Relation is not by blood. Ts by shrinidhi shot 1

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This is my first story after all. I am little nervous. I’m absolutely new here.please do comment guys.I donot no how long this series goes. It’s according to ur comments.practically I do not have that much creativity.chamelies r welcomed

Pinky- shivaaye at least tell her surname and go
At that time anika entered. She heard the conversation
Shivyae- mom I don’t know
Anika – shivaaye I know this time will come.shivaye I am sorry shivaaye I have to leave now.
Pinky – great this abshagun left my son
Anika moves to her room and informs sahil on her way. She packs her belongings and leaves to the door. Shivaaye is hurt

Shivaye- stop mom. U want to know who she is right.i will tell.she is anika. The name she earned by her hardwork.the name which gives her self respect and self confidence. The woman who gave my life. The women without whom my life is nothing. You want to know who she is .
She is shivaaye s anika. My life. My everything. Anika has tears in her eyes.
Anika is not going anywhere. She is my love. So u all heard it right. I love if u do send her out I will be with her.

Saying this they both left the oberoi mansion. They informed where they are going except pinky and informed everyone not to tell her also. They reached a hotel.
They both consoled each other that they will be each others support till death. Then anika informed Shivaye about maxis truth that she investigated. The truth is

.maxis is shivaaye own brother which kamini stole…

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  1. Awesome

  2. Gayathri.visu

    And Shrinidhi its not ‘maxis’, its ‘Mahi’.

  3. Very nice. Please write more.

  4. Good one dear

  5. Shrinidhi09

    How was one will be long OK ffiends

  6. Nila


  7. It’s was an nice starting. and it’s not Maxi it’s Mahi .update soon……

  8. Dear, it is really nice .and don’t get nervous ok. Post next part ASAP.

  9. Nyc starting dear….. Keep going dear….

  10. Shuklarashi

    Awesome Plz continue

  11. Vey nice update dear!
    Post the next ASAP!

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