Razia Sultan 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Razia Sultan 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Razia seeing Fathima in a small box and asks how can she fit in it. She says when they transfer slaves in small boxes from one city to antoher. Razia gets an idea and thinks she can send Nasir message in a box.

Qutub goes to kitchen and inspects food prepared for Nasir. She asks to send gauva also for Nasir as he likes it. Razia comes and says she should definitely sends it. Servants carry gauva box and think it is very heavy. Razia’s assistant asks her why did she send Fathima in box. She says she sent a special message for Nasir.

Ruknuddin sees his pr*stitute mother getting ready for Sultan’s feast. He asks her to be careful, else her plan will ruin. She gets tensed.

Servant informs Qutub that sultan will be arrving in some time and gives her jewelry. Qutub throws jewelry. Shamshad says she has to get ready for celebrations. Qutub says even that pr*stitute must be getting ready to enjoy eid celebrations with sultan and ask subedari for her son as eid’s gift and here, here her daughter preferred a servant over her mother and brother’s happiness. Razia gets sad hearing it and prays god to send Nasir and sultan Yaldos soon.

Sultan Yaldos is seen horse riding with Nasir. Soldiers shout sultan Yaldos’ slogan. They both get down from horses and Nasir tells Sultan that he is his disciple and student. Servant informs them that Nasir’s mother has sent eid feast for him. Nasir goes to check, but sees Yaldos stumbling, so runs to hold him. Yaldos hugs and greets him goodbye.

Razia prays god to stop Shah turkan from meeting Sultan altamash. Qutub and other ladies wait for sultan in harem, but sultan reaches pr*stitute shah turkan’s room. She starts her acting and kneels down in front of him. He says her place is in his heart. She throws flowers on his way. Sultan says it looks like he has to give some special gift to her. She tells a wity poem. Ruknuddin asks her to feast abbu. She pours drinks in glass and goes towards sultan, but hears parrot’s sound and goes to stop it.

Turkan starts her emotional blackmail and asks sultan if she can ask gift before eid feast. She continues her drama that she is his servant, etc. He says she is his mallika and asks what she needs. She praises her son and is about to asks subedari for him when minister comes and informs that Ruknuddin is coming with sultan Yaldos. Sultan gets happy hearing Yaldos’s name and tells pr*stitute that as a sultan he has to go. She nods yes. Once sultan leaves, she kills parrot.

Precap: Ruknuddin asks his pr*stitute mom he will kill whoever made her sad. Razia tells her dream man should be very generous and can go to any extent to help people. A man is seen running and saving a woman from camel herd’s stampede.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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