Ready to fall in love (Promo 1)

Guys I already posted 3 episode 8 months ago plz check it out
And about I already wrote half of the part for now it’s only promo
Person 1: plz once listen to me
Person 2: no plz go from here
Person 1: arey yar plz look at me this is too much I’m asking u sry from 2 hrs
Person 2 : ?2 hrs.okay don’t ask now ? get lost
Person 1 😕 what
Scene 2:

Person: sir someone came to meet u
Sir : okay send him in
Person : okay.he left the cabin
After 5 min someone’s knocked the cabin
Sir : ya get in
A handsome guy enter in to the cabin: hi I’m laksh taneja
Sir : hi Mr. Taneja
Laksh : actually my brother send me to here he have some urgent work . So he sent me here for meeting
Sir: ya vamsi Taneja already informed me that you are going to handle this project
Sir:all the best Mr Taneja
Laksh: thank you so much right now I have important work we will meet later
Sir: okay then bye Mr Rockstar
Laksh smiles And leaves from there

Scene :3

Swara sit sadly?? on the bed and lost in her own world just then Sanskar enters into their room
Sanskar : wt man she is always sad I have have make her free from past slowly sanskar went to washroom and gets fresh and sat beside her and call hereven then also she didn’t respond sanskar signs and taps her she comes out of her world
Swara : sanskar when did u came
sanskar: ? thank god it back or else Niagara mei kya kya karnepadegi??
Swara looks at his expressions and laughs
Sanskar?: u looks Beautiful while laughing keep laughing
Swara stops laughing
Sanskar : I think u have a language problem I asked u to smile not to make this sad face okay
Swara bend her head

Sanskar : swara if have any problem u can share with me before that we have do one thing
Swara looks questionably
Sanskar forward his hands : friends
Swara smiles and says frnds
Sankar : okay now sleep we will talk tomorrow
Swara nodes and lies on bed but stops listening sanskar
Sanskar : Swara what is his name whom u love


Hw is this?????

Next part I post it soon once I finished
And I’ll try to manage both the pairs

And one thing shall I gave a
1lengthy swalak love story
2 short one which ends in one episode
3. Present and past parallel

Love u all ????

  1. Short swalak that ends in one episode please and your story is fab I think I ? By just ? reading your promo PLEASE CONTINUE THIS FF SOUNDS REALLY INTERESTING sindu di

    ?I hope you don’t mind me calling you SINDU DI

    1. Sindhu.k

      Never mind? thank you ?

  2. Again no raglak very sad bye but this ff

  3. Asra

    awesome dear…i want 2 one….

  4. Pnap


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