our relationship (episode 7)

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Hi..guys..how r u all..I’m came up with next part..what is it..guys I got less comments…plz drop the comment… After reading it..
So I m decided that swasan will be separate for fee episodes..about raglak..their moments will come..but its take some time..but little moment for sure..

Sanskar comes to office.. Gets freshup there.. And left to meeting..after the meeting..he came to his cabin..about to sit on chair..his phone rings..seeing the I’d..he smiles..attends it..
Sanskar : hello kabir..
Kabir : hello..where r u?..
Sanskar : in office..
Kabir : what ?..
Sanskar : s..is there any problem?..
Kabir : no..I mean..I thought u will be with family..
Sanskar : smile fades..
Kabir : k..leave it..today my daughter birthday.. U should come..
Sanskar : what?..and u r now telling me..very bad..
Kabir : hahaha..u do one thing.. U come to hospital..we will leave by here only..
Sanskar : k..cuts the call..I have to by gift now..saying thus he left from office..

Laksh wakes up..ragini is sitting beside him..caressing his hair..he looks at her..
Ragini : do u want something ?..
Laksh : nods s..I want to know what happened after my disappearance..
Ragini : stops caressing his hair..went silent..
Laksh : sees her expression.. Sits up..holds her hand..she learns on his shoulder..ragini..he calls her..
Ragini : looks at him..so many things happened here laksh..after ur disappearance.. Tells I can’t stay here..because seeing everywhere ur face only coming yo my eyes..that’s y I’m decide to leave from here..swara also says it..sanskar tries to say something..but she didn’t.. At last he says if she leave the house then she will never return in this house like his wife..swara left along with me..me ma papa..tries to make her understand but she kept saying that sanskar is reason for ur disappearance.. And says will return his life before ur return..and we start wedding planer work..other side sanskar turns more arrogant anger..he changed more than before..now we cant..I know he is broken..but I’m didn’t thought this much change from him..atleast I had swara..ma and papa..but sanskar he has no one in his side..ma neglect him..didn’t talk to him after that..if he try to talk to her..she ignored him left the place..don’t know what will happen now..i m missed u lot..cries..
Laksh : hugs her..
Ragini : continued.. I’m tried many times..make swara understand.. But
Laksh : she is stubborn.. Complies her line..
Ragini : nods..I’m really don’t know what will happen now..will swasan became one..r..looks at him..
Laksh : sees her..I think no..
Ragini : gets apart..what ?..
Laksh : kids s..I know my bhai..and I know what will be his position now..so its hard to accept swara now..
Ragini : but..she..
Laksh : cuts off..we will talk about later..give me phone…
Ragini : gives to him..
Laksh : calls sanskar..

Other side
Sanskar on car..going to by gift for kabir daughter..his ph rings..looks at caller I’d..its ragini no..gets worried.. Attends it immediately..
Sanskar : before speak laksh..hello ragini..did laksh is fine..y u called me..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : hearing laksh voice..he feels relax..han lacky..tell me..
Laksh : bhai..where r u..u didn’t come home..
Sanskar : lacky..I’m already told that I’ll be late..now u get rest…ill come morning..
Laksh : k..
Sanskar : lacky don’t be sad..ragini missed u so much..be with her..I know u also missed her.
Laksh : bhai..what about u?..
Sanskar : I’m fine lacky..he reached shop..k..talk to later..bye..goes to shop..buy some toys..and chocolates..and left to hospital..

Laksh : cuts the call..I know bhai…
Ragini : where was he..?..concernly..
Laksh : don’t know.. He tells he will come home morning..
Ragini : did he have anything..?..
Laksh : nods I don’t know..let him..I know him..
Ragini : nods..feed him food..later gives medicine.. And make him sleep..she also sleep..beside him..

Dp comes to room..sees ap crying holding photo..he knows who is must be..comes near her..calls her..
Dp : ap..
Ap : rises her head..
Dp : take a photo folrom her..its sanskar and ap photo..sanskar hugging ap..ap kissing his cheek..both r smiling wholeheartedly.. Caress sansjar face in it..
Ap : how can I ignore him like this.. how he felt when I’m ignored him..now I’m felting it..
Dp : whatever u did is not correct ap..now take ur tablets its already late..
Ap : how do u know.. That I’m didn’t have it.. U never
Dp : I know I’m never noticed it..but ur son noticing it..thats y he called me..told me to give u medicine..
Ap : looks at him..confusingly..
Dp : sanskar called me..
Ap : shockingly..how did he?..
Dp : u may be let him alone..but he is not..for him..ur his ma..whatever circumference he will not let u down..
Ap : cries..im hurted him..but still he cares for me..y u love me this much sanskar..
Dp : now have it..and sleep..
Ap : haves it..and asks..did sanskar returned..
Dp : nods no..
Ap : gets sad..and slept…
Dp : also slept thinking something..

Swara room
Swara is crying.. Nikil stands in the door step..feels really bad for her..and other side he is really angry on her..that she didn’t trust her love who r always there for her..but for her stupid decision and her ego..she ruined her life by her own…
Sharmista comes there..sees nikil..places her hand on him..nikil turns hugs her..she pats his head..
Nikil : beauty..see what she done to her self..
Sharmishta : mm..but now what will happen?..I’m worried about that..we r many tries to make her realized her decision is wrong..but u know how she is stubborn.. Did not hear anyone..cryingly..
Nikil : wipes his tears..and then hers..god only knows..and sanskar he is gem person..I’m meet ..
Sharmishta : he didn’t do anything..y this distany played with him..its again snached his love from him..now his wound is more deeper..we can’t smooth it..I’m always sees him like my son..more than that I wished a son like him..and he always cares me like his own mother..I know him..but now..
Nikil : now also he consider u both like his mom and dad..but swara case I’m don’t know about it..
Sharmishta : sees swara..about to move..
Nikil : no beauty not today..leave her some time..she have to realise her mistake and what she lost in her life..come..
Nikil takes sharmishta..swara hears it..but didn’t turn..and cries miserably….

Precap : sanskar in kabir home..

What will swara do now?..
Will ask forgives from sanskar..?..

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