Razia Sultan 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Razia Sultan 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with SRK speaking as voiceover and giving introduction about the serial and Sultan Altamash. Altamash comes out of his palace to address his people. He says on today’s auspicious moon light day before holy Ramazan, he wants to give them gift. He says he is changing his currency coins from today and each person in his kingdom will get 10 coins free. Whoever informs him about moon sight today will be rewarded with 4 silver coins. People praise him. Chand begum gets annoyed hearing it. Her servant brainwashes her that her husband Qutubuddin Aibak’s gold coins will be overtaken by silver coins. Mother says with her husband’s demise and new sultan taking over, everything has changed. She goes to take care of eid’s celebration arrangements into haram.

In harm, Chand begum meets her daughter, Sultan’s wife, and says she must be celebrating eid very lavishly this time. Wife says Altamash is here after many eids, else he was busy in wars or in Lahore. Chand begum gets irked hearing that and says she reminisces her husband Qutubuddin Aibak’s eid celebrations and is worried Altamash will ruin his name. Daughter says even Altamash will be pious and very gentle like abbu Qutubuddin. Granddaughter Shazia comes with her handwoven dress for her dad/abbu Altamash. Mom says Chand begum that she has decorated with very intricate designs. Chand asks where is Razia, instead of preparing gift for her father, she must be roaming in Delhi’s roads and ruin royal name.

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Razia reaches a place where death sentence is given to traitors by pushing them in front of tiger. Her friend gets afraid and says they should leave right now. Razia says she won’t go without taking tiger’s hair to gift it to her dad/ Servant says it is very risky. Razia orders to open gate and gets into tiger’s cage. Tiger roars seeing her and she falls on floor. Tiger then attacks her and she slides back on ground. Shen then tries to ascend steps when tiger attacks and she slips. She then jumps on a stone bench, gets her dagger back, jumps on tiger and gets its hair. Tiger runs again behind her, but she runs faster than it and escapes out of cage in a nick of time, closing the door. Her servants praise her. Razia says she escaped on time, gives hair to her servant and says she has to get 2 more gifts for her abbu.

Razia ten goes to a secluded dessert. Her servant gets tired walking and asks why did they come here. She shows a tree on a mountain and says she will pick a leaf from that tree as gift for her abbu. Servant says what is the connect between tree leaf and sultan’s gift. She says she will tell later after getting leaf. She does mountain climbing with great difficulty and gets shocked to see that tree is very tall It does not deter her determination and she climbs tree. With great difficulty, she reaches tree’s edge, plucks its leaf and kisses it enthusiastically.

Preca: Razia meets Hazrath Nizamuddin, gets coin from him, and gifts it to her abbu. Chand yells at her, but sultan gets happy. Chand asks him to hold Razia. Razia steals donkeys from a ghulam/servant. Sultan orders to kill servant, else to get 4 silver coins to save himself. Chand confines Razia in a room. Razia escapes and gets 4 coins to save ghulam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wat r d timings of dis show????
    its very interestn 🙂 🙂

  2. Praveen tripathi

    Nce epsde

  3. I had read about razia sultan in my history lessons…She was the one and only women to sit on the throne of Delhi during The Delhi Sultanate period I.e. From 13th to 16th century.Didn’t watch today’s episode but I will watch it tm.Can anyone tell me what is the repeat telecast time of this show..plzz..Love this show .

  4. H Hasan I would request you to please write the update in detail plzz

  5. can sum1 tel me abt the channel num on hathway

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