Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-7 & 8 (Shocking-Episode)

The episode start with rocky saying if we want money easily to spend happy life, then it is important.

Shesa: Yeah! Rocky, its since 2 Years kokila is giving money to me because she thinks she is responsible for that sin she never attempted.

Rocky: I’m docter in that hospital, we fall in love in first sight, but our first wish was to spend happy life.

Sjesa: Kokila was so afraid that day. How much she beg us to not tell anyone.

Rocky: Yes,that day,FlashBack,

Shesa is in club. He sees a boy. its rocky. Rocky too sees at her. Both see in each other’s eyes. A romantic song plays in background,Oh Allah wariyaan.

Later, both confess their love in front of each other.


Rocky: Kokila thinks she has killed your parents.

Shesa smiles and says yes, but truth she never kill anyone, even not harm anyone.

Rocky: We’ve not marry each other yet because of that. Once a big lottery come in our hands, we will just escape from here.

She: Of course, Baby.

Screen shifts to shivanya’s house. Gopi comes out of rithik’s car.
Rithik: I just park car, you go, I’m coming.
Gopi: OK,
Gopi knocks door. Shivanya opens. Shivanya greets gopi. Gopi says wheel, someone so coming. why not, you….

Shivanya think, if the man is coming, who has to take cloths.
Shivanya says I just come taking it.

Rithik enters and says what you’ve to take?

Shivanya can not believe it. She is surprised.
S:Rithik, its really you.

R: Yeah!

Shivanya thinks what’s happening, I’m seeing rithik from morning. maybe he is the man who has to take cloths. my eyes are cheating me.

Rithik: Hey shivanya, I’m talking to you.

S: its you rithik.

Shivanya closes her eyes and then open.

She is lost into seeing rithik. Rithik is too lost in seeing shivanya. Song plays, Mai tainu samjhawaan ki….

Gopi breaks the silence and pinches shivanya.

Shivanya screams ouch.

Rithik come into senses.

Trio sits on sofa.

Rithik: Shivanya,I’ve a question, do you feel strange seeing me?

Shivanya: Yeah! no, who has asked you?

Rithik: Sorry. He feels embraced.

R:well, my mother has find a girl for me.

S: wow! its a great news. Do you agree for marriage.

R: No!

S: Sorry to say! but i think you should marry that girl as your mother must has seen some thing I’m her.

R: Okay! but I want a promise from you, you’ll form in my marriage, infect you’ll attend all ceremonies.

S:How can I?

G: If she is calling, then agree na!

S: Okay! I’ll,happy.

R: and gopi bhabi! sorry don’t know, why I feel you like my bhabi, well, gopi ji, you’ve to be shivanya in this all.

G: Okay! promise. but to be honest, I too want a devar like you, sweet one.

R: Thanks.

Shea: Now I’ve to leave.

Rocky: You should.

Shivanya thinks I’ve ask rithik to agree but my heart isn’t agree. why?

Rithik thinks why shivanya! why you ask me to agree? have you ever think how would I live without you. I realise my love for you.

Shivanya thinks how can I ask rithik to agree, even not knowing about girl. but her mother is seems to be good. and how can a mother betrayed child.

Shesa leaves.

Precap: Rithtik asks ahem to apologize to that woman. Ahem Agrees.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Rivanya meeting was nice.loved ritik asking her if she feels strange seeing him.ritik is so sad as shivanya asked him to marry the girl of his mom’s choice. But now shivanya too is feeling uneasy. Can’t wait for the next episode

  2. Jasminerahul

    Shesha Rocky fooling kokila for money.Why can’t they be satisfied with the money they have?after all rocky must be earning well as he is a doctor

  3. Jasminerahul

    How did they make kokila believe that she committed the crime?waiting for the flash back

    1. Shakaib

      Yes, jasmine. FB is too surprising, and On the day of Rithik shesa marriaga, it will be bride swipe.

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