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OmRu came back by afternoon with every little information about the place.

“We traced the phone Shivay… her location is at the outskirts of the city.” Om said.

“Let’s go” Shivay jumped off and tried to go out forgetting that it might be dangerous for him.

“Wait… we will go by chopper” Om said and he realized that it’s not safe for him to go out in front of everyone.

Shivay looked at Om and Rudra. They went upstairs, a perfect helipad was made above the terrace, their chopper landed and they got up. They traced the location and reached above the house. The house was located in a dark world where no such light is there surrounding it and a river is flowing at its back and jungle at its other side.

“How will we land?” Rudra asked.

“On the terrace of the house, we have to jump out of the chopper… I am going, you both stay here” Shivay said and was about to jump when Om and Rudra held him back.

“We are also coming along with you, you are not going alone” Om started the sentence while Rudra completed it. Shivay knew if he denies also they are not going to listen… turn by turn they jumped down over the terrace and the chopper flew away.

“Shivay, now how to go down? There must be something dangerous” Om said while looking here and there. The sky was dark by then, the moon lighted up the surrounding. Shivay went at the edge of the terrace and noticed a pipe as a smile flushed over his face.

“By the help of this pipe… see light is coming out from the window adjacent to this pipe, I am going down at first and will land on the shade of the window and from there I will look inside the window, if I find Anika there I will slip in and then after I call you both, you two come” Shivay explained. They nodded as Shivay very carefully held the pipe.

His legs slipped twice and very carefully he landed over the shade. The view that was in front of him was terrible, he was at loss that how to call his brothers down. A girl was wrapped in a white sheet that is fully covered with blood, her both legs and one hand is chained, his heart throbbed and he feared that what if she is his Anika. He went inside and went close to the girl.

And yes his heart as always was correct, it was his Anika lying wrapped in the blood stained sheet. Her facial expression is saying that she isn’t dead and her will power is helping her to survive.

“Ann..nika” he said touching and face that was swollen.

“Shiv…Shivay” she could managed to say this by her dry throat. She tried to touch his face butย  her hand fell back as her nerves failed to work. He gripped her hand firmly and rested beside her body. Tears ran down her eyes and she tried to say something but no words came out of her mouth.

Her flesh under the sheet was burning. He tried to remove the sheet but he could no more see her devastated state. Her burns over her hands and the blood oozing out from there clearly gave a view of her flesh to him.

“Who.. who did this?” he asked caressing her head as a tear drop fell over her cheek from his eyes. His drop traced the path of her tear stains and their pain was shared. Her shaky hands again tried to touch him when he very gently held her.

“I..I..Inesh” she at last said taking deep breaths.

“Inesh… he…” he was saying when OmRu came in through the window and immediately back-faced Shivay-Anika as tears welled up in their eyes.

“Bhabhi” they said as their voice shook. Shivay was caressing her head, Anika slowly tried to open her eyes and tried to gather courage but her body was not with her.

“Om…Rudra… you… you both came?” Anika asked like a kid smiling stupidly and she continued “…but… but you are… you are late… he… he touched me… Shivay… he… he rap*d me… I am… I am impure… I am impure…” she said taking deep breath in between and broke down after fighting for long in front of her family.

“No… no… you are my Anika… my Anika, my strong brave and courageous Anika… you are pure… as pure as a diamond… you are mine… you are pure… I love you… Anika… Anika… what happened?” he was trying to calm her down when she started to take deep breaths. Cough was followed.

“Om…Ru water… water” Shivay said twice and took her head over his lap “…you cannot leave us… Anika… Anika talk to me… open your eyes…. Anika” he said. OmRu were at loss that from where will they arrange water but fortunately water was there on a table in that room. Rudra passed the bottle to Shivay while his (Rudra) eyes were closed.

He opened Anika’s mouth and slowly put some water, she sipped it but it pained her inner muscles. He again made her to sip down three more sips.

The lock from outside started to open, ShivOmRu’s eyes widened. Shivay soon but slowly kept down Anika’s head and hid behind the cupboard while Om went inside the cupboard and Rudra at the other corner.

It was Inesh. He came slowly towards Anika and lied beside her “Anika… see, you always wanted to be with Shivay… but your fate, made you… mine… and your Shivay… he died… you killed him or else he would have come for your rescue” Inesh laughed aloud while Anika too smiled. Inesh was perplexed to look Anika smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” Inesh asked and Anika looked at the cupboard. Shivay came out from it’s back shocking the hell out of Inesh. His eyes were red and his unshed tears were highlighting his rage.

“You… you are alive?” Inesh asked pointing at Shivay when Om came out from the cupboard and Rudra from the other corner.

Without even explaining anything Shivay started to punch Inesh.

“How dare you touch her… how dare you hurt her… how dare you” he was not taking a pause and continuously beating Inesh without even stopping his words. Listening ti Inesh’s voice the men ran inside and OmRu along with Shivay started to tackle them one by one.

“Shivay… you run along with bhabhi… we are taking care of them” Om said and Shivay put up Anika in his arms and was about to run when a huge number of men surrounded them. Om was beating a man with gun in his hands then, he punched the man hard and snatched away the gun from him.

“Shivay run…” Om shouted capturing Inesh and pointing the gun to his head.

“Don’t you dare stop them… or else I will kill your boss” Om said and shot up in Inesh’s hand. All the men present there got scared and they made space and Shivay ran out from there. Everyone started following them while he was trying hard to run as fast as he could. Rudra was continuously firing from back and as a result some of the men got killed. Some of them turned to fire at Rudra when Om fired on them back and in turn killing some.

