Rang Rasiya 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 9th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
major singh gives newspaper to rudra and says i told you to take this lightly and think with brain, its successful but we lost respect, trust of people, other major ask that you said to world that you are marrying her, rudra says it was part of mission she also knew that its just drama, major then what was that which happened in award function, after that day she is at your home, rudra says she herself came, major says you asked her to stand her in rain, rudra says i told her something and she took it wrongly, major singh says that people hate us so you do such things, major says media thinks that you are incompetent for bsd, singh says you cant be on duty till you solve this matter, he says i dont know whether that girl or someone from your house leaked that pics but you cant be

here till you finish this matter, major ask rudra to go but give badges, his hat and everything first, rudra gives his hat, gun and belt, aman takes off his badges, rudra is very much hurt, otherside in house paro gets ready wearing that red saree which dilsher gave her. she wears earring otherside badges are being snatched one by one from rudra’s uniform, he is in tears. paro wears necklace and smiles. she prays to God to help her.

Scene 2
in night, rudra is drinking, he recalls how paro asked him to marry her in award function, he recalls how she said that a wife cant leave her husband, how she told him that he filled her maang unknowingly, how she stood in rain, how major singh said tha you cant be on duty till you solve this matter.
sumer fixes chair, she sits on it and says my mother gave it t me and i dont allow anyone to sit on it, sumer says seems strom is about to come, rudra comes home drunk and shouts paro. mirror in which paro was looking gets broken, he keeps shouting paro paaaro. she comes out, mohini says why you are shouting she is in home didnt go to jaipur, he says i am calling paro not you, he calls her again. she comes in hall, mohini sees her wearing saree and says oh paro is wearing rudra’s mom’s saree. rudra comes to her and sees saree, he says come, he brings her in center of hall, he ask what about your foot strength, your eyes shine, your confidence, where is all this. after what happened you should be happy afterall you won, paro ask what. rudra says you should get award in lie, drama and deciet. rudra shows her newspaper and says your cheap trick is being published. you proved that rudra promised a innocent girl to marry her, played with her feelings and when she expresses her love infront of people he took her to his house and now doing this cruelty with her. she says major sahab.. rudra says dont call me major. chacha comes, rudra says tell her what happened in bsd, chacha says we will talk later, rudra says what about that which happened in headquarters, they took all my badges, said that i am not competent for bsd, believed this liar girl. he says they didnt say we will talk later they took decision that time only. paro says why are you sayong this, i can promise that i didnt do anything, rudra says you always say that you are innocent what about that insult when you said you love me in front of people and now you are staying in my house, you proved that you are innocent and me a cruel man played with your feelings but you will now say that its all fate. its all fate that you sat in bus infront on me, it was fate that i saved you from your fke husband, it was fate that you are with me but your fate is my ill fate, after meeting you i had to loose my uniform because of me, i never lost any war but lost in my home, i lost to you paro. maa parvati took 7 births to win shiv ji but you managed to finish it in some days, paro says believe me i didnt publish this news, i just asked you fill sindoor my maang, rudra says i was saying same thing, i will fill your maang now. mohini ask what are you doing, rudra says marriage, rudra goes to mandir in home and says we have to manage everything from home, he takes things from there, he says what about havan kund, he takes pot for it, he puts clothes in pot. chacha ask what are you doing, rudra says you all are guest but i have nothing for them but i started to get attach to you if you want that attachment so stay out of it, he says to paro to lets get married, he puts oil in pot and says wish ranawat was here, he went to pray but dont know whats remain to pray, he says lets start wedding, he says i will bring wood, maithili tries to stop him but samrat stops her. rudra breaks chachi’s chair for wood, she shouts rudra, he says now fire, he wears dupatta puts fire at its end and brings it to pot, he lits fire in havan kund and says marriage of rudra and paro.

PRECAP- 8th promise is of rudra, i promise that i will be never of yours, he puts sindoor on her fore head, paro is stunned..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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