“REBIRTH” Is It The for Reason For An Unfulfilled Union Or Not? – Episode 1

Guys I know many of you might feel weird, that I have chosen Chahat Pandey instead of Mallika Singh as Radhika. But, as I mentioned in the previous part of Character Sketches, this ff got created in my mind only when I got to see the promo of Radhakrishn which was created with Chahat as Radha. Anyways, this is not a COMPLETE RADHAKRISHN tale, it is an INSPIRATIONAL love story from Radhakrishn and Malayalam movie “Chandupottu”. So, hope the guys who read this ff, enjoy it.


1995, Purushwadi Village, Maharastra:

It’s seven in the morning, Shamli gets up slowly from her bed and gazes at the soft morning sunlight and the birds chirping. She comes out of her bed covers and slowly comes towards the small balcony attached to her room. She looks at the SUN and says, “I know I am born in a village where MEN are DOMINANT over WOMEN, but shouldn’t every WOMAN get her CHOICE OF MAN in her LIFE??” Shamli is twenty-five years old and gets reminded of the various proposals from her parents and their demand and dream to get their daughter married off soon. Shamli gets tensed thinking of that, she remembers how her father, Vrishpal, had told her, that his DAUGHTER IS HIS PRIDE but if she goes against his wishes, then he will never be able to forgive HER IN HIS WHOLE LIFE. Shamli closes her eyes, takes a deep long breath and murmurs, “I know dad, I’m YOUR PRIDE and YOUR DAUGHTER will never go against your WISHES!!! But at the same time, I can never go against my own SELF-WILL too!!! And my self-conscious makes me believe that EVERY WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE HER LIFE-PARTNER!!”

2015, Dehna Village, Maharastra

Fifteen-year-old, Radhika wakes on hearing the loud buzzing of her alarm. She shuts it off and tries to cuddle back into her bedcovers, but when she closes her eyes, she constantly hears the same words which had actually made her wake up other than the alarm “EVERY WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE HER LIFE PARTNER”, she starts frowning her eyes closed and gets more and more tensed. Finally, she opens her eyes wide open and gets up with panting breath. She comes out of her bed and moves towards the mirror and gazes at her reflection thinking, “Who was that WOMAN??? Why did I feel a STRANGE CONNECT with her??? And why are her words ringing in mind in my sleep??? Strange???”

1995, Shamli’s house

Shamli gets dressed up for college, comes downstairs and greets her parents. Her mother, Kriti, exclaims seeing the extraordinary beauty of her daughter, saying, “Let me ward off all the evil sights from my daughter!!! My girl is looking SO beautiful” Shamli smiles blushingly and says, “Oh come on Ma, for every mother, HER DAUGHTER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD, Same for you” Shamli is about to make her move saying this when her mother catches her hands saying, “You know what your name means right, Shamli??” Shamli lets out a laughter and continues, “Ma, from the time I WAS BORN, you were unceasingly explaining to me that MY NAME MEANS RADHA, RADHA, RADHA and now YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT MY KRISHNA, right???” Her mother tells her in a sad tone, “Radha never UNITED with KRISHNA, Shamli!!!” Shamli’s face falls down on hearing that while Kriti continues, “They were eternal lovers, BORN FOR EACH OTHER, but NEVER TO BECOME ONE!!!” Shamli feels greatly distressed on hearing those words. Kriti noticing her face smiles and explains, “That is why I do not want a KRISHNA for my princess, SHAMLI, I want A PRINCE CHARMING who not only loves my child, but will be hers and with her all throughout her life!!!”, while saying this Kriti kisses on Shamli’s forehead who is still on a confused state and tells her to have breakfast while retiring to the kitchen. After Kriti leaves, Shamli gets thinking, “Strange Ma, you don’t want a KRISHNA in my life, while I want to FIND MY KRISHNA who will be MY ETERNAL LOVE and ALSO MINE FOREVER, and that I assure you that I will FIND HIM SOON!!!”

