realisation exoneration acceptance (Episode 10)

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Hola guys im back and really very sorry for the delay like I said I was off to Udaipur with friends………………finally having a break a tension free break almost after 5-6 months well its refreshing and ya I know I said I would be updating a little earlier but could not help it the place is soo beautiful and photography being my passion I just could not get over clicking as must as pics as I could and when I though I would pen down something friends dint allow speaking to them playing pranks and what not and Udaipur god the architecture there the old days structure with a little modern touch to it it just makes you fall for it and guys I must say it’s a good place to visit Udaipur is also known as the east of venice so you must visit the venice of india before actually visiting venice and the typical rajasthan food yumm…………………okay so now I have all my friends sleeping my bestie right next to me im literally hiding from her and typing the minute she wakes up im dead so I don’t know how long this part is going to be so lets just hope for the best and ya to all the crazy readers of REA finally here you go I hope you guys like the part

It was a bright new morning – the day of election The sun was right above the head shining brightly scattering its rays and here at the college there was a lot of hustle bustle as the election was to begin in a few minutes now the lecturers were running here and there looking after the arrangements few students were campaigning for their friends shouting slogans while few were roaming around and a few were just sitting whiling away time as their morning classes were called off and once such group was sanskar and his friends they were seated in the canteen they were speaking to each other while sanskars eyes were searching for swara he did take part in the conversation but then his concentration was on searching for swara hence he was replying only in a word or two just then his eyes fell on a couple who were seated a table away from them the boy was trying to convince the girl apologizing to her looking at that he had a smile on his lips he remembered a similar moment he had with swara he goes into those memories


It was almost been two and a half months swasan had started dating it was one fine day in the college when sanskar wanted to spend some time with swara but swara had already left with her friends since they had a test the next day and she had promised her friends to help them out with the studies this made sanskar hell angry because the same thing was happening for almost a week and he had not spent a little time with swara finally losing his patience sanskar had called swara and vented his anger on her well after disconnecting the call he himself dint understand why was he so angry well that was the time when sanskar had as well actually fallen in love with swara long long long time ago it was just that he could not understand his felling or he just did not want to well whatever the case was for him it was too confusing there a fight between his heart and his mind and finally he convinced himself telling that he was doing all this for the bet or revenge of yash to be more specific and left home on the other side was swara she felt bad not because sanskar had vented his anger on her but because he thought that she was ignoring him but that was not the matter but now she was determined to convince her love
The next day at college sanskar had just parked his car and moving towards the class when swara comes and stands in front of him sanskar was too involved in his mobile to look in front and bumped into swara he looked up from his mobile and swara in front of him standing looking at him cutely with a pout she looked too adorable to him
Swa: good morning sanskar
Sanskar stands still giving no answer or reaction to her swara looks at laksh who is beside him and asks him with signal as how high is the temperature to which laksh signals back that it is too dam high sanskar looks at both talking through signals and rolls his eyes
Swa: still angry (no reaction yet again) im sorry
Sanskar just shakes his head and walks past her while swara to walks behind him calling out for him but just then kabir comes to swara and drags her along and gets her involved in asking questions while swara being helpless at the moments just keeps clearing the doubt she looks at sanskar who is looking at her she could seeing him going red his while skin turning red she could depict that he was now really mad at her but the thing she dint know was he was going red in jealousy yup he could not see her with anyother guy besides him but……………….. finally he walks away from the class
A few minutes later the students start entering the class to attend their internals and by the sitting order sanskar was seated in front of swara then the exam began and all students were busy with their now paper but what was wrong was it was the most toughest and rugged paper they had faced till now while more than half students were just looking at their questions paper thinking what question were they even asked there were hardly ten to fifteen students who were actually writing time passed by but still the questions appeared to be some alien foreign peculiar language to them some just gave up and started leaving the class room while some tried remembering atleast something so that they could just pass and our princess being the topper had completed the paper she looked at her watch and still had about 20 minutes left in her hand she decided to check her answers once and then go on with attempting the extra questions she looked in front and saw sanskar who was struggling hard to answer the question that’s when she remembered laksh telling her that sanskar was soo angry that he had nlot even studied for the test and also the fact that he had a bandage on his hand since he had injured his palm boxing venting out his anger swara felt sorry that he was not able to write because of her she looked around and found the invigilator at the other end of the class she threw her pen down along with her paper down near sanskars bench she stood up which got the lecturers and other students attention towards her
Lec: what happen swara
Swa: sir my papers and pen fell down
Lec: okay collect them quickly
Swa: yes sir

Since swara was the topper the lecturer did not pay much attention towards her and was busy looking at the other students here swara bent down and collected all her papers she looked at sanskar while sanskar just tried avoiding her swara tried hard to get his attention towards her but all went in vain obvious our prince charming has a lot of attitude and ego problem swara signed he moved her head a little up and looked at the lecturer who was at present bust telling something to a student she loos around and find all involved in their papers she pulls sanskars papers from his desk and replaces them by her papers she stands and whispers to him and goes back to her seat
Swa:(whispers) pretend as if your writing
