Rate Jamai Raja, a new show on Zee TV by its start?

Jamai Raja started, just two days before, this Monday and is already making waves with this fresh concept of the main limelight being on a man, we can rather call a son in law, whose all efforts are to his wife and his mum in law unite. Nevertheless, the track will take some time to show this, as first the romance between Siddharth and Roshni has to happen. They have met and will be meeting again and again, as the circumstances brings them together. They are made for each other and the fate can’t deny it. When Roshni’s Nani is constantly praying for someone to come like an angel to bridge between Roshni and her Durga Devi, her prayers are answered, as Siddharth is the one who will be doing this.

Siddharth is from a good rich family, with adorable parents, whom he is dependent for their love and support. While Roshni did not get her mum’s love ever and has always been dying to get it. She turns up at her birthdaty late, after the party ends and the guests are gone, just ti make Durga talk to her. She sprinkles alcohol on her clothes, to make Durga get the impression that she is drunk, so that she cah touch her by the slap. Roshni is willing to do anything to get her mum’s interest in her, but Durga Devi cares for her society and her status. Durga too loves Roshni, and whatever she did in life, is to get the best life for Roshni. But she has to understand that just giving a bundle of notes does not make anyone happy, love is the factor which connects hearts and warms the relation.

Siddharth and Roshni are poles apart, one got lots of love since childhood, and one who did not get any love. How will Siddharth understand Roshnu’s pain for craving for Durga’s love? Will he take any major step in bringing the two ladies together? Siddharth is a good guy, happy go lucky, down to earth and with amazing wits. Roshni is a simple and helpful girl, much connected to her NGO girls. It will be good to see how love blossoms between them. Rate the show if you have seen its cool start.

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  2. Loved it yaar . Too cute! :-))

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