Rang Rasiya 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mohini and shtabdi comes back home after competition, shtabdi has win the competition, mohini scolds sumer that he gave her wrong recipe, shtabdi says my pickle was good, I knew that you would do something inappriopertiate and sumer will rob recipe for you so I allowed him to steal wrong recipe and you lost the compitition, they listen to the child crying and goes inside, maayra is with dhruv, rohit comes and ask what are you doing? you sleep with this kid, you take care of him, you made Maithili adopt the child, you are involving in personal matters of family, maayra listens mohini shouting and says oh god, kaki has come, we have to talk to her, she goes down stairs while rohit is frustrated. rudra tries to talk with mohini but mohini says I am not blind, I went out of house and this childless lady became mother of child, mohini is fuming seeing the child, she scolds Maithili that I told you that don’t adopt any child, don’t know whose dirt(baby) have you brought in house, samrat says don’t say this, maayra says we know everything about the child, she was found outside mandir and is healthy, mohini says ok, go and throw her back to mandir, don’t know who is her mother, rudra says the one who is mother of this child must be like you who is herself a women but cant accept a baby girl, Maithili ask all to calm down, she says to mohini that look at this baby once, she is so innocent, just give blessing, mohini says I cant touch her, she is not my blood, rudra says enough, mohini says yes enough, she says to Maithili that why don’t you understand that you cant be mother, you know why you cant be mother? because god knows you are not liable to be a good mother, you don’t deserve a child, you cant be a good mother, Maithili says in 12 years, I served you a lot, I served this house day and night, you also know that I am a good daughter in law and a good wife so why cant I be a good mother? samrat will also be a good father, please don’t use such cheap words for my child, sumer says please stop it maasa, look at baby, she is soo cute, shtabdi says look at her, her eyes are like samrat and face like Maithili, please accept her, mohini says no, I cant accept this child, this house is mine and I wont allow this child in my house, rudra says this house is mine too and I.. samrat says to rudra that don’t say anything now, samrat says if you don’t accept our decision then we will leave this house, all are shocked, rudra and maayra are tensed. maayra tries to stop smarat but rohit holds her hand, Maithili and samrat leaves from there, all are sad, mohini says good, the storm has gone, you all saw the drama in free, now go back to your rooms, maayra says 1 minute, how can you do this? didn’t you see the child once? or you don’t have heart? mohini says yes, I don’t have it, she leaves, rudra says I have seen Maithili craving for child for many years and today I saw happiness of being a mother in her eyes, he thankfully looks at maayra, maayra leaves, rohit notices rudra emotionally looking at maayra.

Scene 2
maayra talks to rohit, she says how can be someone so selfish, rohit says I cant believe you are involving in all this, mohini is not your kaki and that Maithili is not your sister and what you have to do with a baby, maayra says its rudra whom I.. she stops and says rudra saved my life, this family gave me love and happiness and I am emotionally attached to them, cant I? rohit says you can, maayra says I have head ache, rohit gives her balm and closes the door.
danveer scolds mohini that you don’t have heart, don’t know how is samrat and my daughter like Maithili, mohini says they must be on some trash with that dirty girl, danveer says stop it, mohini says when they love that dirty more than this house then let them go, danveer says samrat and Maithili have left the house, soon sumer and shtabdi will leave too then you will be left alone in this haveli, there will be no one after your death to pray for your soul, mohini says stop it.
rohit comes to rudra, rudra ask is maayra fine? rohit smiles, he sit with rudra, rohit says maayra thrown me out of room so I came here, rudra says you must have not come here to casually talk to me so whats the point of coming? rohit says oh you can read the eyes too? new talent, rudra says its bsd training, rohit says I don’t know what has happened to maayra, old maayra would not involve herself in pity matters like this, rudra says but as much as I know her, maayra is like this only, always helping others, always caring for others happiness, always smiling and spreading joy around, rohit says you are telling that you know her better in 20days while I know her for 20years, rudra says for knowing someone 20years are not needed, you can know someone closely in 20days too, rohit says this means there is some relation with her, rudra says yes, you are her fiancé, rohit says to rudra that I am talking about you, that you must have some relation with maayra. rudra shockingly looks at him. rudra says I will go and see dhruv, rohit stops him and ask do I have to worry for anything? rudra says you are going to marry that mad girl so there are worries for you, rohit smiles, rohit says I am talking about your worries, I mean are you in love with maayra? rudra says if I were in your place and I would know that someone is in love with my fiancé then I would have killed him, you are calmly asking me all this as you yourself are not sure about your question, rudra comes out of room and is tensed, rohit says this was not answer of my question, rudra recalls rohit’s conversation and his moments with maayra, maayra comes there and bumps with rudra, she says sorry, rudra angrily holds her, rudra says to maayra that cant you see, maayra says I said sorry, rohit sees all this, rudra shouts that I told you to be away from me but you always come closer to me by this or that way, I am telling you to maintain distance, maayra is frustrated and leaves from there while rudra is tensed for hurting her. rohit observes all this.

PRECAP- Maithili and samrat with their child comes to house, maayra says to mohini that this house is solely of rudra pratap ranawat now and he will decide that whether this family(samrat’s) will live here or not. she gives content smile to mohini, mohini fumes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rohit I kill you just get back to london leave myrah here..

  2. Suprbbb MYRAH rocks Mohini kaki shocks hehehehe I lov Myrud ex-major wts wrong wit u.. I can’t understand d story now its gonna end in 2nd week but the story is going in calm wt wil hppn wen rohit get to knw dat myrah doesn’t want to marry him, wt abt myrah’s parents reaction wil b wt ant her uncle OH GOD just kill this colors dey ruin our fabulous show

  3. ooh my god still only 7 episodes then RR will go off air
    but enda MOKKA potu uyra vangureega ,
    now maithili became mother ,ALL R HAPPY
    but enda ipdhi DAILY athave katureega……………………
    before ENDING we need MORE MyRud Scenes

    1. Hi Tamil, how do you know there are just 7 episodes to go ? where did you read / heard this ?

  4. thats no fair yaaaaar!!! story is ending. ku6 ku6 hota hai type end hone vala hai yaar

  5. Hi friends hw r u?i don’t know hindi but i love Rangrasiya serial but i still worried because the serial will be end next week

  6. Oh my god!! Rudra n Myra r so cute together !! It’s such a good serial I dont understand why they must end it to make way for that stupid big boss 8… It’s not fair… Beinteha gets another time slot where as rangrasiya is shown the exit!!! UNFAIR!!!!!

  7. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls don’t stop RR,i cant bear the pain, Ashish ur emotional look is awesome and u r running , u afraid of ur love, don’t do this, myraa u r stunning, and finally rohit observe Rudra gud, waiting for next episode, love u lot myrud…

    1. i think rohit saw the video myrah sent – and decided to come and see if Rudra is good for her -they are just very good friends remember .

  8. hi i am commenting first time about rr serial it is a nice show all the actors in rr
    is very good and talented actor and actress but there is so many lacks in the
    store this is for kin attention of colors chennel, the story writters of rr team
    what about Tejawath,Laila and sunaheri what ever they are the important
    character of this serial you should not drop them just without ending these
    character how can you end the serial any way Mr. Ashish you are a best actor
    i have seen all the best for JDJ

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