Swara gets back to her place while on the other side sanskar is still in shock he was thinking what just happened he was too shocked to come out of it when swara notices that and also looks at the lecturer looking at sanskar hence she kicks his leg which gets sanskar back to his sense he too looks at the lecturer and pretends to be writing on the paper where as in actual he was too lost in his thoughts thinking how the girl who never cheated in her exams though yes she use to help out people with a few answers but here she had pulled his papers itself she was actually cheating while he was deep in grossed in his thoughts here swara starts answering the questions for sanskar trying to write in his handwriting and somewhere she was successful in it she tried answering as much as answers as she could and finally their time was up when they were asked to submit their papers both swasan stood up together and started walking towards the lecturers table and in this process they exchanged their papers without being noticed and walked out of the class sanskar started walking towards the canteen as all his friend were there he was still lost in his thoughts as to why swara did that because he clearly knew that she hated cheating swara called him from back he stopped his track but dint turn he
Swa: (shouts) sanskar
Sanskar stops but does not turns swara smiles seeing that and she runs towards him and stands in front of him and looks at him when she was going to speak sanskar spoe
San: why did you do that
Swa: (confused) what
San: our papers………………class………….why was it for forgiveness but I don’t think so as much as know you you hate all this then why
Swa: because you hurt yourself because of me (she looks at him palm) and and and before you interrupt me let me tell you this is not because of some sympathy or pity or forgiveness I know sanskar even if you don’t study you will surely score marks by which you will pass so I just helped you with it its no cheating I had a look at you question paper and had seen the questions you had marked and so im sure they were the ones whose answers you knew so I just wrote them up for you as simple as that
Sanskar was surprised knowing how well swara knew him at the same tie he was very happy as well that she understands him so much as well cares for him his anger had vanished quite a must but still he wanted to see till what extent she you go for him hence remain quite
San: hmm………….thank you
Swa: (smiles) your welcome and im sorry I actually dint mean to hurt you (holds her ears) sorry (pouts)
There was a small smile which arised on sankars lips lokking at swaras cuteness but he immediately hid it he just looked at face a couple of minutes and then walks away from there while remains standing over there
Swa: (to herself after sanskar leaves) haww how mean you are sanskar maheshwari I tried apologizing so sweetly still (keeps a pout) hmm actually I too need to remember who I am dealing with the king of tantrums I should have already known that hes not going to be convinced soo easily anyways today is your day mr boyfriend but my day will as well come but now lets think something (taps her finger on her head) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …………………………….idea

Swara smiles brightly thinking about something and runs happily all the while unaware that they were a pair of eyes on her throughout yup it was obviously sanskar who was standing a little far far from her hiding listening and looking at her cute antics once she leaves he to leaves thinking what this crazy girl is going to do now
He goes to the canteen and finds his friends chit chatting while laksh was a little away from them speaking on his phone sanskar joins his friends a few minutes later laksh to joins them they were seated there speaking to eachother a few minutes later swara enters the canteen and moves towards her friends who are sitting a table away from sanskars table she looks at sankar and smiles while he just turns her head she then looks at laksh and yet again both start speaking to each other through their eyes and sign language sanskar who notices this gets a little confused at the same time a little J but he brushes off the thoughts as laksh is own brother he them looks at swalak who wink to each other which now totally puzzles confounds mystifies him as to what was going on while he was still thinking that his cell starts ringing which was on the table he picks it in his hand and looks at the caller id which said
Sanskar without even looking at the number new who would it be and yes he was right it was swara who was calling him a small smile starts playing on his lips which finally turns into a bigger one he looks at swara who looking at him with a pout and she mouths him a sorry and holds her one ear making a cute face…………………… sanskar was totally convinced now he was no more angry infact his anger was washed off in the class itself still he tried maintaining that serious face sanskar was still looking at swara while swara was too looking at him with a cute face sanskars heart was doing summer salts at the moment he was liking this these cute things she was doing for him and he wanted more hence he acted he was still angry and turned his face cutting her call swara cute face turned into a sad one but still she was happy because he did smile which means his anger was a little less now she was happy with the progress and thinks how she had changed her name in his cell

Flashback mai flaskback (hehehe )

While swara ran away happily thinking about her idea she goes to her her friends and asks them to go to the canteen she would join them in a few minutes once they had left she calls someone
Swa: hello
Person: hey ha swara tell
Swa: laksh I need a little help (yup she called laksh)
Lak: and what is that and how can I help you miss topper or bhabhi
Swara had become real good friends with laksh and uttara they had grown quite close in a very little time
Swa: first don’t call me that and ha coming to your help you must be knowing how stubborn your brother is god such a lot of ego and anger and its larger then his size
Lak:(laughs) acha ji you are complaining about my brother to me itself and what if I tell him all this
Swa: acha so you are blackmailing me
Lak:(proudly) yes I amwhat will you do
Swa: hmm how about me telling sanskar that you are the person who broke his zenith (it’s a watch brand my bro has one he would seriously kill me if I do anything to his watch)
Lak: (gulps I fear thinking about sanskars reaction) haww swara you are blackmailing me
Swa: any doubt…………….well its called tit for tat
Lak: acha ji tit for tat if at all dear boyfriend finds out about it the next minute I would be in the hospital fighting for my life you very well know how much he loves that dam watch of his and im not ready to die or fight for my death and life so please will you do the favor of telling me what help do you want from me so I’ll be save
Swa: (dramatically) well yes yes why not (smiles) so the plan is very simple I guess by now sanskar is in the canteen you need to do nothing but just get his call to me im waiting near the blocks