2015, Radhika’s house

Radhika runs downstairs in her uniform and hugs her mother who is making parathas, tightly from behind. Her mother, Kirtida, smiles joyfully on receiving the affectionate gesture from her daughter and says, “So my little doll has got dressed for school?? Go and sit at the table, I will serve hot Gobi ka parathas.” Radhika sniffs at the hot parathas and says smilingly, “Wah ma, GOBI KA PARATHAS??? Can you please pack two extra with my tiffin??” Kirtida gets surprised and asks her, “But Radhika, you hardly take one FULL completely, then why do you want two extra for your school??” when all of a sudden, Banuprakash (Radhika’s father), cries out, “BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO FEED THAT TRANSGENDER FRIEND OF HERS!!!” Both Radhika and Kritida are shocked to hear that, and turn backwards to see Banuprakash standing in front of them giving frowning looks on Radhika.


To be continued.

(Next episode to be updated on 14-02-2020, Friday)

  1. Well the story of your ff seems interesting. Actually I always wanted to see mallika aka radha to play rukmini role once,because when I saw the first promo of Radhakrisna in which chahat was seen playing the role of radha,I was really excited because I like the cast very much ,but then when the second promo came out in which mallika was seen playing the role of radha ,I was in a state of confusion because I thought chahat was the one who was finalized for the role of radha. I don’t know what happened why they change the entire cast except sumedh. When the first ep. Of Radhakrisna I wasn’t convinced with mallika’s role as radha but slowly I liked her character but I always wanted to see mallik as rukmini and chahat as radha.
    I want to thank you for creating such an interesting ff.

    1. Aleyamma

      Actually, thanks a million to you, Miss. T, because before starting this ff, I was very sure that I will face a good amount of criticisims for choosing Chahat as Radha, but here I’m really super happy to know that there is someone who is alright and also has the same likes as me.
      I’ve never watched Radhakrishn serial at all, it was just an accident that I got to see the promo which had the entire cast which I have chosen for my ff. Did you see the cs of this ff, the main characters’ cast are taken from that promo. It was from that promo that the entire story of this ff got created in my mind
      Now I am delghted that someone else too likes my choice of cast and my story, thanks a million for giving in your opinion Miss. T and please do continue to read and give in your opinions in the same way.

    2. @Aleyamma
      First of all I really want to thank you for making this ff??,and yeah I saw cs of this ff and I really appreciate your thinking of choosing chahat for the role of radha??.
      Actually I think you know Petal right.I should also thank her because she was the one who suggested me to read your fanfiction and she was right about your ff ??. Actually this is my second ff after yjhjk which I recently started reading.??.
      I like your yjhjk ff and this one also. All I have to say is that you have a great skill of writing ff and you know better than the original makers how to make a story interesting.
      Waiting for your next update and again thanks for making this ff????.

    3. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Miss.T, that was really really flaterring about me. Thank you so much. Yeah, I know Petal, she too is a new reader and I think I should thank her particularly for adding on a reader from her friends for my ffs.

    4. @Aleyamma
      It’s my honour to read your ff??.
      Oh yeah I read your latest update of yjhjk ff,and its truly amazing??.
      I have a request, Can you suggest me some of your other ff?

    5. Aleyamma

      Hey, Miss. T, thanks a lot again for those sweet and appreciative words!!! Thanks!!!
      I do have 7 different ffs on KKM, YJHJK, Beyhadh 2, KHKT, YHC, EBSS and this one. But your friend told me, that you are a great fan of MYTHOLOGY, so I reallly don’t know if any of them wll interest you, other than of course YJHJK, but if you like you can just give them a try!!! I never force anyone to read my ffs. I totally leave it to people to CHOOSE!!! So that is why I said you can give it a try.
      And the next update is rescheduled to 21-02-2020, Friday, so please do read the update on that day!!!

    6. @Aleyamma
      Thx aleyamma for your suggestion and yeah I have an interest in mythological serial?,but I do like family drama genre also(if their is no dragging and no saas bahu drama)??,
      because you know that nowadays in almost every serial lots of dragging and dragging and nothing new.
      I definitely try your ffs,because I found something new in your ff which I couldn’t found in tv serial.once again waiting for your update.

    7. Aleyamma

      Thanka Miss. T!!

    8. Your welcome??.

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