Ready to fall in love- episode 4

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I’m trying my best to write swasan and raglak part

Ready to fall in love episode 4

At night 9 pm

At concert
Laksh finished his song and directly went to bar he drunk fully and drives back to his hotel
On road
Ragini is cursing someone(chalo let’s see whose that lucky guy)
Ragini: stupid ?idiot buffalo monkey? sadistic boss. Today only he send me to interview stupid creatures?? bcoz of him only I missed laksh concert as her concentration was full on scolding her boss so she dashes car
Ragini : ?oh god ragini ur finish

Kapoor mansion
All are taking dinner while having fun
Uttara: maa plz pass that rice bowl
Sanky: uttu my baby how much u will eat
Uttara ?: bhai
Sanskar: wt bhai if u will eat like this no it will be problem for me
Adharsh(adhy)?: problem for u
Sanskar: yes bhai? actually not only me for u also if she eat like this she will become like a drum who will marry her it will be difficult for me to find a groom sanskar said in a one go without taking breathe for a sec Swara takes long breathe ( behalf of Sanskar?) and looks at sanskar unbelievably
Uttara : bhai ur finish today
Sanskar runs from there follows by uttara
Swara Ady laughs
Later Swara left to swasan room

Ragini slowly moves towards the car the person who was sitting in driving seat falls on the steering
Ragini taps his shoulder he didn’t respond she shakes him continuously he wakes with a jerk and looks at her
Ragini shouts: ahhhhhhhhhhh( with joy)
Laksh also shouts : ahhhhhhhhhh

Season room

Swara sit sadly?? on the bed and lost in her own world just then Sanskar enters into their room
Sanskar : wt man she is always sad I have have make her free from past slowly sanskar went to washroom and gets fresh and sat beside her and call hereven then also she didn’t respond sanskar signs and taps her she comes out of her world
Swara : sanskar when did u came
sanskar: ? thank god it back or else bichara mei kya kya karnepadegi??
Swara looks at his expressions and laughs
Sanskar?: u looks Beautiful while laughing keep laughing
Swara stops laughing
Sanskar : I think u have a language problem I asked u to smile not to make this sad face okay
Swara bend her head

Sanskar : swara if have any problem u can share with me before that we have do one thing
Swara looks questionably
Sanskar forward his hands : friends
Swara smiles and says frnds
Sankar : okay now sleep we will talk tomorrow
Swara nodes and lies on bed but stops listening sanskar
Sanskar : Swara what is his name whom u love


Laksh : ahhhhhhhh
Ragini( stops) : y r u shouting
Laksh : same question y r u shouting
Ragini: bcoz I saw u?
Laksh : ohhhh. Okay then
Ragini : r u drunk
Laksh : no he says ccutely
Ragini : y u drunk
Laksh : becz she left me.
Ragini : who?
Laksh :no I left her
Ragini : whom
Laksh : I wanna sleep
Ragini : Acha tell me where is ur home I’ll drop you
Laksh : okay
Ragini : we’ll go on my Scotty okay. Laksh node and both sat on scooty and ragini starts driving after two hours she stops with a jerk
Ragini : Laksh abt two hrs we are roaming
Laksh : nice man?
Ragini : did u remember ur home or not
Laksh : no after saying this he lays on her shoulder
Ragini signs
Ragini : kya karu. she thinks
Ragini: ha I’ll take him home Ma and dad will also slept I think chup chap I will take him to my room

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