La: his cell have you lost it you now he never allows me to touch it then how the hell am I suppose to get it to you
Swa: wells that’s not my concern so laksh become lucky now and get me call his cell now quickly
Lak: but are you going to do with it
Swa: I’ll tell you first you get it na
Lak: okay fine (dramatically) I’ll play on my life and get it for you
Swa: (smiles) oay im waiting bye
Lak: bye
Laksh goes and joins his friends and looks at sanskar who is busy doing something in his cell he somehow diverts sanskars mind and takes his cell and leaves the canteen giving an excuse he goes to swara and gives her the cell while she changes her name and gives it back to laksh and he goes back and joins his gang and few minutes later swara comes and rest we know
So flashback mai flashback ends

Here every student in the canteen was busy they were in their now world speaking to their friends sanskar was too involved speaking to his friends that’s when all a melodious tune the tune of guitar……………….sanskar along with many students turned and found swara playing her guitar and the next moment they hear the most mellifluous dulcet euphonious voice ever which was as sweet as honey yup it swara who had started singing and that moment everyone single soul in the canteen was lost in her voice they stopped doing whatever they were doing and they did was to listen to her voice
Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon
Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Swara looks up and looks at sanskar who is already looking at her she gives him her million dollar smile and locks her eyes with his they both could see the depth of eachothers eyes she continues singing still not leaving his eyes
Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke
Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar
Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sarphire
Haathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhein mere
Meri hasi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya beqadar
Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

The minute swara ends her song all start shouting cheering for her which jerks her back to the real world swasan break their eyelock swara looks around and smiles and yet again looks at sanskar while sanskar had turned his gaze already but the next minute he back to swara who was looking at him with a lot of hope in her eyes swara was a girl who preferred rock song but this time just for him she sang a soft smoothing song just to convey to him that he too means as much to him as she is to him…………………where as sanskar had never so special till date he knew that it not her fault but she was trying every possible way to make up to him so that he would be happy no one had done so much to him but this girl was going he though she just started singing the song in front on everyone he knew that she was singing it only for him which made his heart flatter now he was becoming selfish he wanted more and more of her attention and hence he decided to wait for a few more minutes to see what else she could do for him before he tells her that he no more angry on her he was just teasing her and he was ready to bear whatever punishment she would give him without a complain………….swara by now looking at him lost in his thoughts knew that he was no longer angry on her she did the last and the most special thing she had planned for him
She picks her cell and types something onto it and sends it here sanskar who was sitting with his friends receives a message the screen flashes with
A message from “I’M SORRY PLZZ FORGIVE ME”
Sanskar smiles looking at the screen and looks at swara who is busy speaking speaking to her friends or to be more precise pretending to be busy with her friends he shakes his head and opens the message swara looks at sanskar from the corner of her eyes
I’m sorry love I know I have let you down and made a big blunder but trust me you do matter the most to me I know I have made a mistake that I made you feel that you are not important to me but please forgive me else im dead sure to go crazy and next time you would want to meet me would be at an asylum and that I don’t want because I am already crazy enough…………………….crazy for you
Sanskar looks up and loos at swara and the next minute his cell beeps again indicating the arrival of another message…….opening it he reads it
I love
the way you make me feel safe just by intertwining your fingers with mine

I love
the way you set your hair and each time I spoil it and I know you do get irritated with it yet you set them back again and let me spoil them again though you spoil them……………the way you let me play with those black glossy lustrous barnet (hairs)of yours
sanskar smiles reading the message and think about the incident
yet again flashback mai flashback
it was a fine day after college swasan were seated in the terrace after college speaking to each other spending some time with each other the weather was quite cold the cold winds were in the atmosphere and one such one blew which messed up sanskar hair and he was setting them back and once he is done he looks at swara would looking at him deeply
san: what
swa: (smiles) nothing
san: no there is something so will do the honor of telling me what is going on in the little devil brain of yours
swa: haw sanskar (playfully hits him on his arms) you called me a devil
san: no I dint
swa: liar…………….you did just now
san: my cute pumpkin I said your brain is devil not you (well pumpkin because sanskar loved keeping names for swara and he tries calling her with as much as cute and adorable names possible)
swa: and what difference does that make
san: alot
swa: acha (smiles evilly or should say naughtily)
san: (looks at her smiling and understand that there is something major coming his way and he better save himself) I don’t like that smile of your pumpkin whats going on
swa: this
swara jumps towards sanskar and messes up his entire hairs threading her hands in them and pulling them here and there while sanskar was totally shocked once she is done she moves back and smirks at him
swa:(pulling sanskars cheeks) aww how cute you look
san: (rolling his eyes) pumpkin
swara looks at him with her big eyes making them even more bigger and give a innocent face sanskar shakes his head and sets his hair back and swara repeats messing them up again well they continue the same for a little more time then finally when he was setting his hair back she hits him on his hands and stands in front of him and sets them properly and them
swa: hmm now that’s like my handsome
san: acha really
swa: hmm
and she runs from there while sanskar follows her running behind her chasing her
fb main fb ends
sanskar is still smiling when he receives another message
I love
The crazy and funny sounds you make when your mouth is full of food but you still not stop and speak in the cute funny voice of yours

I love
When you get shy on some random things that look of your is………………….well it is un describable all I can say is it make me fall even more for you

I love
When you embrace me it makes me feel so protected and your pleasant scent well that just drives me nuts
