Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-13

Shivanya comes in senses and thinks what I’ve done?
She thinks I love Rithik but can’t tell him. I wish he too loves me.

Screen shifts to Rithik’s room.
Rithik thinks why you ask me shivanya for agreeing for shesa. He cries.

Screens shifts to Shesa.
Shesa sees at her mehndi and is surprised and thinks How designer know about rocky.
She says to designer: It was to written Rithik’s name but why you write Rocky’s name.
D: You ask, that’s why.
Shesa is shocked.

Sometime later……

Koki asks ahem to find His name in Gopi’s hand.
Ahem says what’s that now?
K: Yeah! you’ve to dp this.
A: OK!
He starts finding his name in gopi’s hand. Ahem says I cannot find my name.
Gopi: So accept that you’re loser.
Ahem: Impossible!
Gopi: OK then find my name.
Ahem: OK!
He tries to but can not.
G: Find it otherwise I’ll not marry.
Ahem get blurred scenes, where tanu ask to find his name in her hand, otherwise he will not marry him at all.

Ahem is shocked.
Ahem thinks: What’s happening to me, why I feel weird?
Ahem looks at gopi and then finds his name.
Ahem again gets blurred scenes where tanu says now, I’ll marry you. You know, with how much difficulty I ask designer to write your name. Rishi smiles.

Ahem comes in senses and says you must gonna to be say now I’ll
marry you.
Gopi is surprised: How do you know? Are you antarnami?
Ahem thinks: What happening to me?

Kokila says Now! its rithik’s turn to find his name.

Shesa comes in veil. Rithik says why are you in veil?
Kokila tells her that its their traditions.
Rithik nods.
Rithik touches shesa’s hand and thinks why I’m felling she is shivanya not shesa.
He says Shivanya….
Someone area them and is seems to be worried.
She is revealed to be shesa.
Shesa thinks if rithik knows that she is shivanya,FlashBack,
Shesa sees shivanya going. Shesa thinks of follow her. Shivanya arrives in room. shivanya comes to room and says what destiny wants by me? After knowing, shesa is rithik’s future wife even then…. Why I ask designer to write rithik’s name on my hand. Shesa overhears. She comes to shivanya and says shivanya’ please in my place. Shivanya what?

Shesa: Actually, designer has written someone’s else name on my hand. And I dont want that rithik’s mood spoil because of me. Please. Shivanya says but my face.
Shesa: You go in veil, I will ask koki aunty.
Shivanya nods OK!
Shivanya leaves.
Later, Shesa goes to kokila and tells her that she will come to rithik in veil as its their traditions. Kokila say but…..
Shesa says I respect my tradiations.
Kokila says OK!

Rithik: Where is she?
Gopi: Don’t know! where is she?
Shivanya while in veil: Thank God, rithik do not recognize me.
Rithik finds his name. Rithik smiles.
Shivanya leaves. Shivanya comes to shesa and says I done which you ask me. Shea thanks her.

Next day….
Shesa comes in green dress. She sits. Later, gopi comes in red dress. Ahem is looking at gopi.
Rithik is sad and thinks just, today’s day is left, from tomorrow, shesa is my wife.
Shivanya thinks just today’s left, rithik will be shesa’s husband. But why I’m feeling embracing.
Both suddenly looks at each other.
Song plays, Teri meri…..

Precap: Marriage ceremony.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shesha herself asked shivanya to go near ritik bcz of the mehendi names in their had felt that it’s shivanya.that’s so nice.ahem getting flashes from the past.loved the fb of rishi tanu.when will gopi remember?

    1. Shakaib

      Next part is updated, in which go hem will know about their past. And one more shovkingtwist is too in that part14&15.

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