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Hello Pratibha is the new show on Zee TV, which replaced Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. It has an unique concept which offers an intimate, up-close and personal look into the mind of a housewife who’s dedicated her life to family. The show has the return of Binny Sharma in the lead role as Pratibha, after much gap in her acting career. Pratibha, a 36-year-old woman and a mother of two children, has been tirelessly fulfilling her duties as a homemaker. After her kids grow up, she decides to achieve her unfinished dreams. The story is about ‘change’ and the protagonist represents every woman who, post-marriage, prioritizes the needs of her family over her own. The show traces the journey of how a woman gains her confidence. Hello Pratibha looks promising and has a certain appeal for television lovers. The plot will depict the life of a woman who will embark on a journey to ‘find her real calling’ after leading a simple and uneventful married life for almost a decade.

The story is based in Ranchi where a woman, who has been married for around 15 years, doesn’t find the love and respect she deserves from the family she is ready to die for. It is a positive show, which will not showcase the lead as a victim but as a fighter who would work towards making an identity for her. Pratibha the hands, legs and eyes of the family but has no voice. She dutifully looks after her husband, her children and her in-laws, only to be scorned at or completely ignored. Eventually she cries out of the tedium of household chores that are forced on her by all family members until she starts feeling that marriage has become a trap rather than a loving relationship. Pratibha in on journey to believe in herself and discover her individuality. What do you think about this show? Let us know.

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  1. I do like it I must admit. But it isn’t better that SSLK. They both are good . I still miss Mayank and Gunjan and Rachna 🙁

  2. I am missing gunjan and kt most but I don’t really follow up hello pratiba too much

  3. irealy missd gunjan nd rachna bt this show is also educative

  4. Ya its cool but still i m missing sslk

  5. this film is absulouty superb….right guyzzzzzzz…….!!!!!!!!

  6. I am disappointed. After I watched one episode I was too angry to watch it again. I am tired of seeing women victimized in these serials. They are portrayed as useless things to be trampled on. I have had enough of that watching the other serials. Is this the life of Indian women? I do not really think so but that what is being portrayed in these serials.
    I like the actress who plays Pratibha but I do not like how she is being portrayed. I will watch when things change

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