remarrying her with love — proposing to her

gauri woke up and turned to her left where om slept only to find him missing.

gauri: omkaraji, where are you?

she slowly got up when shivika’s son sanjay came and said: chachi, chachu told me to give you this note.

gauri: accha show me.

he gives it to gauri and leaves. gauri opens the note:

don’t ask questions, just change and meet me in Vasai Fort 

at exactly 9:30pm. till then please manage a day without me.

gauri kept the note to one side and said to herself: omkaraji! you are so mean. now i have to manage a day without you.

she pouted sadly and decides to handle one day without her jatadhari.


Vasai Fort:

gauri entered the fort looking beautiful with her silky hair down and she was wearing a simple mustard yellow salwar kameez:

Image result for Embroidered Georgette Asymmetric Pakistani Suit in Mustard

gauri: omkaraji, omkaraji where are you?

one light was lit and a deep husky voice was heard.

voice: millions of love stories started in these ruins.

another light was lit.

voice: and i want ours to start in these ruins.

another light was lit.

voice: i want us to start a new chapter in these ruins.

another light was lit and gauri saw her jatadhari dressed in a black kurta. her hair slowly flew in the heavy breeze and her duapatta was also flying in slow motion.

om: you know gauri, these ruins are very famous for starting love stories and you know, if your love story starts here then your love story will be the most beautiful one here.

gauri: why did you call me here?

om went on his knees holding out a gerbera daisy.

om: i am sorry gauri, i didn’t have time to buy a ring but you know that theses ruins are also famous for gerbera daisies because they symbolize love. gauri, (he held her hands) since the moment I first saw you, I knew nobody was going to hold my heart the way you do. you have changed my life completely gauri. i don’t know if i actually got a human being for a wife or an angel for one but i am lucky. gauri, will you marry me?

gauri was silent. she tried to say something but she couldn’t. the word didn’t want to come out. finally the word managed to come out.

gauri: yes.

om stood up and lifted gauri up in his arms twirling her around in happiness.

precap: engagement + shivay’s business partners



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  1. Jasminerahul

    om’s dialogues were so romantic.loved the scene very much.nice dress

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely

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