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“And… and my kidnapping from my marriage?” Shivay asked eying Om and then Rudra.

“We never wanted you to get married to that Ragini…” Om was explaining when Rudra cut him in between and said “..Nagini” Om looked at Rudra ruffled his hair and smiled.

Om continued “…Nagini, we never wanted you to get married to Nagini… we contacted Anika bhabhi, as she was in Mumbai for her mission she came running to us, I and Rudra explained her about your marriage decision suddenly, she initially thought that it might be another trap for you that terrorists made just to know all your company’s secrets… she came here in Oberoi Mansion along with us… and then…


OmRu brought Anika in Oberoi Mansion, then only twenty minutes were left for the mahurat. Anika and OmRu were discussing how to save him when Pinky was passing by Om’s room and her eyes fell on Anika. She ran inside closing the door.

“Anika beta” Pinky held Anika’s hand while tears welled up in her eyes. Anika turned to her and nodded a no and asked her not to cry.

“Beta… save my son from that Nagini… she is behind his money and he is not understanding that… please” Pinky folded her hands in front of Anika.

“Don’t cry… wait let me think something” Anika said wiping away Pinky’s tears.

“If not anything… then please kidnap him, he will not understand and this is the last way out” Pinky said.

“KIDNAP” Anika and OmRu said together and smiled. A plan soon came to Anika’s mind. She ran to Shivay’s room and closed the door.

“What the hell are you…” before Shivay could complete she hit him over his neck and as a result he fell unconscious. She and OmRu together helped her to take Shivay till the car while Pinky was handling Pandit ji.

After sometime when Pinky received Anika’s message that work is complete. She did the acting she was advised and then gathered everyone and acted as if she don’t know where is Shivay. That evening came to an end and everyone went away sympathising them.

Only one mistake Tej committed was that he informed the police. Pinky explained everything to everyone after police went away. Now everyone joined in their plan. Tej and Oberoi Family also faked acting in front of police that they are so tensed about Shivay.


she then brought you here in Kolkata… back in Mumbai, the search of police for you also started to become a closed case and we also started to decrease the pressure over them so that no one doubts us and thinks that we have accepted from our heart that you won’t return ever.”Om completed.

“Then… you said that you have said it to family on the day of bomb blast in Kolkata (the day before Anika’s birthday)” Shivay asked.

“We lied bhaiyaa… as you never knew that we all were together and thought to explain it to you once everything gets sorted… but… but now” Rudra started to sob.

“Everyone knows that she is in CID?” Shivay asked.

Om kept mum for some moments and then looked at Shivay’s eyes.

“Yes… Previously only daadi knew when she brought her in our house two years back… on your angagement day me, Prinku and Rudra came to know… and on the day she has shot you, everyone came to know” Om said.

“And why? Why did she shoot me?” Shivay asked his last doubt.

“Shivay everything just turned upside down the day media, press and reporters spotted us in Kolkata. Again the matter of your kidnapping became the headlines of news papers and breaking news of news channels. Police started their investigation again and then those men (terrorists) started to place threats, they wanted you at any cost. Bhabhi knew that if they gets you now then they will attack over Oberoi companies… major loss will be there to not only us and our companies but to the economic system of this country… she decided to do a fake drama of killing you and let everyone know that you are dead” Om stopped.

“You all knew about this plan of hers too?” he asked hoping that he will get to listen a no as everyone was trying to ignore Anika’s topic but he heard what he was not hoping.

“We knew it bhaiyaa… she took permission and then she explained all others… Choti maa, chote papa, Mom… Dad about her profession and how she has been saving you from years” Rudra said.

“Where… where is she now?” he asked gripping their hands.

“We don’t know Shivay… last time when she called Mr. Chatterjee was two days ago when she informed about her victory but from two days there is no trace of her… her sim got deactivated too, no one knows what to do and how to get her… Shivay, please please try to recollect did she ever kept a code for any danger… please please think” Om said jerking Shivay when he nodded no trying to recollect every moment of them together.

He remembered how she asked once that what if she dies some day. He feared that her words became truth.

“We need to find her… do whatever Om, I want my Anika” his heart pounded inside his rib cage.

“Yes yes bhaiyaa… our country needs her, we have to find her out… you please try to recollect… please…” Rudra said.

“She have to be safe for me… for this country… where are you… please comeback… I promise i will never hurt you ever, I will always respect and love you… please comeback” Shivay cried out loudly when Om and Rudra hugged him tight.

Every words of Anika started to ring in Shivay’s ear. When he suddenly recalled something and cried aloud “I got the clue Om… I got what she said to me just before she shot me” Shivay took a pause.

“What?” OmRu asked as a new hope lightened up in them.

“She said… Whenever I will need you… or you will need me… just don’t forget to call SHIVAY… she meant… call SHIVAY… she indicated some number… phone number… we got her secret phone number” Shivay exclaimed.

“Phone number… how?” Rudra asked.

“Bring a pen and paper” Shivay ordered. Rudra soon arranged a pen and paper. Shivay started to write something.


“This is her number…” Shivay said pointing at the first number and continued “and this is mine… wow I mean… we got her Om… we got her” Shivay just looked at his brothers who were smiling broadly and their eyes were sparkling.

“We never noticed that your number is similar to your name words… but bhabhi did… and see… she almost got the exact number… we will be able to save her now” Om said smiling broadly and hugging Shivay.

“We are coming bhabhi… you will be with us in a day or two” Rudra said.

“Om you soon go and ask someone to trace this number… as I am dead for the world now, I have to stay much aware that no one gets to find me… all the best” Shivay said and Om went away.

PRECAP- SHIVAY MEETS ANIKA… what will be his reaction after seeing Anika in that condition? Will he accept her back or he will just sympathise her? Stay tuned to know more.


