Reporters 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer calls his kabhri and asks him who is Badshah. Khabri says he is a drug peddler and was holding Mahi. Kabeer asks to get his full info. He calls inspector Khurana and gives him rave party’s lead. He goes to changing room to keep his suit and tie back. Khalid enters with Malvika and says he changed the whole news. Kabeer says he knows how to sensationalize new and asks to leave him alone. Malvika tries to get romantic. He asks him to leave.

Richa calls Ronnie and informs that Ananya’s brother Arav is also caught in rave party raid. He informs Ananya and they leave for police station. Mom calls Ananya and asks her to check where Arav is. Ananya says he has grown up and will come back.

Ananya reaches police station and requests inspector to leave her brother as he is caught unnecessarily. Inspector before blood test nothing can be done. Inspector Khurana comes there. Ananya introduces herself and asks him to release her brother. He says he cannot, walks out and informs Kabeer. Kabeer comes there and asks inspector to let him speak to the kid for 2 min. Inspector calls Arav. Kabeer speaks to Arav, comes and asks inspector to release kid as he gave him rave party’s tip. Inspector asks Ananya if anyone can tell that this man only reads news. Kabeer thanks him and leaves. Ananya tries to walk behind him, but inspector stops him and asks to sign on ledger. She does. Arav hugs and thanks her and asks where is mom. She says she is at home and asks Ronnie to drop Arav home while she goes back to channel office. Richa and Sunny accompany her.

Ananya reaches office and enters Kabeer’s cabin. Kabeer thanks her for risking his life and says he made a lot of mistakes and lost many relationships to get editor in chief position, but cannot afford losing it for some junior. He continues that she thinks he works like robot and does not have any feelings, etc. He further says he sent his khabri laxman behind her and got to know about Badshah. She asks if rave party news was a coincidence. He says he runs a channel and always thinks way ahead and says through her, laxman found Badhah and knew he had high-profile clients and with the help of inspector khurana raided rave party and got a bigger news. He says he has a bit of humanity that he thought out of box and get her brother out of mess, but he does not need her sorry.

Kabeer continues that he believed her, but she broke his belief, so now he wants her to get out of his cabin. Ananya is surprised. She says she told Khalid and even him that she will return 2 lakhs back by tomorrow afternoon. He says she should definitely return it, go back to her chair, reminisce her insult and humility till then. He says if shew wants to stop being humiliation, she should grow up and get a bigger news and asks her again to get out.

Kabeer gives end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya tells Kabeer she has news of Mahi and her mother. He says he does not need her news and asks her to sell it to entertainment channel instead. Manav asks why not. Kabeer asks him to air it on his news slot then.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. thanks for the fast update

  2. Wow..kabir you r just superb..i love this show and especially kabeer and ananya’s chemistry….this show has become one of the best shows even in this short spam of time..

  3. Wow..kabir you r just superb..i love this show and especially kabeer and ananya’s chemistry….this show has become one of the best shows even in this short spam of time..good going…

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