Sanskar right now has the most biggest smile with a slight blush on his face
I love
Your voice when you watch the match along with me……………… sounds too damm ………………..well another undecribable world – wont you watch it with me today
Fb main fb again 
Its was almost one and a half month that swasan had started dating and by the time swara had formed a real strong and a beautiful relation with laksh and uttara along with sanskar the trio had become very close to swara its was time for FIFA yup the matches were going on unlike all girls who dint like or should say swara was among those few girls who loved watching soccer both swasan supported argentina in the matches and today was the match between argentina and Portugal swasan along with a few friends of sanskar and swara had decided to watch the match together and as plaaned right after college they had left to a friends house to watch the match together swara was the only girl to watch the match where as all the other girls had their own plans chit chatting here the boys were discussing or to be more precise arguing as to which team would win that when all turn ed towards swara asking which team she would support they were shocked confused looking at swara who was hugging the cushion in her lap tightly looking at the television screen they tried calling her again and again but she gave them no reaction that’s when all turned towards the television set and saw what swara was looking at it was the anchor taking an interview of CRISTINO RONALDO they turned back to look at swara who had a ravishing beautiful wide smile playing on her lips all the boys then turned their head towards sanskar who was looking at swara and the tv to and for with anger or jealousy lash evil mind had and idea which immediately popped up and he soo wanted to execute it right then and hence he moved and sat next to swara
Lak: swara
No reaction
Lak: swara
Yet again no reaction our princess was too lost in ronaldo
Lak: (jerks swara)(shouts) swara
Swa: (shocked,confused) what……………why the hell are you shouting laksh you are sitting right beside me you could softly I would have responded why do you want me to go deaf
Lak: (giving an unbelievable look) seriously I have calling you from so long but you are the one who gave no reaction and ha sfter all why would you give after all you toh were lost somewhere or should I say someone ha (indicating towards the tv)
Swa: (a slight blush starts appearing on swaras face) nothing like that
Lak: omg look someone is blushing
Sanskar looks at swara whose cheeks have heated up a little making them go pink and that was enough for him to go all mad in his jealousy
Lak: so madam whats the reason of the blush
Swa: (trying to hide her blush) its nothing like that laksh you monkey
Lak: im monkey then what are you………….you you
Swara shouts making all shock and confused
Swa: shut up you monkey the match is to start so you better keep quite
Rahul: oh yes but we wanted to ask which team are you supporting today
San: (jealous) ofcourse argentina after all she too likes that team
swa: no sanskar this time my support is for Portugal after all my ronaldo is in that team
sanskar by now was dam too jealous listening to my ronaldo but he just kept quite and sat next to swara every time ronaldo would make a goal swara would shout out load jump and do all crazy antics which was turning sanskar even more red while laksh was enjoying his brothers jealousy it was halftime and hence laksh decided to add more fuel to sanskars jealousy
lak: so swara tell me the truth don’t you love ronaldo
swa: well to be honest yes ronaldo is my first ever crush just look at him he is soo hot (slightly blushes)
well this came as a shock to both sanlak they knew that swara never liked any guy in the college no matter how good looking he was and here she was literally going gaga over ronaldo and for that matter this was igniting sanskar jealousy even more and finally when the match came to an end ronaldo had scored the most goals and the team had won and swara was going all crazy liking girl totally in love well yes our sanskar jealous reached its peak and they both did have an argument on it and what was the matter of argument well obviously ronaldo and ever since he had been a very touchy matter between the duo where swara could not hear a word against her crush sanskar had started disliking him due to the reason that swara adored ronaldo more than him and this matter could easily ignite jealousy in sanskar which would lead to their fight
fb main fb ends

continuing the message
well if I go on there is a long list of the things I love about you and I guess it would take me half my life to complete it so please my LOVE forgive me im soory  and ya give me that smile of your that lights up my entire day your sunshine (another name of swara given my sanskar) need it……………and
By now sanskar was on seventh heaven literally the most happiest guy on earth looking at the cute and the sweet ways swara was trying to make up to him he immediately texts her back that he was no longer angry and wanted to meet her asap both make excuses and move out of the canteen
Flashback ends
Sanskar was still lost in his thoughts when he was jerked back to reality by laksh who asked him to come along as the elections had started while here at the college elections were going on swara was no where to be seen
On the other side there was an old factory where and person was tied to the chair and he was shouting
Person: (shouts) hey who the hell are you people why did you bring me here you don’t know who I am and what I can do just leave me else the consequence wont be good you will regret
While a little away from him two guys were seated speaking to each other waiting for someone to come right then the door open giving the old dark factory a little light the person who was wearing a blue demins jeans with a black pullover and had the hoodie on which covered the persons face walks in the person goes towards the other two guys who were seated and speaks to them
Per who walked in: is everything ready
Guy 1: yes ‘THEA’ all done
Thea: hmm did he speak up anything
Guy 1: no hes not ready for it accept for shouting and you asked as not to toucher him
Guy 2: and I don’t understand why
Thea: you’ll understand soonas lets move
The duo nod and thea along with the two guys move towards where the guy is kept no sooner so the trio enter that the guy tied to the chair starts shouting
Guy tied to the chair: you bustards how dare you tie me up do you know who I am I’ll destroy you all just let me free and then see
Thea: bla bla bla done shouting now listen to me carefully there is no use of it you know why because no one is going gto hear you out here so your just wasting your energy I would say it would be better if you save it for latter you see its going to be really very useful and you can trust me on that
Guy: who the hell are you and why have you brought me here
Thea: I just told you no one is going to answer you questions here your just wasting your energy (to the two guys) don’t you guys think he speaks a bit too much god my head has already stared paining
Guy: you blo*dy b*t*h ho……………..