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  1. Nice update..hope he will accept her and kick that beast ass..sorry for the inappropriate words.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Jeeta. Let’s see and of course that person will get punished. It’s okay dear, I can understand how bad and anger rising it feels

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  3. Wonderful di amazing
    Bhaiya will surely accept her back.

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Ritu
      Let’s see 😉

  4. U portrayed very well that all of us scared n felt the Anikas situation.i really say u have enough good guts to present what u thought that I surely support u because we really moved with situation.keep it up nilanjana. While typing I’m some what depressed n so much angry regarding Anikas condition that she has to face for her country.if I’m in the place of God I present Anika a secret weapon n extra strength to fight n win against that blo*dy beast.he is not a human n such stooped devil one that he choose this way to win over a women.he have no enough guts to get truth from her so he simply does this sin bastard.he comes to know when he has a mother sister daughter if they face Anikas state by anyone then he comes to know what’s the real pain .he is a dirty man that he has no human sense that she treated him as her friend. if he is in Anikas position he simply gives up to save his life as he is a man n spills entire truth.he is stupid that Anika gave him up as to save her country n she is tired from last two days she is suffering.if she is normal Anika then for sure he can’t even fight with her.but he don’t know he committed a crime with son that he touched shivaay Singh Oberois property.when the day shivaay comes to know this he start to count the days n his life rest in peace in shivaay’s hand that the torture is equal to the triple to the pain have to anika.n he pray God to open the doors of hell instead of facing an end near shivaay..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Raji. Will surely try to keep up the essence of this story. Yes Raji that’s true, no one of us wants to face such condition in our life or see someone facing that. Yes he is not a man but a coward who chose this way. Yup Raji agree, actually he has never respected his mother maybe so he got the guts to do that. Yes a man like him would have surely gave up in those circumstances. Yes he can never imagine what consequences he will face for touching Anika. Yup he will get punished in such a way that he will never dare to touch a girl in his life again. Yeah that’s true. Thank You so much for expressing all your feelings darling 🙂

  5. Finally shivaay comes to know Anika whereabouts.n how he feel n stop his breath for a while n goes numb to see his strong Anika as lifeless being infront of everyone knows it’s not a easy task to accept even though they are our beloved ones.but what shivaay decision that he wanted his Anika back in his life again after all the shivaay’s decision is the remaining soul for Anika I think so.but for shivaay she is the heartbeat for him n who learnt love . finally shivaay Singh Oberoi stays as sweet Singh Oberoi or becomes old stone Singh Oberoi.and what did mean pinky promise given by Anika to her brother n family to come n stay back with them.u r really appreciate able to each n every character that u mould nicely.

    1. Nilash

      Yup, yes Raji it’s not easy to accept but when you love someone for what they are these things seem to matter less and that person only starts to be their strong support. Yup and he would get her back. He will bring her back because he has loved her. He will be her sweet singh oberoi 🙂
      That means she has promised shivay’s family and omru to go back to them as they have loved her enough and supported her enough at her every decision.
      Thank You so much dear. I just try to write and without you all nothing is possible. Thanks a lot to you.

  6. Lovely update???
    OMG?? Shivaay meets Anika ……the precap is really intriguing…..finally he came to know about her??.
    But wait what Anika’s condition ?
    What will be her reaction after meeting her???
    I am really excited to know??
    Please post soon ? ?

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Sonia.
      Yup he gonna meet her
      Next episode will describe her condition. Check the next update to know his reaction
      Next part posted dear 🙂

  7. Pakhi007

    Woah nilash!!!!…….. Kya dimag lagaya hai…..
    SHIVAY mei phone number chupa tha…….
    Kabile taareef ?????
    I am really loving?? this Pinky……… She is so cool?? and understanding
    Now shivaay will be reaching Anika…… I am wondering?? how will he be dealing with the situation……
    But please make sure ki ush kamine Inesh ki sajah batar se bhi batar ho….. Tadpa tadpa ke marna ????…. It should be dreadful as hell…… ..
    Super excited for the next?

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Pakhi
      Yes she is and this character is my love. Haan iss Inesh ki OMM, OMR and OMB sara ek saath hoga but abhi nai, uske liye thoru sa time hai. Yup of course 🙂
      Next part posted darling


    Very nice awesome fabulous

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      Thank You so much Manav

  9. Awesome

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    T C A S S ?

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  12. ItsmePrabha

    Awesomely amazing darling…..Shivaay mein no. chupa hua hai aur woh baath fictionally anudi ne find out kiya par originally the one and only you did it..i am so proud of you baby…seriously the phone no. part was mind blowing..par tune meri saari armaano pe paani,coca cola sab pher diya…i seriously thought of calling ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️…well pinky aunty toh sabse badi dramebaaz nikli..loving her …and precap shivaay meets annika..its going to be hell emotional and why wont he accept her??huh..he will definitely accept her..waise you are right ab mujhe meri villain milgaya toh lets torture him together..bohoth maza aayega….aur uske liye tumhe agli adhyaay jald se jald prasthuth(i think this is the word you used for posting) karlo darling..Love you and take care..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much baby. Arre nai nai itni taareef mat kar, I am blushing, my cheeks are becoming like chilli (tomato sab use karte hai 😛 ) Haan tu call karti aur pata lagta ki ye koi sachchi ke police ka number hai aur meri band baj jaati, hailaaa coca cola waste mat kar, mera fav hai 😉 yes yes.. dekha… meri fav character aise hi thoru na hai wo. Dekhte hai ki kya hota hai 🙂 haan chal ab torture start kar next update se. Haan prasthut sahi word hai. Kar diya maine prasthut

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  14. Hey!! AWESOME as always but I did not get the number…Can you please explain?

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