Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-10

The Episode starts with Kokila entering in Rithik’s room.

K: Rithik dikra, tomorrow is shesa’s mehndi.

R: Maa! what’s reason for so fast marriage?

A: Yeah maa, today rithik had just agree for marriage.

K: Beta! please try to understand.

Rithik is sad: OK maa!

Kokila gives pale smile.

Kokila leaves from there.

She enters in her room and locks door from inside.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Data Tata Tune plays.

Kokila cries and says I’m sorry Rithik, but I don’t want that you both brothers’ love for your Maa, turn into hatred.

Kokila: Because of me shesa lost her parents, and now I don’t want that because of me that’s why she has ask me to make you marry with her.

Shesa comes to rocky holding bag and hugs him.

Rocky: Its alright. What’s good news is?

Shesa: Ritik has agree for marriage and I’ve called kokila too to do mehndi’s arrangements.

Rocky: That’s great news.

Shesa: Because of you, we manage to make kokila guilty that she has killed my parents, but truth is nor kokila killed them neither they was my parents.

Special effects are shown.

They come to a room. A man and a woman are seen in coma.

Shesa: Because of you! we have manage to kelp them in coma.

Rocky: But that idea was yours. Don’t forget it too.

A fb is shown where rocky says to shesa its police case, let them handle, I call them.
Shesa: Are you mad? She seems to be rich. we can complete our dream through it.
Rocky: But how!
Shesa: We will keep those 2 others in coma and will tell the lady that they were my parents and due to you, they die when car fall from cliff.
Rocky smirks.


Both hug.

Shea: Let’s go.
Rocky: let’s come.

Its morning, Shivanya and Gopi enter In modi mansion.

Gopi thinks: Why I feel that some my own is here!

Ahem while is in room too thinks: Why I’m feeling strange! OK, leave let’s go in hall.
Kokila sees gopi and think it means I was right! she is the one who is chosen by god for my ahem. Kokila blushes in happiness.

Kokila then greets shivanya and gopi.
Ahem comes & sees gopi from back and thinks who is she?
He turns gopi back.
Saath Nibhana Saathiya fast tune plays.
Special effects are shown.

Both shouts you!

Precap: Ahem apologizes to gopi.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that kokila hasnt killed shesha’s parents. Shesha n rocky used one couple to make kokila guilty n put them in coma cruel.wonder who that couple. Are they gopi shivanyA’s parents?finally gohem met.can’t wait for their conversation. Missed rivanya.but why did kokila feel that gopi is the one for ahem?I find it mysterious

  2. Riana

    Nice episode

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