Rectifying His Mistake (Part 1) (A Riansh OS)

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So this part starts from the Manali track when Vansh was angry on Riddhima and on the insistence of Dadi, Riansh went to Manali to worship in the Kuldevi Mandir…

It was night time and since the snow was pouring and the weather had deteriorated, Riansh decided to stay in a resort for that night till the weather condition would be in control…

Riddhima was sleeping peacfully due to the side effects of the sleeping pills that Vansh had mixed in the coffee and Vansh was sitting and admiring his lady love for the last time as it was the last day he was with her as he was going to do something due to which, they were going to part their ways….Vansh was going to announce Ahana as his wife in front of the media…offcourse the fake media as he only wanted to hurt Riddhima and not to snatch her identity from her in front of the world…

Vansh went and sat besides Riddhima and slowly started caressing her hair…

Vansh:Why did you do it Riddhima…why did you betray me…I gave you so much love and in return you betrayed me by teaming up with your boyfriend??…I loved you with all I had and you betrayed me??

Vansh stopped talking when Angre called him on his phone..

On the call

Angre:Boss to be honest from the beginning itself, my heart wasn’t ready to agree on the fact that Riddhima bhabhi could betray you but my mind was agreeing on the half truths and proofs but today, my heart won..

Vansh:What the hell are you speaking Angre!!…say it clearly…

Angre:Boss you know right that the CCTV Footages were not working, so I had sent them to repare it and today, I got them repaired…I will send the CCTV Footages to you…pls check them..

Saying this Angre cut the call where as Vansh was confused by what Angre was saying…after few seconds, he got a notification which contained the footage…

He played the footage which showed the swimming pool confrontation between Riddhima, Kabir and Anupriya…it showed that how they had troubled Riddhima by throwing her into the pool, electorating her, and saying rubbish things to her…the next footage showed that how Anupriya attacked Siya and there were many more footages which proved Riddhima innocent…

After seeing this, Vansh was shocked as hell…for some time, he was not even moving a bit but after sometime, the reality struck him and he literally started crying…

Vansh:What was I supposed to do??…my Riddhima was innocent all the time…she was just doing this to protect our family and I accused her??…I blamed her for attacking Sia whom she loved the most…it was Anupriya who attacked Sia and I failed to recognize it…nd Kabir…he did so many things…he even harmed my Sweetheart but now he is going to face the wrath of Vansh Raisinghania…

Saying this he called Angre

Angre:Angre….do one thing…tomorrow instead of the fake media, you call the real media…else everything must be the same…

Saying this he cut the call and said to himself,

Vansh:Now I will Rectify My Mistake…

It was morning time when Riddhima woke up to see that there was no one in the room…she waited for a while thinking that Vansh must be nearby but when Vansh did not show up for a while, she decided to call him up but before doing so, her eyes went on a letter and she recognized that it was written by Vansh…

The letter


I am going to give you a suprise so am going to VR Mansion now, but I hv appointed a driver who will drop you to VR Mansion….please be ready and come on time..

Your Vansh

On reading the letter, Riddhima was a little suprised that Vansh was going to give her a suprise but shrugging her thoughts, she got ready to go to VR Mansion..

So this was the first part guys…

Hope you all liked it..

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