Guy 2:(holds the guys hairs) don’t you dare raise you voice it wont be good
Thea: chill AR his reaction is quite normal after all when the fish is out of water this is exactly what happens so back off
Guy 2 leaves the guy and comes back and stands beside thea while thea moves forward and stands in front of the guy and bends to his level
Thea: hmm so I gotta know that you haven’t answered any of their question well lets let it be im not going to waste my energy repeating the same questions so I’ll ask somethings else so now are you going to tell me the reasons for the phone calls and the mystery behind it or you choose to stay mum on this as well
Guy: I do not know what you are speaking about
Thea: oh so let me remind you mr vatsal dobra the phone call last night to arjun what was that for
The guy looks on confused
Thea: comeon im not asking you your hide out or the members of you gang im asking a real small question which im sure would dpo no harm im sure you can tell me about it……………..will you
Vat: who are you and how do you know about arjun
Thea: tah tah tah your are repeating the same mistake I said no one is going to answer you instead you need to answer our questions right or right I guess im right soo your choice
Vat: I did no phone call
Thea: bad I have liars you know well looks like you are of no use to me so why not finish your game what say
Vat: no you cant do that
Thea: bad thing I can and I will
Vat:(laughs) you kill me then you get no information so im 1000% sure you would do no mistake as of such and im not scared of your stupid threads
Thea: you wish but you know what vatsal you have very little time in your hand and what did you say mistake 1000% sure and all huh then mr get one thing clear when I can fing you in less than 5 hours and get you under my captive with all you dam security than I guess you very well know what all I could do so do not challenge me it wouldn’t be good and trust me on that
Vatsal gulfs in fear now thinking what if something happens to him
Thea: aww scared……………..poor you okay so lets go one thing one fair game (pointing towards the two guys) these guys and me choose one and fight with them and if you win your all free to go else your count down begin so shall we
Vat: okay
Thea: good so who do you choose
Vat: you
Thea: me are you sure
Vat: why scared that you will lose (laughs) that’s what you girls should do get scared and hide
Thea: aww is it fine so its me them (to guy 1) release his ropes
The guy nods and releases the ropes
Vat: they both should not interfere
Thea: sure (trio smrik) so shall we begin
Vatsal nods and moves towards thea and tries punching her while thea bends a little preventing it vatsal smiles thinking he would easily win he moves forward to punch once again when thea blocks the attack with her right arm pushes forward with her legs and strikes her left fist ti his throat which chokes vatsal he backsoff moves back to catch air and in order to regain his composure he could taste blood in his mouth he looks at thea standing slightly bouncing on her toes
Thea: what happen come one mave forward is this all the strength you have
Vastal all of a sudden charges forward and grabs theas sweatshirt and tries removing her hoodie and before he could do anything thea moves forward and bends a little ramming her hip into his midsection grabs over his shoulder with her one hand and the other around his back and traps his leg in between hers and kicks into his standing knee breaking it backwards she immediately releases her hands and whips around and raises his leg by getting under hers and the next minute vatsal was on the floor breathing heavily
Thea: haww paining you don’t you give up (turns around)(to the guys) I dint know that the guy left hand of mafia king was so week
Vatsal all of a sudden stands up turns thea and gives a tight punch into her face due to which she moves backwards her hoodie comes out and her hair falls on her face covering it vastal charges towards her while thea immediately covers her face yet again with the hooddie vastal tries punching once again when thea blocks his attack with her one hand and responds with a fist straight into his chest following with other fist again and again she starts moving punching bobbing and blocking the attacks when ever vatsal was trying to finally she pins him up to the wall with one last punch
Thea: you shouldn’t have cheated I said I hate cheaters
She moves a little back and grabs his shirts colar jerks him a little and lands a hard fist at the side of his chin which wrenches vastals head sideways shutting off his brain by pinching the spinal cord in the neck his entire strength comes down to null and he falls down immediately with no more strength left in him
Vat: (slow and painfully) who are you why are you doing this to me
Thea looks at him and pulls off her hoodie her hairs fall off a little cover her face she moves them revealing her face
Vas: SWARA (yup it is obviously swara I guess you people might have already guessed)
Swa: wrong im thea ‘THEA ASHER’
Vat: thea asher………………….asher
Swa: yes asher remember
Vat: no this is not possible asher is dead then who are you how do you know him
Swara looks at him with rage in her eyes she wipes the blood from the corner of her lips which is bleeding because of vatsals punch and also her hand was bleeding due to the last punch she gave vatsal
Vat: you can do nothing swara nothing you to will die the same way asher died same way
Swa: (full rage) you blo*dy
She moves forward towards vatsal when one of the guy holds her and pulls her back swara tries jerking his hand
Swa: leave me ABHAY I’ll kill right here
Abhay: no thea that’s not you work they have already arrived
Swara composes herself and pulls up her hoodie again covering her face
Swa: ansh (the other guy) go get them you both as well cover your faces
Both nod and cover their faces with a cloth while ansh moves and gets a few people inside a few men women girls boys of different age group and stand a little feets away from vatsal swara moves forward along with abhay towards vatsal while ansh stands there with those people swabhay bend down abhap holds vatsals hairs aand pulls him up a little
