Rang Rasiya 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra says I wanted to answer students who taunted me that my mother ran away but what answer could I gave because you ran away in real so I beat him a lot then I got bruise in head, this bruise makes me remember that you ran away, I am thankful to you fro this beautiful memory, I have to thank you for many bruises but you will not see them as they are inside, they give me pain, they pins me, these are bruises of embarrassment, these are bruises of pain and bruises on throwing in corner, will you be able to understand pain of these bruises, no you will not, paro comes there. mala cries, rudra says don’t show your tears, these are mine, I have tears only, you were living your life with other man, you had luxury life but me and bapu suffered, bapu was handicapped, what I had, I had nothing, don’t cry, what people will think that women like you drowned in emotions. he says stop crying, you did a lot to us. rudra says after what you did, I am still alive and now we are living too without you so do one favor leave us alone, go from our life. 15 years back you did decision, you left us but now I am taking decision for my bapu to leave us, never come here, go from here, he goes from there drinking, mala falls on ground and cries, paro comes to her and ask her to sit, she says don’t cry, I will come. she goes to rudra.

Scene 2
paro comes to rudra and says you remember when we 1st met in bus, your mother left you and my parents left me too, I want to say that I understand your pain, I know pain of someone going from your life, rudra says you will not understand my, my pain is different, your parents didn’t leave you on their will, no one said to you that your mother is characterless, you didn’t live in embarrassment so never say to me that I don’t be angry with her, I talk with her, I hate her and I will, paro says okay be angry with her, show your anger to her but try to listen her point of view too when you anger lessen, give her chance to say her side of story, she holds his face and says not for you but for me listen to her. rudra says I made you see my bruises, I told you about my pain but you are on her side, you are taking her side, paro says no I am on your side, rudra says no I am on your side, he leaves. paro says how to tell you its not about on anyone’s side its about to make all members on one side.

Scene 3
dilsher ask danveer to call rudra again, danveer says he is not picking, dilsher says paro is with him, she will handle him, mohini and sunehri comes there, sunehri says to danveer why didn’t you come engagement function, danveer says I was not in mood, mohini says strange engagement was of son of your friend, she looks at dilsher highly tensed and says what happened the weather of house doesn’t seem good. dilsher looks at her, mohini says did anyone died, danveer say actually, dilsher stops him, danveer says I have a headache, Maithili says I will make remedy, danveer says no need, they all goes, danveer is tensed.
samrat says to Maithili danveer seems tensed, mohini comes there and says samrat I want to talk to you, samrat says yes, mohini says I know wife and husband are one but I want to talk to my son only, do I need Maithili’s permission, Maithili says no need, she goes, mohini says samrat tell me how to take picture on this phone, samrat tell her, mohini takes samrat’s pic, samrat ask why did you take my picture, she says you are glowing that’s why, he says I wil bring Maithili then take it, she says no need, he goes, mohini thinks that I want your picture samrat for you second marriage.

Scene 4
dilsher is tensed and looks at letter of mala, in letter it is written that mala says to dilsher that I have to go now, I tried to to our relation work but now I am tired of these tries so I am going, he gets flashback of mala coming to rudra who is sleeping and asking him to come with her, dilsher comes there and drags her out, mala says let me take my son, he throws her out of house and says to mala that you want to go then go, you want to go breaking every relation then I will not stop you but you will not get anything from this house. you will go alone, he is my son and will live with me, I will not let you take him, go alone. fb ends. dilsher is tensed. letter falls from his hand and comes in danveer’s feet, danveer takes it and looks at it, he comes to dilsher and gives him letter, storm is coiming, paro comes there, danveer say come storm is about to come, dilsher says storm has come, no big storm can come now, rudra comes home too, he disbalances, paro supports him but he ask her to be away.

Scene 5
rudra comes to dilsher and says I told her to not come in our life, she will not come in our now, dilsher ask is she fine? rudra says didn’t you listen that I told you she will not come, you sleep. he goes, paro says its small injury, he will fine, dilsher says he will be fine but you go to him now, he is destroying, help him, paro is tensed and goes.
paro comes to rudra with dinner who is on swing, he says I am not hungry, paro sits and says its not you but for me, I am hungry too, she eats, paro offers him bite, he looks at her and is about to eat but paro takes bite, she gives him again bite and he eats it, she makes him eat dinner, rudra says I am eating with your hands that doesn’t mean I will listen to what you say, paro says I am not saying anything, I will say when you will be ready to listen, she says one more thing I told you earlier and telling you again that I am with you and will always be with you, rudra looks at her.

PRECAP- mohini is standing in hall and is stunned to see something, rudra comes there and ask what happened, he looks at gate and is surprised too, its paro coming in house with mala.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hurry plz

  2. why they always show the main actor of the program drinking alchohol in front of parents … Is it a good sign to show this in all the indian TV serials…This is a family channel ..
    is this the value u r trying to convey to Indian kids to come home drunk? …

    This is BAD…..moreover they showed RUDRA drinking alchohol in BSD office all the time .

    Why are the ruining the image of BSD by showing drunk officer in BSD office ????

    1. you going to get in bad habits – not by watching tv serials but the company you keep will have a great influence on ones life.

  3. we request to director to please how more seen of rudra and paro.but epi was only fine.(they must more focus on lead pairs)

    1. This is the a serial story …its about Rubdra’s life ..
      If you just want to see touching , coming closer sences , romance … u r not the right viewer for this program

  4. very boring……its been 6 months they r telecasting dis serial…but still not romantic…

    1. This is the a serial story …its about Rubdra’s life ..
      If you just want to see touching , coming closer sences , romance … u r not the right viewer for this program

      1. no..am sorry…l am telling dis nly bcoz the show is not focusing the lead pairs..

  5. it was good and superb of paro feeding rudra but wt is the need to bring mala home kya hai paro?

  6. apko kya hogaya paro?????????

  7. love the episode…. interesting twist

  8. love you rudra-paro

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