Razia Sultan 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Razia Sultan 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Razia bidding adeu to Althunia after thanking him and going toward Ghazni palace. Althunia thinks guards kicked them out, now they will kick even Razia out and kill them both. Guards greet Razia and open door. Althunia is surprised to see that and thinks she is more intelligent than her. Razia waves him bye and enters palace.

Sultan yaldos greets Razia and asks her the reason for coming instead of sending message. She says she had to come personally as the issue is very critical and says she wants him to stop Altamash and Nasir’s war. He asks why are they fighting. She says she will explain him in detail.

Althunia sits behind walls, reminisces Razia’s bravery and thinks she must have come for some important reason and thinks she is more brave than him.

Razia explains Yaldos the whole incident happened. Yaldos thinks he cannot even think father and son’s fight and asks what she expects from him. She says only he can stop this fight. He says till his message reaches, everything will be finisheed by then. She says he has to personally accompany her to Delhi and stop the war, else everything will be destroyed. Yaldos says he will march towards Delhi and will do whatever is possible to stop this war. She happily thanks him.

Yaldos explains his travel plan to his soldiers. Servant informs a person from Delhi has come. He asks her to send in. Turkan enters greeting him. He says he does not talk to pr*stitute and dancers. She says she has become queen after marrying sultan Altamash and says she has come here to benefit him.

Security guards sees Althunia and asks why is he roaming around place from such a long time and says strangers will be killed. He thinks Razia must be in danger and tries to enter palace via rope.

Razia enjoys bath while discussing with servants. She sees Althunia’s image on water and gets shy. Servant asks why is she glowing. Razia says she remembered her dear one who is waiting for her outside palace.

Turkan asks Yaldos not to stop Altamash and Nasir’s war. He gets irked and asks how dare she is to tell that. Turkan says if he does not stop war, Altamash will kill Nasir and her son Ruknuddin will become sultan, so he will get half Delhi as reward. Yaldos says until Altamash is alive, he will not get Delhi. She asks him to believe her and see how will he rule Delhi. She then asks him to tell Razia that she will not help her and get Delhi in reward.

Razia smiles reminiscing Althunia while servants get her ready. She sees Althunia behind her and asks how did he come here. He says he was having doubt that she is princess, now he is 100% sure. She says she wanted to inform him. He asks her keep silent, takes an earring and dorns on her ear while feeling her skin. She gets shy. He looks at her face and gets romantic.

Precap: Yaldos peeps into Razia’s room while she changes clothes and gets mesmerized with her beauty. He tells he will go with her to Delhi with a condition. She says she will give even her life. He kisses her hands and looks at her lustfully.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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