Swa: look at those people (vatsal looks) do you know who they are (vatsal nods in a no) they are the same people whose daughter you have molested raped them and killed them they are the family of those girl and also the new how very lucky enough to get saved but even after getting safe it dint help them infact it became more difficult for them to leave in this world
Vastal looks at the people and tries recalling them and once he does he looks at swara and abhay
Swa: you know the reason I dint kill you was because these people have a more right on it (vatsal gulps in fear) I told ya win and get saved but you lost and your countdown had already begun so now time to say bye to the world good bye vatsal dobra
Swara stands and walks off from there while ansh to points at vatsal he along with abhay walks out of the factory leaving the people alone with vatsal the trio stand otside and would hear vatsals screams
Swa: he was of no use check his cell his laptop and the documents that we got from his house try seeing if we could get any extra information then we know well one thing is clear they dint know im thea and arjun connection the phone call was only to sabotage the project (remember the meeting swara had held after being revealed as SAB) so as to clear their way inform sir about the happening and yes made vatsals death an accident
Abhay and ansh nod
Swa: (shaking her head) time for me to become swara from thea you I’ll see you people soon gotta leave for the college keep me updated with any possible revelation bye
Ansh: but maam your hand its bleeding
Swa: (looks at her hand) oh not a big deal dude (takes a handkerchief from her pocket and wraps it around her hand) the moron………..aahhh (to herself) cool down swara……………and ansh I have clearly told you eother call me SB or thea on maam
Ansh: hmm but atleast let me bandage your hand
Swa: thats alright I’ll get it done you guys get back to work
Both nod and swara leaves towards her car she gets in drives off from there and once she is out abhansh as well leave to complete their assigned work
Back at college the election were already over and now the students were getting assembled at the audi for the results soon after the dean princi and the new board members enter the audi and there is complete silence now in the hall
Dean: I would want all the four candidates to come up jai siddhart swara and vijay
The three guys get on to the stage while everyone is waiting for swara to come
Dean: swara where are you come up dais fast
Everyone look here and there to see where swara was right then the audi’s door opens and swara enters all eyes her towards swara pulls her sweatshirts sleeve and covers her hand in order to hide the blood filled fogle from every1s eyes she looks around to see eyery1s eyes on her she shakes her head and runs towards the dais and gets onto the platform once she is there she looks at dean how is looking at her dubiously she makes an innocent face and mouths a sorry while dean just nods and in front
Dean: so we all know why we have been gathered over here and that is for the announcement the new president and the vice president of the college so they has been a very clear cut win for the post of the president where as for the vice presidents there was difference only a few votes so now the new vice president of the college is mr siddhart mehra (all students clap) step forward siddhart
Siddhart smiles and moves forward one of the board member moves forward and pins a badge onto his shirt an congratulates him siddhart smiles and gets back to his place
Dean: and now the new president of the college is miss swara bose
There a huge sound of claps in the audi swara smiles and moves forward another board member moves forward and pins another badge on to swaras sweatshirt and congratulates her while she smiles at him while here in the crowd sanskar is smiling the most all are still clapping he looks at his love and feels immense happiness it could clearly be seen in his eyes that he how proud he was of his love today his eyes were sparkling with a glee of elation jollity and euphoria
Dean: okay so now you guys can get back to you classes you will be having the last two hour (all students frown) I know but you have to attend the classes and yes tonight your seniors have kept a small party for all you students mainly to welcome our new president and vice president so you guys can enjoy then and veer (final year student who was the president) will give you a few instructions so silent to them carefully
Veer: hey guys first of congratulations swara and siddhart you both totally deserve the post and now coming to the party guys this will me the last party we would be hosting as its already time for our internships to begin so as this is last party by us so we want all of you attend it its going to start at sharp 8 and regarding the dress code you can wear anything you like but it would be good if you guys come dressed in westerns this for the girls so see you people at eight lets rock it and ya ya the location is our college only (he leaves the dais)
Dean: okay so now you have a reason to enjoy but for now get back to your classes and swara and siddhart I want both of you in my office I need to speak to you people
Both nod all the students leave here the classes were going on where as on the other side swara siddhart princi and dean were discussing something very seriously (what is it well that’s a mystery)
Its was the last hour when swara entered the class
Swa: may I get in sir
Lec: get in swara
Swa: thank you (walks in)
Lec: congratulations swara
Swa: thank you sir
The lecturer nodes and swara goes and sits beside on of her friend
