ReAl WoRlD oF dREAmED GirL (New) Part 1

The princess diary

Part I…

I (Yashvi) walking in garden (near by my house), where I saw a lamp pot (like aladin ka chirag type) near about a dustbin. I thought to pick up but its dirty.

My mum call me and I gone.

I remember at night about the lamp pot, I imaging many stories, and sleep with that imagination.

Next day, I gone office at ten, I wake up at eight, all regular work done and I go to my office, at break time of tea, my eyes go and stop at flower pot, and I suddenly think about the pot which I saw in garden.

I back from office, before going in home I again though about the pot I want to go there but its too late to go, so I thought maybe someone take it off or I go next day.

Another Next days, I arrived late, about 4-5 days I come late from office.

One day, a fire catch my office floor, because of below my office a restaurant is there..opps my office is at floor of 4th. the first occupied by parking, 2nd for banks and 3rd for restaurant, and we are at 4th, due to fire my all collogue gone to home early, I at home holding with a cup of tea, I think… now I should  go and check out the pot.

I gone the same place, but I did not see the pot. I thought that someone is taking off from here, or it would be miss place, I search near by the dustbin, but I didn’t see. I come home with lots of questions comes in my mind.. What could be if I take it on first day.. What the pot inside this..Lot of que. Coming in mind.

Another day I go to garden I see the same lamp pot or that lamp pot which I saw before.

I said to my self oh my my the same lamp pot..i bless my self.. I am happy to see again this…

Before putting up I thought again may be it contain good wishes like jin (as movie shows )..may be it contain negative bla bla…

I think what is… my first thought comes as good but when I put it up my mind flow at second thought that is negative point so the lamp pot convert their nature with full of negative thoughts.

It started our self and tell what to be negative…even worst and worst.

I throw it and left.

There is a party at my neighbor… I had a drink and I saw the same lamp pot the window near by.. i asked who is taken aunt said it took (her son) from the garden.

Even after that he become so genius..i asked his son what you thought when you brought it up

He said my thought running as I have to become genius..when I took up he stared telling me how to become a genius ..and look that we won the lottery.

At night she think how is it possible when I took up why it starting negative thought and when my neighbor took he become genius.

Please tell about it.

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