotional story. Khalid smiles. Malvika asks why is he smiling and says he brought Kabeer over Manav and now he is promoting Manav. Khalid says he does not like monopolyl and for a healthy business, he has to keep the competition alive. Malvika says what if Kabeer becomes rebel. He says she is there to control. She says she is not his puppet. He says her father played same game with them and the can handle 2 kabeers and 3 Manavs. She smiles.

Manav comes out happily and asks where is his partner Ananya. Khalid congratulates him. Manav says credit goes to Ananya. Khalid says she took 2 lakhs for this news and they will know rating soon. Kabeer comes out of cabin and congratulates Manav. Manav shakes hands with Ananya and hugs her. Kabeer gets jealous seeing that and walks back to his cabin. Manav continues praising Ananya.

Ananya meets Ronnie and tells everyone praised her except Manav just because she did not give Mahi’s story first and when she was ready, he did not like it. Ronnie stares at her. She asks why is he staring. He says she knows. She asks if he thinks Manav is using her against Kabeer, but she does not if it is true. He says her story is finished, but she will be stuck between Manav and Kabeer’s fight now. Ananya says she feels their channel will be #1 and Kabeer is wrong. She will continue working honestly and does not care Manav and Kabeer’s opinion. She asks him to drop him home.

Kabeer gets a news from his Khabri and asks him to continue working on it. Manav on the ohter side gets news from his Khabri and asks him to keep an eye. Kabeer asks Richa if she knows Bhavna Shroff. She says she is Apurva Shroff’s wife and Apurva is youth politician and will win this time. Manav tells Ananya that Apurva walked out of rally without security and asks her to meet Bhavna shroff and get her here for 8 p.m. news as Apruva is a future of India and any news related to him is senational. Kabeer also asks Richa to meet Bhavna shroff and tells same to her. He asks her not to tell anyhone about it in office.

Richa comes out of Kabeer’s cabin and says she is coming from Kabeer’s cabin and excitedly says he is noticing her as reporter now. ananya says it is great and asks what news he asked her to cover. Richa says nothing important. Ananya calls and says phone is not reachable, so she will go out and speak.

Kabeer gets Kabri’s call that Apurva walks out alone without security often and tells maybe he swithced off his phone himself, suggests to meet his wife. Ananya on the other side calls Sunny and says they have to go to Bhavna’s house. He says even Richa said same. Kabeer calls Richa to his cabin. Ananya watches Richa entering his cabin and gets jealous. Kabeer asks Richa if she spoke to Bhavna. She says she could not meet her. Kabeer says he will met her personally. Ananya fumes in jealousy.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya reaches Bhavna’s house, but it is locked. Sunny says nobody is at home. Kabeer comes there and asks Ananya what is she doing here.

Update Credit to: MA

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