Lec: okay I know you all are too excited for the party and the party and even if I take the class I know its going to be of no use as none of you are interested so I will drop the class and let you guys go (all start shouting hooting) silence but before you people leave I would want to tell you about the project you all need to complete and submit well its going to be a team project each team will have 6 members in them and about 5 topics will be given to each team you people will have to research on them get as much as information you can make files on them prepare a presentation some demonstrations and anything else in additional if you want so you all will be submitting this after 3 months so utilize the time you have when you are free in college and after college and make sure you do your best because this is directly going to effect during your last year when you have your interviews for intership as well they will have a direct affect on your last semesters externals marks…… I hope I have made myself clear if any doubts you can ask me
One girl in the class: sir who will make the pairs
Lec: I’ll be announcing them now
On guy in the class: what if we are not able to complete the project
Lec: you might not get internship or might not get it in your desired hospital and it would directly affect your last semester any more doubts
All nod in a no
Lec: okay so lets begin with forming the teams I know if I announce the teams you call it cheating partiality and what not so I have a bowl here (indicates towards the table) all you names have been written in them so I’ll pick one chit so that student will come and pick the next cheat and the next student will pick a cheat so till a team become of six members then again I’ll pick a chit and the process will continue am I clear
Stu: yes sir
Lec: so lets begin (picks a chit) hmm kabir come pick the chit
Kabir moves forward and picks a chit and then that person comes and pick another chit and so on it continues there have been a few teams which have been formed till now the lecturer picks another chit
Lec: ishan come
Ish:(comes forward and picks a chit) rahul
Rah:(picks a chit) veer
Vee:(picks a chit) laksh
Lak:(picks a chit opens and smiles seeing the name) sanskar
San:(moves forward and smiles at laksh and picks a chit and bigger smile appears on his lips)(well yes its obvio) swara
Swara moves forward and stands with her team
Lec: well I must say a lucky team indeed write your names in the register and leave
They nod and get done with it and move towards their places and then a few more teams are formed finally all students are groped in the team
Lec: okay so you all know your teams so tomorrow I will give you guys your topics so you all can start going the project okay (all nod) now you all sit with you teams and discuss how you would do the project
All students change their places swara moves towards where sanlak and rahul are sitting rahul seeing swara come immediately leaves his seat next to sanskar and sits beside laksh while swara comes and takes her place beside sanskar so this is how they all were seated ishan veer swara sanskar laksh and finally rahul all the while laksh and rahul were speaking to each other something through their hands which kinda irks swara because she knew that she was the discussion topic here
Swa: if you guys are done can we discuss about the project
All nod at her swara takes out a not pad from her bag and a pen
Swa: so basically we have 5 topics and just three months
swara tries writing something on her notepad when her hand which is wrapped with the fogle (handkerchief) which is stained with blood gets revealed sanskar seeing that immediately dreads and hold her hands and starts speaking showing his panic and concern
san:(holding swaras hand)(panic) what happen how did you get hurt oh god its bleeding so much your entire kerchief has turned red with you blood (angry) cant you take care of yourself you stupid see how much it is hurt you have always been so careless I have told you time and again to take care of yourself but why would you listen to me right you’ll do whatever you want to do idiot (looks at swara with anger) and why did you leave it like this why dint you get it bandaged huh and now why aren’t you speaking other times toh you speak so much
all look on shocked
swa: done (pulls her hand back from his grip to which sanskar frowns) only when you stop speaking and allow others to speak they might speak and coming to this (shows her hand) its just a little wound will heal fast you need not worry so can be ghet back to where we were
san:(strongly) no first let me clean you wound only then
swa: listen just don’t waste time I said its nothing and you need not worry about it mr maheshw (interrupted)
san: shut up and sit quietly otherwise trust me there would me no one worst than me (to rahul) get me the first aid box from the table
rahul gets it sanskar pulls swaras hand while swara tries pulling it back but sanskar holds it firmly and gives swara a dead glare while she too stared at him with equal anger sanskar slowly opens her kerchief and removes it to see a deep cut in her palm also her knuckles hurt badly (remember she punched vatsal the force was such that her own nails pierced her skin and her knuckles got hurt due to the hard punch)
san:(giving swara an angry look) how do you always manage to get hurt soo badly huh how did this happen
swara gives no answer to sanskar and tries to withdraw her hand again when sanskar hold it tightly and shakes his head knowing how stubborn she is and he knew she would answer none of his questions so it was a waste to ask her anything
san: lucky hold her hand I’ll do the first aid
laksh nodes shifts to sanskars seat move a little forward and holds swaras hand while swara tries to withdraw it again when he hold it firmly knowing swara he knew how stubborn mulish and obdurate swara is after all he had became really close to her in these few months while sanskar bends down on his knees holds her wrist while swara still tries to struggle and wiggle out of their grip both both sanlak had a firm grip on her hand sanskar dips the cotton ball in a disinfectant and begins cleaning her wound and simultaneously starts blowing air through his mouth onto her palm to reduce her pain and the burning sensation as he continues cleansing her wounds he looks up to see swara who is sitting still now looking at her notepad she does not flinch back even once in pain or fear he then bandages her wound and nods laksh who lets go of her hand while sanskar too leaves her hand and swara immediately take her hand back
