Razia Sultan 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Althunia telling Razia that killers are cruel and did a heinous act and worst than animals. What did they gain with killing spree. Yaldos comes there and starts acting with his fake dialogues. He takes her along with him, surpassing Althunia. He takes her to his room and asks servants to clean Razia’s blood smeared face and clothes.

Althunia stops Shazia from seeing dead people. She insists to let her in as she saw Razia going in as she wants to meet Shamshad and Yasir. Althunia says she cannot tolerate seeing deadbodies and instead should help him identify deadbodies. She rests her head on his shoulder and cries. He asks whose names she took just some time back. She says her naani Shamshad and brother Yasir. He starts searching them.

Yaldos shows fake concern to Razia and says her abbu was his close friend and he will identify who is behind this killing as he caught one of the killers. Razia says she wants to meet abbu and leaves.

Althunia searches Shamshad and Yasir along with soldiers and finds them in a secret route. He sees Shamshad already dead and Yasir hiding behind her in fear. Althunia says not to worry as he is his friend Mirza and asks him to help him nurse his naani maa’s wounds. Yasir gives his hand and Althunia hugs him saying he is very brave.

Razia sees Altamash’s dead body being carried in a stretcher and holds his hand. She reminisces him thanking her for precious gift and asking him to dorn it in his kaftan. She reminisces the rest of their happier moments. Soldier wakes her up. She keeps her dad’s hand back and let him taken away. She then sees Nasir’s dead body taken away. She brings king’s cap and dorns it on his head. She reminisces the happier moments with her brother and his throning ceremony and lets him go.

Precap: Razia runs after servant tells her something. Althunia follows her. She says he should be ashamed to stay in palace even after being kicked out and asks him to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sab log mar gaye? Toh abb kya kare hum???

    1. Read my comment for further details about Razia Sultan…?

  2. Razia don’t ask althunia 2 go …he’s the only one who will help u in gaing the palace 4m that ugly turkan..??

    1. Read my comment for further details of Razia Sultan ?

  3. Now that everyone has died, rukuddin will assend the throne and turkan will be the queen motherand rule Delhi
    Razia to escape death from turkan and to escape from marrying yaldos will marry altunia(he is the governor of bhatinda.. According to wikipedia).. Later after marriage, razia and altunia will fight rukuddin for Delhi throne and will win.. Razia will become the Sultan and will give death to rukuddin and turkan…she will give big posts to non Turkish ppl and this will result in the Turks revolting against her which will later result in razia and altunia’s death and fall of RAZIA SULTAN….

    1. Gud info

    2. Thank u 4 updating…………..

  4. Sab kuch galat dikha rahe hai ye log.
    1. Iltutmish defeated Yildoz at Tarain. Yildoz was imprisoned in Badaun and was later executed. This ended Ghazni’s aspirations to dominate northern India[6]
    2. In 1236, Iltutmish, on his death-bed, nominated his daughter Razia as his heiress.He was not murdered.
    3. Altunia was one of the members of 40 loyal nobles-turkan-e-chahalghani or chalisa of sultan Iltutmish and childhood friend of rajia sultan.
    He was not a stranger for rajia.

    1. Great explanation

    2. Thank u…
      4 info……….

  5. This is all fake illtumach was never mudered

  6. I agree! Even i saw on Wiki! And on wiki its even given that Razia had a love affair with her advisor Yaqut! Altunia loved Razia! He killed Yaqut n took Razia on captive! Only to escape death, Razia married Althunia!

  7. Where do the serial makers get this information??I know that historical serials ko chalane ke liye thoda masla dalte hai I mean story change karte hai par woh small scale par change karte hai itne saare log eksaath nahi mar sakte…Itna bada change writers nahi karsakte hai..like this way the concept of the story changes…

  8. Something is not right..either the Wikipedia article is wrong or the story that serial makers are showing is wrong…..Historians only know the truth…..But when razia sultan was ruling over Hind then only few poets stayed in her court like Minhaj-s – Siraj and Ibn Batuta ..We must check in their accounts about her and altunia and yakut and altamash

  9. Aree aese toh baat hai Ki Shamsuddin Sultan -e-Hind Razia Sultan Ki kabra ka bhi pata nahi hai….Altamash’s tomb is known Nasir’s tomb is known then why only Razia’s tomb Is not known…Why ???As she was woman…

  10. Razia didn’t loved Yakut she only favoured him as he might be a excellent in all things …But she didn’t loved him…She only just made him the superintendent of court and this aroused jealous feeling in all the Turks as yakut was a non turk …And so that’s why they dragged out wrong meanings out of it..

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