THE REAL SOULMATES (sukor) Episode 4

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Thnx a lot guys for ur support nd encouragement
So here’s d nxt one

Suraj goes back to d car as he gets Shikhu call dt d car is repaired bt he is still thinking abt dt girl hu he crashed into nd chakor rushes back home and all along d way she was cursing dt guy hu she bumped into as bcoz of him she hd a lost a lot of tym and hd bcm late

SCENE 2:Haveli
Ranj:wt happend Chakor hw did u bcm so late
Chakor :actually maa i bumped into an ill mannered man bcoz of which all my veggies fell down nd dts y i bcame late i m really sry
Ranjana :aree its k beta u go n see outside if ramu kaka hs watered d plants properly nd also pick some flowers for d puja
Chakor :sure maa
On d other hand Suraj’s car hd jst entered d haveli he ws still dreaming abt dt girl nd he entered d haveli as tejasvini ws busy talking to Shikhu abt sm work he hd to do on entering d haveli Suraj gt all d flashbacks of him nd vivaan playing teasing each other running behind each other and eating frm d same plate d delicious food dt his chachi used to prepare 4 both of dem he was very sad realising dt he wud never be able to do dt all again his brother hd left him forever at dt moment sum1 bumped into him again
Suraj:ouchh again *i think so today is the day of bumping into ppl*
Chakor:shitttttt again

Both of them were rubbing der heads dts wen dey saw each other
Suraj:uuuuuu(with surprise nd happiness?)
Chakor:uuuuuu(with shock nd anger?)wt r doin here ohhhhh so u r following me hw dare u do u even noe hu i m don’t u hv any shame following a girl like dis to her home hv u lr parents nt taught u anything
Suraj ws listening quitely till dt tym bt he couldn’t listen any1 raising a finger on his character r upbringing
Suraj :oh madam cnt u see n walk nd y r u always in a hurry do u hv to catch some train
Chakor wntd to say something bt
Suraj :wait!!! Let me finish wt do u think ur some husn ki pari r something like dt(though he did feel she ws?)i did nt cm here following u i hv cm to my house kk i shud ask u wt r doin at my house
Chakor :wt ur house!!!!!!!!! Dis is my house
Nw both were totally confused wt ws goin on…..

Precap :Ranj comes to Suraj nd hugs him nd chakor looks on…

Hope u guys like dis one too nw d nxt one will b aftr two weeks

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome. loved sukor’s cute fight

  2. Annabeth two week! Its to much dear bt its ok i can wait hapily for these lvly ffs.amazing dear.

  3. Shreya.

    Nyc episode dr…i loved it…..waiting for d next part….

  4. Two weeks is really long time !! Will be waiting for next part ! but next one should be a long update
    long wait deserves long update 🙂 🙂

  5. Philomina

    awesome yaar what???????????????????????????????????????????????????????……………………………………………….
    you wont upload for two weeks (i am sad)
    but its ok i will wait for it .
    waiting for ur next part .

  6. Nice update yaar…but have to wait for 2weeks little bit sad.. But no problem dear.. Can wait

  7. Nice episode, loved their fight. Looking forward to the next chapter. It’s ok take your time, thanks for writing this entertaining story.

  8. Sukorian

    its getting interesting n funny like the bumping into each other

  9. NEXT PART AFTER TWO WEEKS . plz try to post before that if u can . n epi was wonderful

  10. Nice update.its getting interesting day by day. Waiting fr two weeks is a long time bt no worries we ll wait fr it.eagerly waiting fr the nxt part

  11. Wow cant wait 4 the next one this is one of my fav ff

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