swa: if you are done can we continue with the project (sanskar nods) so like I was saying three months and 5 topics in these 3 months we will be leaving 5 days to week just so as to check onto our projects so that means we need to complete our projects before the end of three months (starts writing in her notepad) now on each topic we need to make the case file with ppts slide shows demonstration and I think along with them if possible an artifact structure of them to help us understand more with the instruments as well so as of now we could keep it to this later we can see if we would want to include anything else (looks at the guys) so tomorrow as soon as we get the topic we will not divide them instead we will divide them on the bases of how difficult it is to find information about the specific topics so we would divide them of days so we all will be working on the same topic but different sub topics under them trying getting as much as information possible go on net refers books or whatever possible and note down or save whatever info you find and then we all would meet and tell the others what info we got using which we’ll start with the files ppts and slide shows first then we can go to demos is that alright with you guys
all the guys look at swara being completely blown bombshelled and stunned at the moment looking how only in few minutes she has planned up every dam thing leaving no scope of any error
lak:(whispers to sankar) sanky no wonder she is SAB the best business women god how does she even plan all this that too in minutes I would not be able to run my brains soo much even if I think for hours
san:(smiles and whispers back to laksh) that is why she is my sunshine my love
swara looks at all the guys and sees them looking her like she is an alien
swa:(taps the desk all jerk and look at her) what where the hell are you people lost (all nod in a no) so do you people have any doubts
veer: nah no doubts but just a question where would we people do the project I mean in college I don’t think its possible we have classes so and I don’t think lunch time is sufficient enough
swa: I know its not sufficient enough but we would discuss even during the recess so lets finalize a particular place in college where we can meet and discuss also during the free hour and also we can stay back after college or go to some1s house we whatever that is we’ll see that tomorrow alright
all: okay
lec: okay guys I guess you people have planned something atleast so now you all can leave you discuss the rest tomorrow leave now
all students nod and start moving out of the class some tired some happy some excited some for now atleast the tiring day comes to a little halt
okay guys so im stopping here well I hope it is long enough and if not then im sorry I cannot type anymore its already dawn and im dam sleepy seriously gotta sleep else today for sure instead of visiting the places I would be sleeping which I don’t want because these are the my last two days here then back to Bangalore and get busy with college and stuff so now on huge fan request I have updated the next part so now I also want a good response
so now coming to the part you all wanted a few swasan moments in the story but due to the present track it wasn’t possible so I gave some flashback and few scenes I hope for now you guys would be okay with it FIFA craziness well I have that I go mad during the matches especially when ronaldo plays hmm so we saw a new shade of swara today as THEA ASHER why thea who exactly is thea well well you need to wait for that to reveal vatsal said swara too would die just like asher who is asher how is he connected to swara what relation do they share how do they know eachother is asher actually dead ummm I don’t know wow we saw swara fighting dam she is too good (well I believe every girl should know how do protect herself I myself am trained in it so) hmm so whem swara could easily fight with vastal them kavita and ragini where no where a competition to her then why did she let them harm her why dint she reply back guess guess I have even given swalaks bonding here hope you guys like it wanted to give the bonding between swara and uttara as well but could not and last but not the least there is a party at the college do you think it would go on smooth or even there some problem will arise well I did want to write a little about the part as well but I couldn’t reason being im too tired typing and im sleepy so now lets wait and see what happens at the part
okay guys now the last thing well many of you asked me for my name in twitter insta facebook wattpad and I don’t know what else so let me tell you guys I am not on twitter or insta or wattpad well yes I have read a few stories on wattpad buts that’s through my friends id and yes I am on facebook but I must say I am the most anti social person I come online like once in 2 or 3 months or sometime I do not come online at all so no use getting my id well I am a person who likes moving out roaming around when I get free time so not not social networking sites you asked how to contact me well let me be honest people can contact me only through calling or watsapp and yes you can send messages on telly updates I would see that and I don’t remember your name but you asked if you could ask me any question regarding my life well yes you can I have no prob answering them its all cool dude and about the next part lets see my college is opening I need to concentrate so whenever I get time I guess I would try writing so lets just hope for the best so gor now see ya later guys take care

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