Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 31

Chapter 31- A dreadful Past
‘A boy is running through a dense forest , it is a moonless night , he is barely of seven but is carrying a blood-stained sword , he is being followed by a few men on horses with swords in their hands , someone calls out for him from behind , he finds his way blocked by fast-flowing river , having no other options left , he jumps into the river to save himself.’
Altunia woke up with a gasp , he was sweating profusely , this dream has been haunting him since years and for some unknown reasons , he feels connected to the dream.
He had a miserable childhood , he was a slave as a child of a merciless master who used to beat him with a whip almost everyday , it was only due to Sultan Iltimush’s help and favours that he could reunite with his family and claim back his position in Bhatinda , his mother told him that his father died a couple of years ago due to prolonged illness before they reunited.
He was feeling restless and was desperate for peace of mind , it was quiet late and he did not want to disturb anyone , but he knew that Razia would be still awake , since she had the habit of composing poems till late hours.

Reaching her chamber , he found her seated on her bed , trying to compose poems , she was a good poetess indeed , a smile curved on his face , sensing someone’s presence , Razia looked up and was surprised to find Altunia there
Razia- Mitrza, you did not go to bed? I thought you are sleeping .

Altunia- No , I was…ummm …not feeling like…

Razia was not a fool , she sensed his discomfort at once , she , got down from her bed , went near him and placed her hand on his shoulder “Mirza ……what is the matter?You can share that with me , I have equal right on your problems.” she said with a soothing smile , to this , Altunia narrated his dream to her and his past.

He took her hand into his and asked her “Promise me , promise me Razia that you will never leave me , because if you do no , I will loose everything , every emotion and turn into a merciless beast , promise me you will never ever leave me?” he asked with raw fear in his eyes “I promise you Mirza , I will never , ever leave you.” she assured him as a single tear rolled down from her eyes , seeing this , Altunia , wiped her tear away , and gently pulled her closer to him , before he claimed her lips.

Precap – Yakut and Iltimush’s conversation about the thrown.

  1. Nice episode ….. Waiting for the next…. How Cute mirza…!!!
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    1. He’s alright now , I’m overwhelmed by your cooperation and concern thanks to you all people.

  2. Wow amazing I stopped coming on razia sultan telly updates page it’s nice to know that there is a ff on razia sultan I will go back and surly read your fan fiction from the start

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    1. I wish ki appko miljae. Itna pasand hai kya Altunia?

  5. Awesome episode as always!! I feel like I am in love with your fanfiction. The way you write the way you express…. just amazing!!! I really liked today’s Alzia scenes….. Please continue writing like this. I have just one request that when you gave those promos you mentioned about blood stained throne….. I just wanted to to make sure you are not letting that massacre which took the lives of Nasir, Qutub etc… happen, right? Please don’t let that happen…. I was really sad when that had happened… please….

    1. Don’t worry , no such thing will happen

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