Inesh was still in Om’s captive trying to get free but it was too late as Om has shot on his leg. He was getting dragged by Om when Shivay reached at the bank of the river with Anika in his arms.

PRECAP- SHIVAY-ANIKA DEAD?… what do you all guess doodles? What will they do now? How will they escape? To know every detail please stay tuned.

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  1. Love this part. Hope they escape safely from there.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Jeeta. Let’s see ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Pushpa

    Nilu…..this is beautiful……u r my anika…..u got me there nilu….damn u Inesh… sure khanna already wsiting …….

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Push. Ha ha ha… yup maybe Khanna is waiting but tale will take it’s turn ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. OMG ??what a description dear Nilash??……. really cried my heart out while reading the entire chappy??….I knew that Shivaay would surely accept his Anika whatever may it be??…And dearie us Inesh ko itna punishment dena ki chahne par bhi mat use naseeb na ho ???
    And what’s about the precap how can they
    Yaar mujhe para hai tu is baar bhi hamein data rahi hai???
    Yet excited for the next update ….

    1. Nilash

      Awww dear, I am extremely sorry for your tears. Yes he would do so afterall he loves her and not her body ๐Ÿ™‚ Zarur lekin Punishment ke liye thoru sa waqt lagega. He he he… haan darana to mera kaam hai na ๐Ÿ˜‰ Next update posted

  4. I’m very much confused n can’t able to consider anything regarding the title Anika is pure n precap too.and the story I read n assumed is different.what happened to shivika. Is this the end they rest in peace together instead of such beast.oh god Anika is pure is stated by shivaay he is really sweet Singh oberoi.nilanjana u super ..I wish they together kill that bastard.but shivaay gave very little punishment.oshut

    1. Nilash

      Okay okay Raji first relax. Everything is crystal clear, nothing is twisted. You assumed it different means? No Raji of course not. Why would they die? Just relax. Yes he did so because at that time saving Anika was much more important to him. Thank You so much dear for all the appreciations


    Very nice inesh should be punished

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Manav. He will get punished but after some days, or say after Anika gets cured

  6. Nice ud and please don’t kill shivika

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot dear. Let’s see what happens ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Pakhi007

    Amazing yet emotional?? chappy……..
    So shivomru met Anika……..
    You gave a detailed description which made me feel as if I was watching this……
    Anika been wrapped in the White sheet soaked in blood…. Her limbs were chained
    —-this is worse than any nightmare….
    Shivaay gonna be on her side and love her unconditionally under every situation….. This is exactly how a MAN should be …… He considers her sacred even when the girl herself denies that…… A perfect gentleman!!! now since shivaay reached Anika and most probably saved her from his clutches, her suffering time has come to the end…..
    Game puri tareke se palat suka hai and the ball is in shivomru’s court…… Aadhi army has already reached the *hell* waiting for their injured General…
    So Ab bari us inesh ke bacche ki hai…… The trio will definitely make him see stars and beat ????him to death……
    Precap – ummm…….. ????No idea!!!
    So post the next soon and give me the idea ?????

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Pakhi.
      My pleasure Pakhi that I succeeded in making you visualise everything. Yeah it is ๐Ÿ™
      Yes that’s true and from here their journey begins again.
      Haan abhi to game ko aur palatna baaki hai ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Nai philhaal to nai but yeah Inesh would definitely get punished

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing update… But shivika will be dead not possible… Agr wo dead hogye to inesh ko sabak kase milega…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki dear. Wahi to twist hai ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. ItsmePrabha

    Darling yeh kya kardi tune..itni kyun rulaliyi…i cant.. just cant imagine anudi like that…OMG..such a devil that inesh..mann kar raha hai ki usse ?โ›๏ธ?๏ธโš”๏ธ? yeh sab use karke tadpa tadpa ke maaru…. maarungi bhi nahi bas torture karthi rahoongi…agar woh khud mauth bhi mangega na tab bhi usse mauth nahi milne doongi…ok cool prabha.. thodi bohoth violent ho rahi hun main….aur mujhe iss poore update mein billu ki dialogue bohoth achi lagi….’tum meri annika ho ..meri annika are pure pure as diamond’..OMG bas issi line ko teen chaar baar pad liya mein ne..i am soo in love with this dialogue…shivomru ne inesh aur paltan ki bohoth achi si pitayi ki hai..aur om ne toh uss inesh ko goli bhi maar liya..wah feeling good with that.. par yeh precap kya hai haa..aise humko heart attack math do..samjhi..well agli adhyay athi sheegra Prasthuth kijiye..kyunki humse ab intezaar nahi ho raha hai..Love you ..Take care..

    1. Nilash

      Awwww darling, zyada mat ro, Anika band bajayegi na iss Inesh ke bachche ka. Pakka aisa hi hoga. I promise. Cool Prabha… shaant shaant… ye thora bahut tha? To zyada kya hota hai maate? Awwwww thank you for that. Haan wo aur goliyan khayega. He he he nai nai heart attack nai chotu sa twist ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Agla adhyay aapke samaksh prastut kar diya hai devi. Pyaar Tum (Love you ka Hindi translation) ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Niriha

    Nice..I hope shivika will escape safely pls don’t kill them

  11. Alekhika20

    Loved the update

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