Realising my Love Episode 6

Hai friends, sry for being too ,too late . Be ready to see jealous Vansh in next episode . Nikita is just a fictional negative character .

Episode Starts ,

Vansh is too tensed about riddhima and hold police’s hand .

Vansh – Inspector please find my riddhu , pls .

He starts crying .

All the family member are tensed .

Vansh call his family , they too came .

Chanchal – That means she is dead .

Rajshri slaps her .

Rajshri – Don’t utter a word about it .

She was about to speak about her sister but stops .

Raisinghania family goes to thier houses , as Angre told them to go and rest .

Vansh goes to the store room ( vansh’s house )

Vansh is bitterly crying. Suddenly, he gets a call.

( N means Nikita and V means Vansh)

N :hi dear baby .

V : Hi . Actually. . …(breaking voice)my Sherni is missing .

N : Who baby !

Vansh : Riddhima

Nikita gets angry .

N : baby, tomorrow is our engagement . Forget that Riddhima . And pls send me some money to buy dress .

V : how dare you nikita . How dare you to talk about Riddhima , my Riddhima ?

(Vansh get back to sense and thinks what he told )

He cuts the call .


Nikita’s pov ,

See baby , or should I say my credit card . You will be mine . No , your property will be mine .

Store room ,

Vansh thinks of his moments with Riddhima .

Vansh ‘s pov ,

Riddhu is my best friend . Nikita is my would be wife ,but still Instead of her I feel close to Riddhima . Why ,. I can’t break nikita ‘s heart . I need to talk to her . but , it can’t be as she is my best friend . I have never seen her as my love . Maybe I love Riddhima . I love Riddhima ..yes ,I love Riddhima , my Sherni ( me , what a quick realisation).

But I don’t know she loves me or not .

Suddenly , Vansh remember something .

Fb ,

Last year ,

Vansh and Riddhima have gone to fair .

(V Vansh , r Riddhima , ft fortune teller)

R : Come , let’s see the future .

V: Ok , let’s go .

Ft : (sees Vansh future) You need to chose between old or new . It may affect your and others life . Be careful .

R : it’s ok . Come let’s go eat cotton candy .

(Extending it for some cute moments )

They buy it .

R is eating and V is staring at her smile .

V : their is a little bit candy on your lips.

He cleans it and they share a eyelock .

Fb ends .

Vansh : i love you riddhu ,pls come back .

Then , he sees album and remember their first meet .

Fb ,

Vansh (5 yrs)was playing in playground . He sees a dog .

Vansh : Aa dog . Help me, help.

Riddhima (5): Oye darpok , why are you afraid . It will do nothing to you .

V : Help me , them I will show you . Who is Vansh?

R : K .

The dog goes .

R : See ,chipkali .

V : Ahh where ?

He goes and hide behind riddhu .

R : o budhu , you are only chipkali . Teases him.

V : I am not afraid . I am chipkali then you are ,uh uh Sherni .

V : fiend .

R : friends .

Fb ends .

Next day ,

Vansh is sleeping in store room and wakes up .

Next day afternoon (Wednesday Vansh nikita engagement got cancelled )

All are sad about riddhu’s disappearance. On the other side , raisinghania are finding about Kabir .

Vansh goes to Sharma mansion (he just eat pan cake , thinking about riddhu )

Sharma Mansion ,

Vansh come their . They discuss about they go any news . Suddenly, police comes .

Police – The cliff is too deep . Even if we got her , she may not be survived . As 24 hrs have passed . But , we are still investigating .

All gets sad especially Vansh . Sia doesn’t know anything as it can affect her health .

Police goes .

Vansh calls nikita, but she ignores it .

A girl enters the Sharma mansion . Light goes . Only Vansh sees the girl .

Vansh – Riddhima ,Riddhima you are back . Where were you ?

Episode ends .

Precap – Is she Riddhima? Kabir,Nikita join hands .

Hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment your views .

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