Razia Sultan 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts Althunia’s friend Daru badmouthing about Razia. Althunia holds knife on him and says he cannot hear anything bad against Razia. Daru says he thought he hates Razia. Althunia says he is not.

Yaldos tells Altamash and Nasir that their fight will not benefit them. Altamash shouts that Nasir is still his enemy. Yaldos says some made them fight to get Delhi. Altamash asks who is that. Yaldos goes near pr*stitute Turkan and Ruknuddin and they get afraid, but he takes sultan Khwacha’s name. Khwacha says he is falsely alleging him. Yaldos tells him all the tricks Turkan used and says Khwacha did them instead. Nasir says this does not prove uncle Khwacha is culprit. Yaldos says he has one more proof and asks why did not he send soldiers behind Razia to protect her. Khwacha says he did not have much army.

Nasir starts insulting his helper Khwacha and alleging him. Khwacha asks him not to believe old Yaldos as he has some cruel agenda. Nasir does not believe him. Khwacha says they are doing a mistake by believing old Yaldos and runs from there. Altamash orders soldiers to catch him. He then hugs Nasir and forgives him. Yaldos says Altamash he wants Nasir be made Delhi’s subedar. Nasir says he does not need any designation. Altamash says Delhi needs a capable leader and says Ruknuddin is still incapable and will need his teachings. Nasir hugs him and thanks Razia for all her effort. Altamash hugs both children. Turkan and Ruknuddin fume seeing all this.

Razia while traveling in palanquin dreams about Althunia. She wakes up and things he should return her red scarf soon and meet her.

Althunia takes bath in river and imagines Razia and says he cannot be angry on her at all. Daaru wakes him up and asks to stop dreaming. Althunia gains consciousness and starts reminiscing Razia and her words and Razia reminisces him on the other side.

Precap: Althunia reaches Delhi. Turkan says when everyone are busy celebrating Nasir’s throning ceremony, she will start killing spree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks for the update ?…
    Pls try to write in detail…
    Razia Altunia forever and ever

  2. Ye achha ni hua ki us bechare khwacha ko yaldos ne phasa diya aur wo wicked turkan n ruknuddin bach gaye even rajiya b samaj ni payi ki khwacha nirdos h . They (yalyaldos turkan nd ruk..) should be exposed nd punished.

    Thanks h hasan

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