The Reality Epi 2

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Hello guys !
I am extremely sorry . I had a new baby sister (my own sister) on 18 th march . I was busy yesterday as she was coming home for the first time . so from now on I could not update regularly as she would be here and my mom cannot take care of her and all of the relatives who would be visiting us (she is extremely tired). So I promise u at least three updates per week. Pls support my other fan fiction bogwarts -The Hogwarts of Bollywood . u can acess it by typing it in the text box in the top right corner

Guys Abhis mom priya is alive she is not dead and she is a house maker (I got a diff idea she will add a great emotion) I cant kill her after my sister’s birth
This Epi starts with the convo between Abhi and Pragya after the interview
Abhi: it was nice meeting u Pragya
Pragya: the pleasures mine.

Abhi: By the way u looks so beautiful
Pragya: Not more than u sir…ops….abhi (corrects on seeing his glare)
Abhi: So u were talking about some institute I guess. Is u a student then?
Pragya: no abhi ………I am a intern researcher and I am currently on a research over Physics in my research institute and I am an animatronics expert there
Abhi: What a coin incidence? …I am an expert in physics
Pragya: Oh really! my research is about theory of relativity . U knows anything about that.
Abhi: Oh yes theory of relativity is a theory about relativity …..Isn’t it
Pragya: who discovered it?
Abhi: that scientist …to be particular a physicist ….

Pragya: It was discovered by Sir Albert Einstein
Abhi: Einstein was a physicist an. Any way I was right
Pragya: (laughing) yes u was. Alu would love to meet u
Abhi: Alu???
Pragya: She is like my sister and she is a big fan of urs.
Abhi: Of course I will. So can u give me Ur Address?

Pragya: Address?
Abhi: To meet Ur sister…
Pragya : So smart u are … ok 12 a grim auld plasma, down town( I really don’t know bat usa guys forgive me if it is senseless)
Abhi: Bye then

Pragya Goes to her research centre and abhi leaves to his shooting spot

Abhi: Hey purab what is the scene today
Purab: No scenes today bro

Abhi: What? …..Then why the hell the director called me here
Purab : Abhi u know at this film is about a robot so we are now leaving to the animatronics institute here as ur character would require some animatronics suites and the director needed u to come in person to give measurements.
Abhi: How long will we be there?

Purab: Probably this whole day
Abhi: why
Purab: I have no idea.
At this time the director comes and he explains everything to abhi to agree for animatronics session. All of them leave to an institute where Pragya works

At the door abhi sees Pragya
Abhi: U ….here…..
Pragya: This is my institute and I am the deputy chief animatronics expert who will assist u with the these tech gears

Abhi: But u said that u were doing some research
Pragya: Yes I do both.
Abhi: Wow a great talent yaar so about my film ………..
Pragya: I know all about Ur film. Ur director explained the script to me. All the suites are ready u have to juz tried them.
Abhi : ok then (he goes to a private room and tries all the suit with purab help he comes out and Pragya explains him how it works and do and don’ts of wearing it )


Ram and priya are in tan’s college as principal had called them
Ram: Oh what has she done this time …..?(Fidgeting with his phone)
Priya: how would I know Mr. Mehra? U always spoils her by giving lots of freedom
Ram: What did I do here priya?
Priya: u didn’t do anything Mr. Mehra. That’s why she is like this
Ram: Then what should I do?

Priya: U better don’t do anything. I will do all things by myself
Ram: Are what is this yaar. Would it always be my mistake ….like if I do anything it’s my mistake …if I don’t do anything then also it is my mistake ….THEN WHY DON’T U CLEARLY TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO
(The principal enters by this time and both sit silently in their respective places)
Principal: Mr. Mehra …. Ur daughter has beaten up two boys of our college and has also violated the campus rule for (referring the registers) the …..Three hundred and fifty fourth time in the last two years. This means that she has done all these things for literally half her time in the college. What is Ur comment on it …..?

Ram: Sir she will not do that again …Please don’t remove her from this college as
Principal: This is the (again referring to the register) Six hundred and seventy eighth time u will be saying it Mr. Mehra …….complete it we don’t keep half entries
Ram: Studies is so important to the life of a child. Its density helps the students to reflect their personality and reduces their relativity to fail in their life sir. It is extremely important to illuminate the future of everyone sir so

Principal: Don’t worry Mr. Mehra. I will not take her out as her academics part are so good but I can’t simply leave with a warning this Tim I will also have to give her some punishment
Priya: Punishment???
Principal: yes Mrs. Mehra. Ur daughter would be taking intense hockey practice from tomorrow and it is Ur duty to convince her to take it ……..if not she will be immediately expelled from our institution
Priya: But sir she does not like sports and she is a bit oboes. Wouldn’t it be difficult for him? What if we have something like extra assignments?

Principal: I am sorry Mrs. mehra . This is my order and the coach is so strict that he will make Ur daughter well disciplined…So I am leaving …take care

Purab: I am calling Tanu….come bro let’s talk to her
Abhi: Not in mood yaar (abhi is there sitting in the balcony of their room and playing with the rose flower there
Purab: Whatever …….
Purab calls Tanu through Skype but priya picks it up

Purab: Ma! Aap (you!)
Priya: Ha why ……..U were expecting Tanu na . She is sitting in the balcony where abhi is
Purab : who apni girl friend ki yaad kar raha balcony me batike (hes there sitting over the balcony and tanking of his girl friend)
Saying this he shows the scene to his mother but rotating his phone
Priya : Kaun hey who ladki ?
Purab : Bro ! ma tujse pooch rahi hai ……..bro ……ABHI
Abhi : What ? Ma asp
Priya : Han me hoon . Pehle who ladki ki bare me bol
Abhi Kaun ladki ?
Priya : Don’t act innocent bête . Purab told me everything

Abhi : No ma nothing like that . by the where is Tanu
Priya : Should I call her ?
Abhi : Han ma …. I spoke with u in the morning itself na
Priya : teeke bulathi hoon ……(goes to Tanu ) Rona band kar drama queen aura apne bahi se bathkar
Abhi : What happened baby ? Why are u crying

Tanu : Bhaiyya who….mere … school …principal……
Purab ; koi tang kiya ?
Tanu : no Bhaiyya who ……
Purab : Rona bandhakar aura bol
Tanu : Ok (wipe her tears and says the whole incident )
Abhi : Why did u beat them

Tanu : Bhaiyya who dono meri friend ko tang kar rahe te
Purab : which friend ……..Don’t lie to me ………u have no friends in ur college
Abhi : So they told this to u in a rude manner na
Tanu : Han …..Bhaiyya what would I do . Nobody is being friend with me . Everybody says that I am a boring person …I don’t know to socialize ….I don’t know to do make up ….I don’t dress well and I lose my temper and beat everybody ……..Bhaiyya then should I change myself for them ?
Abhi : No darling ……’s ok to be like this

Tanu : They also take advantage of me by asking help like on cheating exams and doing assignments in return of friendship but they don’t ever be fronds with me ……I am the only girls being alone in this college ..what should I do
Abhi : U should go to the hockey team of ur school and play there .
Tanu : No abhi I can’t …please don’t force me . I don’t like sports and I can’t eat those salads and all
Abhi : For me ……not even for me
Tanu : Anything for u Bhaiyya

Purab : For me …..
Tanu : Not for u …
Abhi : Pls don’t start ur fight now go to sleep . she has to wake up early to go for practice
Tanu : Good night
Abhi : Good night
So how was today’s epic ? Leave Ur comments down below



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