the reason of me liking season 3 more than season 1 of ipkknd

OK season 1 fans no bashing after reading it. It is only my opinion. I am so disappointed so much bad reviews season 3 why only because sanaya is not there at least gul did not give false hopes of sarun she had clarified heroine will be different
The reasons I think this franchise of ipkknd is going to be better than season 1
1 advay character : meet the anti hero of television who is loved more than any other hero. Advay character is well written and barun sobti nails it like anything. The best thing is barun let his eyes speak. I love this dark character of barun more than arnav.
2 chandini : shivani tomar has been bashed and said not a good actress but do give her a time she will be proved correct and she is making me feel chandini from starting episode even though I miss sanaya and her versatile acting. Shivani matches it . Chandini character is one of the best written female character of gul. She is educated little crazy but I could relate with her. She is sensible.
3 storyline : OK fine don’t kill me season 1 was all about fairytale. But season 2 is a dark tale of love written by revenge and passion. I love stories of dark. The way story line is progressing I am more interested to see the next episode.

Chemistry is the only thing I find Little lacking compared to arshi. Characters are well written story line is good. But if given chance advni will create it’s own chemistry. Damn CVS they keep playing rabbve bgm music it reminds me of arshi. I was not having any problems with recreation of rabbve rock version but this bgm playing reminds so much of arshi. It will take time I will cope up. I think the makers should make a new music for the advni please.

The last thing I have found people having problems with advay putting fire on chandini but was not it shown in promos earlier. I excepted this scene to come in seriously. Don’t judge advay so soon there is many layers to it so is chandini . I have signed up for the show to witness a anti hero and his love story. Barun had already mentioned his character is dark so I want to see it.

Last not the least bashing shivani is not done.

  1. You cant say Chemistry is lacking..chemistry is nowhere so how can it lack

  2. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon was all about chemistry but 3 nowhere near to chemistry sorry but im quitting

  3. Nope!impossible!The only reason why ipkknd3 is getting this much hype is because of season1.You can never match sarun to barun shivani.I could barely watch the 1st 2 episodes.The costumes itself looks horrible and shivani can barely act.
    When she cries,I laugh at her.
    I don’t like advay either,it seems barun is trying to be forced to do me,barun was far better as arnav than advay.

    1. Riana

      Hey Who r u to comment on my name !

  4. Regarding chemistry -I woud rate it 0/ chemistry at all…
    Shivani had much much better chemistry with sharad malhotra.
    If they didn’t want sanaya,they should have roped in surbhi.
    Then comes the height difference.Such a huge height difference again spoils their scenes.

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    Hey…. I was about to write some thing like this but you did that job here. We are not forcing any one to watch the show.
    with love for ipkknd. # Supporting “Move on” – Barun Sobti.

  6. well i agree with all ur points
    but season 1 was also good and both shows have their reasons

  7. tania-the fairy

    I think season 1 was best.but I m not complaining about s3.we are giving a chance to shirun althrough sarun was best.
    Hoping for its best.

  8. Riana

    In my opinion…Season 1 was best but season 3 has just started we cant judge it so fast….But i like Shirun…Barun N shivani’s couple should get one chance…Sanaya fans who dont watch the show just sanaya is not there for them i would like to say to stay with there thoughts…i will also be happy if sanaya comes here…but sanaya has the right to choose a perfect project…so she didnt cose it…soo plss stop being childish n bashing on shivani…

  9. Season 3 is also interesting it is totally different than season 1

  10. Farie

    i agree this ipkknd3 getting really good..Barun acting was superb asusual..Shivani really not bad..i think the only negative point is their outfits..ipkknd is always ROCK..

    me too missing SARUN pair..but Advay Chandini pair was not that much bad

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