How would you rate the show Udaan on Colors by its start?

Udaan is the tale of freedom based on the life of Chakor, who is bounded by the cruel landlord of Aazadgunj, Kamal Narayan Singh, known as Bhaiya ji. He has an equally heartless wife Tejaswini Singh, who is so ruthless that she demands a baby in the womb in mortgage for money. The poor couple Kasturi and Bhuvan who are already facing a lot, after losing Harya, have to lose their child too, and make her a labor for Bhaiya ji. Kasturi is against giving away her daughter, but Bhuvan convinces her for the sake of Harya’s last rites to be done. Kasturi gives birth to Chakor, and Tejaswini asks her to keep the baby for 7 years and tthen give it to them, and they will make her work and get the money they lent to her. Udaan narrates a tale about the life of Chakor who has a strong survival instinct which keeps her sailing through the toughest situations. Her rebellious yet endearing nature proves that simplicity and innocence together will make for an attractive viewing proposition for audiences.

Kasturi is heartbroken, but with time, she begins to smile seeing Chakor grow up. But sadly, the time comes when she has to give up Chakor and send her to the Haveli for work. Chakor is full of life and always smiling. She did not even cry when she was born. Everyone call her the lucky factor in Kasturi and Bhuvan’s life, who will swipe all their loans and poverty, and make them get a peaceful and good life. Bhuvan too believes in the pandit’s statement that Chakor will bring prosperity for them. Chakor is sent to the Haveli and Tejaswini makes her slave. Chakor is made to enter a tough life of a worker, and the shows emphasizes the message to stop child labor. Young kids have to get under the burden of work in a tender age, just to pay the loan their parents took, and this is the case with Chakor. Caught between the social divide of the rich and the poor, the resilient story of Chakor takes flight amidst a restrained childhood with her parents Kasturi and Bhuvan, and growing up in a Zamindar’s household she has been pledged into. How she deals with the ups and downs of her life makes the storyline of the show? Rate the show if you seen the initial interesting episodes of Udaan, on Colors. Join Chakor on her journey from innocence, realization, hope, freedom and achievement.

  1. Good concept but nee strong starcast !

  2. Good concept but needs strong starcast !

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  4. The story is interesting, since the serial is based on real life, I want to see what happens. I love Chakori, she’s brilliant for her age and I also love Imli, they are very cute. When the kids are older, they are going to find a star cast but people who can act very well. Actually, I think Rachana Parulkar would be great as Chakori. There are a few kid actors and it looks like their roles could be important when they are older. It will be interesting to see the cast after the leap.

  5. ashish chowdhry and rachana parulkar, they are the only actors than can carry this serial to the top

  6. It will be a treat to watch the show if the channel and PH casts Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar as lead in the show.Both actors are very strong that they can carry this story to a different level.

  7. Ashish Chowdary n Rachana Parulkar can suit 4 this role.. They r the best choice.. Plezz PRODUCER, PH of UDAAN ..plez cast Rachana n Ashish in Udaan.. Millios of fans r waiting for their sizzling n magical on screen chemistry..they r such a fabalous actors..

  8. Rachana pz comeback

  9. interesting story ashish chowdhry in rachana parulkar really suit to this serial millions of fans are waiting for them on screen…the have a good chemistry

  10. in this serial please chance to Aashish choudhary and Rachana Parulkar as lead pair in this serial,this two stars had awsome chemistry

  11. Like to see Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar in Udan. hope the Production house give them a chance to play as we are eager to watch them again n again years together. we will guarandy abt TRP

  12. M watching this serial N m just hope to see Rachna Parulkar with Ashish Chowdhry in this serial …m dying to see them again on screen ….plsssssss bring them together in Udaan plsssssssssss

  13. Looking forward to watch Ashish Choudhary and Rachana Parulkar in Udaan, hope our request will be taken into consideration, we are left heart broken.

  14. Please assish chodary and rachna parulkar ku is so main men lead pe liya jaye.please in dono ki chemestry mind blowing hai.

  15. please we want to see rachana parulkar&ashish chowdhry as main lead in udaan .please this is request of million of fans.

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