Rang Rasiya 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
sumer comes to shtabid and tries to romance with her, he holds her tightly, he says rohit and maayra are romancing too, sumer says you like rohit a lot, shtabdi says he is very cool, he calls maayra babe, sumer says I can also call you babe, he tickles her and takes recipe from her saree stealthily and says I forgot my phone, he leaves from there. he comes to mohini and gives her recipe and ask for money, mohini gives him money.
mohini comes to shtabdi and says you are looking beautiful today, shtabdi is shocked and says are you fine? you are praising me? did any ghost attacked you, mohini says when you are around then whats the need for ghost, maayra comes there and says shtabdi you are looking very nice, where are you going? shtabdi says I am going to puja, will you come? maayra says why not, rudra has gone to drop dhruv at school and rohit is sleeping, Maithili comes there, maayra ask her to get ready as they have to go, Maithili says I don’t wanna go, maayra ask shtabdi to make Maithili understand that we will enjoy, mohini says she cant come with us, shatbdi says why? I thought her health is not good that’s why she is not coming, mohini says seeing her, people will get ill in puja as she couldn’t become mother, maayra says so whats problem in that, mohini says there maybe many women there, they must be mothers, if she goes there that they wont like it, she is bad omen for mothers, maayra says stop it, you cant talk to her like this, maayra says to Maithili that we both will go now, Maithili says no, you go, maayra says ok I wont go either, shtabdi is skeptical too but leaves with mohini, maayra says to Maithili that what nonsense is this, you should not listen all this quietly, I wanted to tell her about adoption but then I thought that 1st we should confirm things, Maithili says I am afraid, will everything be fine? maayra says yes and then we will do party, no we will do puja party and will show those women, Maithili smiles.

scene 2
rohit calls maayra, she comes in corridor and sees rudra and rohit drinking wine, she ask whats all this? did you ask anyone that if drinking is allowed here, rudra says if he want then he can drink, rohit says happy and holds her hand, rudra looks on, maayra sits beside rohit, rohit gives her wine, rudra looks at her, maayra says no I don’t wanna drink, rohit says this is for our marriage, you drank with me only once, have one glass, rudra says if she doesn’t want to drink then why force her, rohit says I accept and also she becomes intoxicated soon, I took advantage or her when she was inebriated, maayra says rohit.. he says just joking, maayra says I am feeling sleepy, rohit says sit with me for a while, if not wine then drink juice, I will bring it, he goes to bring it, maayra looks at rohit and says rohit is a good guy, rudra says when I said he is not good, maayra says then why don’t you like him? rudra says you are sleepy. maayra sleeps on couch only. rudra sees maayra sleeping on couch and ask her to go inside room, he is about to lift her in arms but rohit comes there and says she slept, he lifts maayra and takes her from there, rudra drinks.
shtabdi and mohini are waiting for sumer to go to competition, they both blame each other for sumer coming late, sumer comes, mohini and shtabdi fights that who will sit beside sumer on front seat, sumer says you both fight, I am going to sleep, shtabdi says don’t go, think you will miss my winning moment, they leave for competition.
Maithili says to maayr that this is not as easy as she thinks, maayra says why are you backing out, you signed papers yesterday so whats problem now, samrat says maayra is right, we decided to adopt child and we will do that, Maithili says I will listen to mohini’s taunts, I am broken listening to her taunts that I am childless and think what she will do seeing me with child, maayra says when you have listened many taunts then listen some more, Maithili says its not about me but what about the child, if mohini ill-treat her, maayra says please don’t back out, Maithili requests her to not force her for this, she says I have never gone against mohini and I wont go now, please say no to adoption company. maayra is about to call them but is shocked to find agent with child in ranawat house, they are shocked that child has come home. maayra comes to agent and tires to say no to her, Maithili comes there and says I am sorry, we cant adopt this child, agent says we did formalities on urgent notice and you are saying no now, rudra comes there and ask whats happening here, samrat says maayra wanted us to adopt child and all was set but Maithili is backing out, rudra says this means maayra did that, rohit comes there and ask whats happening here, maayra says we are trying to make Maithili agree to adopt child, he ask how is trying? maayra says I tried and now rudra is trying. rudra says to Maithili that you served this house many years, you want this child, samrat want this happiness so agree for it, Maithili says what about mohini, rudra says don’t worry about her, we will handle her but agree to this, you took care of dhruv very well so thinks how good parents you will be, maayra says all don’t get chances like this, rudra says sometime people don’t even get second chance, maayra is shocked, maayra ask Maithili to avail this chance, child starts crying, agent says wait for a while, madam is coming, Maithili emotionally looks at child. maayra takes child from agent and ask her to stop crying, she places child in Maithili’s lap, child is crying, Maithili says don’t cry betu, you are my good daughter, don’t cry, child stops crying. Maithili says is she my daughter? maayra says yes she is your daughterMaithili says she will call me mom, maayra says yes, she is your daughter, rudra looks at them being happy. Maithili says I was waiting for this moment for whole my life, when maayra gave her in my lap, I felt completed, maayra says you were incomplete and child too so god sent child for you, maayra has tears in her eyes, she moves away, rohit says are you crying? maayra says look at them, how much happy they are. samrat and Maithili are beyond happy with their child. agent ask what is going on, maayra says we have adopted child, agent says I will keep an eye on how you treat the baby, Maithili says you can come at anytime, maayra starts leaving from there, Maithili stops her and ask what about mohini? maayra says don’t worry, we will handle her.

PRECAP- mohini is fuming seeing the child, she scolds Maithili that I told you that don’t adopt any child, don’t know whose dirt(baby) have you brought in house, throw her away, samrat says if you don’t accept our decision then we will leave this house, all are shocked, rudra and maayra are tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it was nice.but rudra do something and stop them yaar.that is ur house so u have the right not that mohini.just stop them from going.

  2. What a woman mohini is, Rudra spoke to Maithili is gud to c , love u myrud

  3. Suprbb epi I too cried wit myrah it was an emotional one I want paro to come back..

  4. oohhhhhh we want more MyRud scene

  5. good samrat! dont care about mohini…

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