Reassemblance Of Life (Prologue) #Riansh


Riddhima smiling looks at the person in front of her on his knees. She had tears in her eyes she bent down to his levels and smiles at him. She in response hugged him tightly smiling and tears filled in her eyes.


Riddhima looked at the tickets in her hand and pouted in sadness. She looked at the man in front of her laughing at her.

“Just 4 months.”

“Don’t you dare to talk to me from now. Idiot”

“Riddhima at least listen to me”

Riddhima left from there followed by him.


Riddhima sadly came out of her room and was about to move to another room when she heard a voice.

“See who came…. Too busy”

“Don’t talk to me…I hate you”

She said snapping and glaring at him. He pushed her finger aside and rolling his eyes moved from there. Riddhima threw the vase at him and he bent down in the nick of time and turning back winked at her making her angry.


Riddhima looked at the dead body in front of her and cupped her mouth to stop her crying sounds and fell on the floor crying. Her head hits on the bed and she closed her eyes as more tears came out from them.

It wasn’t a sudden decision, I had already written few chapters of this book. So here I’ll post it, and this will have slow updates.

Hope you’ll like it….

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