Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 7

Let’s begin…

Sanskar angrily gets up..while all his mens were shocked to see Akshay alive
Sanskar: who are you to come in middle? Who?

He was about to move to Ragini
Ragini moves behind Akshay

Akshay:how can you be so heartless sanskar? How can you be?

Sanskar smiles sarcastically: you should ask yourself before and what is mine then it is mine..!!i can get it myself and now i don’t wait for anyone or don’t want to be depend on anyone…because i don’t want to be betrayed again and what is mine i get it by hook or crook

Akshay was hurt listening him

Akshay:sanskar you were not like this..

Sanskar: sometimes betrayals change and if you come in middle i won’t see you were one my brother…

He pulls Ragini and was about to drag him when Akshay held Ragini

Sanskar turns to him angrily glares him

Here shekar searches for Riyaan
Blood was flowing from his wound

Shekar had tears:how can i be so helpless.. I can’t protect my 3 kids

Here balwan in a godown :father would have died by now and brother will die in some minutes ..blame on Maheshwari’s
He laughs seeing unconscious Riyan

Balwan:how bad i am?right..but why didn’t Ajith reach with the girl till now?

And Sanskar points gun to Akshay

Akshay was shocked: Sanskar!

Ragini was also shocked


Sanskar was around 14
And akshay was around 18

Dp gave gun to sanskar
Sanskar :no bade papa..bha…
Dp forces him and sanskar being scared takes the gun in shivering hands

Dp made a guy stand with apple placed on his head..who was crying

Dp:sanskar bete…lagao nishana
Sanskar scared:if it missed
Dp:he would die then what?and you should not scared of such small things!

Sushaan who saw this ran inside and went to Akshay who was reading and told about this

Dp:sanskar..what are you waiting for?
Sanskar points the gun

When Akshay stood infront of him

Sanskar immediately gave back the gun to dp

Akshay:sanskar what are you doing?wait shoot me!before anyone

Sanskar nods in no

Dp:sanskar.. don’t think of him take the gun

Akshay:yes Sanskar listen to him…

Sanskar:no bhaai

Akshay:you should take it..sanskar

Sanskar moves to him and holds his hand:bhaai i am sorry…bade papa forced me…

Akshay looks at Dp and smiles

Dp shouts:sanskar..i said come here

Akshay:however you try bade saab but you cant change my brother…into your evil plans

Fb ends

Akshay smiles being hurt and nods his head thinking his father changed him

Sanskar couldn’t aim it from the time he knows shooting this is the first time his hands are shivering

Akshay: why are you waiting?remove me from your way!

Sanskar was sweating..but brushing all his thoughts …taking a deep breath..

He shoots

Ragini was shocked

Here sushaan reached Maheshwari mansion with ruhi

He goes in

Dp: where’s sanskar?

Sushaan:woh..bhaai is in search of Ragini ji

Dp gets angry: he is running behind the girl…our men’s have went then why he….it is all because of that girl

Ruhi gets scared and hides behind sushaan

Dp:and why did you bring this girl?

Sushaan:woh bhaai…
He gulps

Dp:bhaai bhaai kya lagake rakha hai?

He moves to ruhi angrily

Ruhi was crying

Dp tries to pull ruhi..but sushaan protests:bade saab please…bade saab woh rk bacchi hai….chod di jiye bade saab

He tried until he loses patience

He pushes him a bit and shouts:bade saab..door rahiye..nahi tho…

Dp was shocked sushaan never dared to talk infront of him even but today…

Here Shekar comes out of the home much difficulty and calls for Riyan

Balwan and mens came there
Balwan:so you didn’t die….

Shekar turns to him and folds his hand:please…please leave my kids…

Balwan laughs:you and your kids became an opportunity for us to take revenge on maheshwari…

He takes the gun and poits him

Shekar closes his eyes and thought he is an worst dad.. but prayed for their safety..

Here sanskar has shot a goon behind Akshay who was about attack akshay from behind

There was full of silences

Akshay:chote please Ragini ko chod de

Sanskar nods in no..he tightens his grip on Ragini’s wrist…
She winces in pain


He leaves her hand and sees Ragini who crying

He moves back

Akshay fears:sanskar

Sanskar points gun to himself

Akshay shouts:Sanskar

Sanskar:i love Ragini….she is my affection she is my possession she is my life without her beside me..I don’t want to live…

Akshay :no no no..no sanskar you can’t do this….

Sanskar closes his eyes

Akshay: sanskar listen to me….

Sanskar nods in no and …….

To be continued….

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